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Fitback Jonathan Daniel.

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1 Fitback Jonathan Daniel

2 Jonathan Daniel BSc (Hons) BA (Hons) MCSP Director
FitBack For Life Jonathan Daniel BSc (Hons) BA (Hons) MCSP Director

3 How much is back pain costing your business each year?
What are you doing to help reduce the occurrence of back pain amongst your employees?

4 Back Pain Most of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives to varying degrees. Major cause of sickness absence from work Approx 4.5 million days per year lost in UK (HSE 2006) Approx £335 million lost by employers (HSE 2006) Can affect all aspects of your life. Sports Hobbies Social life

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain
Muscular/ligament strains Slipped discs (disc bulges) Sciatica (buttock and leg pain) Arthritis

6 Back Pain In The Workplace
Lifting Bending Twisting Stooping Poor Posture (driving, PC`s) Prolonged Seated Position (driving) Whole Body Vibrations (Driving HGV`s)

7 Importance Of A Healthy Back
Important to condition your back to your working environment. Keep your back mobile and flexible Important to strengthen your back A fit back for your job

8 FitBack For Life Back pain prevention class
Incorporating education and exercises to prevent the occurrence of back pain amongst your employees A fun, low cost, highly effective initiative

9 Aims Of FitBack Classes
Condition and strengthen the low back Improve flexibility Reduce low back pain Reduce morning stiffness Reduce the occurrence of low back pain

10 Gym Ball Exercises Ideal to mobilize, stretch & strengthen your back
Offers support whilst exercising Allows muscles and joints to be stretched in all directions safely & comfortably Unstable surface challenges core muscles of the spine

11 Benefits Of FitBack Classes
Prevention of back pain A healthier, more flexible back A fitter, stronger back Reduced stiffness Self management Less time off work Improved well-being and quality of life

12 FitBack as a “Health & Wellbeing” Initiative
Can be run as part of “back pain awareness” days Low cost (investment per employee!)- can be claimed through some medical insurance policies Run onsite (minimal work disruption) Effective for all- prevention Educates employees into back care Fun- different from other initiatives Clinically proven exercises

13 How does it work? A one off class (1 hour)
Up to 10 employees per class Run onsite in suitable venue Short presentation on back pain in the workplace. Demonstration and instruction of clinically proven exercises to mobilise, stretch and strengthen the lower back. Attendees receive a gym ball and exercise cards to take home. Attendees receive certificates of attendance

14 Any Questions?

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