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UNC MSK Course Day 3 Lab XR UNKNOWNS (for self study)

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3 UNC MSK Course Day 3 Lab XR UNKNOWNS (for self study)

4 Anatomy, name?

5 Ilium

6 Anatomy?

7 Ischium

8 Anatomy?

9 Pubic and ischial rami

10 Anatomy?

11 Acetabulum and femoral head

12 Anatomy?

13 Pubic symphysis and Obturator foramen

14 Anatomy?

15 Femoral neck Greater trochanter Lesser trochater

16 Name of bone?

17 Innominate

18 Pathology?

19 Fracture of Ilium into acetabulum

20 Pathology?

21 Fracture of Ilium into acetabulum Swelling & hematoma iliacus, gluteus maximus

22 Pathology?

23 Dislocation SI joint Fractures rami Fracture femoral neck

24 Pathology?

25 Anterior dislocation hip

26 Anatomy?

27 Lateral or “frog leg” view of hip Greater trochanter Lesser trochanter

28 Pathology?

29 Fracture of femur in child

30 Anatomy?

31 Patella Fibular head Med & lat epicondyles Med & lat condyles Med & lat tibial plateaus

32 Pathology?

33 Varus knees with mild medial compartment degenerative arthritis. Patient has had a valgus producing osteotomy on R to relieve pressure on medial compartment Normal is 5-10 degrees valgus alignment between the fermoral and tibial shafts. Is 0 degrees in this patient’s L knee and so he is actually in varus mechanically. Medial compartment joint space narrowing and small osteophyte

34 Anatomy? View?

35 Anatomy? Patella View? Sunrise view

36 Pathology?


38 Patella fracture. Difficult to see on AP view.

39 Pathology?

40 Bicondylar tibial plateau fracture.

41 Anatomy?

42 This is a coronal plane MRI. What are the arrowed structures?

43 ACL PCL MCL Medial and lateral meniscii.

44 This is a saggital plane MRI. What compartment of the knee is this slice through?

45 What are these structures? The presence of the fibula tells us it is through the lateral compartment.

46 Patellar tendon (ligament) Anterior and posterior horns of the lateral meniscus The presence of the fibula tells us it is the lateral compartment.

47 What is this structure?

48 ACL

49 What is this structure?

50 PCL

51 Pathology?

52 Degenerative tear posterior horn medial meniscus (it’s not solid black like it should be). Healthy lateral meniscus is solid black

53 T2 weighted MRI of same degenerative tear posterior horn medial meniscus.

54 Pathology?

55 Fracture tibia and fibula Cast

56 Pathology?


58 Fracture of fibula (hard to see on lateral view - this is why it is often said that you MUST have two views)

59 Anatomy?’

60 Medial malleolus Lateral malleolus Talus AP view “Mortise” view

61 Anatomy?

62 Posterior malleolus Talar body Talar neck Talar head Calcaneus Navicular Cuboid

63 Pathology?

64 Fracture fragment from talar dome

65 Pathology?

66 Bimalleolar ankle fracture.

67 Pathology?

68 Bimalleolar ankle fracture with posterior subluxation of talus in ankle mortise

69 Pathology?

70 Fracture of lateral malleolus with rupture of deltoid ligament and lateral shift of talus in mortise

71 Pathology?

72 Fracture of talar neck and body

73 Anatomy?

74 Sesamoids Medial cunieform Navicular Lateral cuneiform Cuboid Os peroneus

75 Pathology?

76 Fracture, base of 5 th metatarsal

77 Pathology?

78 Fracture 5 th metatarsal shaft Incidental note: bipartite medial sesamoid

79 Alaska, inside passage

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