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Types of needles. Curved needles 5/8 of circle 1/2 of circle3/8 of circle.

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1 Types of needles

2 Curved needles 5/8 of circle 1/2 of circle3/8 of circle

3 Types of needles according to the threading Eyed Eyeless

4 Types of needles according to cut section Cutting needleRounded needle

5 Control of 1ry hemorrhage

6 1ry hemorrhage Place pack for 4 min

7 Hold the injured vessels by 2 artery forceps

8 Artery :high pressureVein :low pressure 3 ligations 2 ligations

9 Adhesive tapes

10 Types of sutures

11 Simple stitches

12 Tension suture On tension of the suture It takes muscles &peritoneum

13 Continuance stitches

14 Lambert's suture

15 Mattress stitches

16 Chest drain

17 Position of the patient in the chest drain

18 Mid axillary line Ant. Axillary line Sit of the incision

19 Ant. axillary lineMed. axillary line Points of drain

20 Spread the muscle fibers by artery forceps to expose pleura Lung

21 Pierce pleura and introduce finger to confirm entry to pleura

22 Guiding of the drain by your finger

23 Make sure that the incision is large enough to accommodate the drain + your finger Drain

24 Suture the drain with loss sutures to the skin Drain

25 Rib Drain

26 Spleen

27 Normal spleen anatomy

28 Stomach Ant.lienorenal lig Pancreas Kidney Post.lienorenal lig. Spleen Gastrosplenic lig.

29 Pancreas Anterior lienorenal ligament posterior lienorenal ligament Gastro pherenic ligament Spleen

30 Gastropherenic ligament Ant. layer of lienorenal ligament Post. Layer of lienorenal ligament

31 splenectomy

32 Down displacement of the stomach

33 Insertion of hot packs behind spleen

34 Hot packs around spleen

35 Stomach (medially) Spleen (medially) Divide the posterior layer of lienorenal ligament Hot packs

36 Traction of the spleen medially Divide the posterior layer of lienorenal ligament

37 Divide the gastrosplenic ligament


39 Divide the anterior layer of the lienorenal ligament

40 Pancreas Splenic artery Pos. lienorenal lig. Spleen Ant. Lienorenal lig.

41 Divide splenic vein Squeeze the spleen

42 Problems

43 Multiple splenic adhesions

44 Rectum and anal canal

45 Overall view of the rectum and anal canal Rectum Anal canal

46 Rectum External sph.Internal sph. Anal canal Anatomy of rectum and anal canal Dentate line

47 Superior rectal vein External anal sphincter Internal anal sphincter Anal canal Internal plexus of veins Anatomical anal canal structure

48 Anal Fistula

49 External opening of the fistula The track of the fistula Internal opening of the fistula

50 Insertion of probe Probe

51 Rode of glass Insertion of rode of glass in the fistula

52 Opining of the fistula by cut the skin on the glass rode along the all track

53 Anus The external opining of the fistula The triangular track of the incision

54 The healing by Granulation tissue

55 Anal fissure

56 Anal fissure (lower part of anal canal)

57 Anal fissure Sentinel pile Traction of the fissure from sentinel pile

58 Removal of the fissure+ the skin around it Internal sphincter

59 Fissuerectom and posterior internal sphincterectomy Internal sphincter

60 Hemorrhoidectomy

61 External sphincter Superior rectal vein Plexus of veins (site of internal piles Internal sphincter

62 Internal piles Superior rectal vein

63 Hold the piles by 2 Allis forceps

64 Sit of the V- incision in the anal skin

65 Ligation of the root of the piles Part of anal skin

66 V- shape incision in the skin

67 The pile V shape incision

68 Sits of primary piles 11 7 3

69 Healthy skin Granulation tissue

70 Circumcision

71 Uncircumcised penis

72 Retract the propuce backwards Clean the coronal sulcus by alcohol

73 Ring anesthesia at the base of the penis

74 Traction of the propuce by artery forceps

75 Squeeze pines glandes

76 Bone cutting method circumcision Bone cutting forceps

77 Cut the prepuce till sulcus of glans penis Artery forceps

78 Cut the propuce all around the coronal sulcus

79 Mucous membrane of the penis Interrupted sutures

80 Circumcised penis

81 Renal operations

82 Anterior superior iliac spine Incision Ribs Incision for renal operations

83 Site of incision Per renal fat Serretus post. Ltissmus dorsi Fascia trans. Tranversus abd. Internal obiq. External obliq. Kidney Peritoneum

84 Latissmus dorsi External oblique Incision

85 External obliq. Latissmus dorsi Serretus posterior Internal obliq.

86 Fascia Transversalis External obliq. Latissmus dorsi Serretus posterior Internal obliq.

87 Transverses abdominus Lumber fascia

88 kidney Peritoneum Pre renal fat Move the pre renal fat by finger

89 Separation of the peri renal fat to separate kidney from supra renal gland

90 If we don't separate the ft we remove the supra renal gland with kidney

91 Ureter (posterior) Renal artery (middle ) Renal vein (anterior) Identify the ureter

92 Ligate and divide the ureter as low as possible

93 Brodel's bloodless line incision Nephrolithetomy

94 Renal stone

95 Nephrolithetomy Radial incision

96 Pyelolithotomy

97 Ligation above &below the stone in the ureter

98 Removal of the stone

99 Stone in the urinary bladder

100 Site of incision

101 Removal of the stone

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