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Female Reproductive System

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1 Female Reproductive System

2 vulva Includes the mons pubis, labia majora and minora, and clitoris

3 mons pubis A mound of adipose tissue overlying the pubic symphysis

4 labia majora Thick folds of skin inferior to mons pubis

5 labia minora

6 vestibule The area enclosed by the labia majora and minora
Contains urinary and vaginal orifices

7 clitoris

8 clitoris

9 urethral orifice

10 vaginal orifice

11 hymen Tissue covering vaginal orifice

12 Bulb of the vestibule Picture coming soon
Subcutaneous erectile tissues that bracket the vagina like a pair of parentheses

13 Vestibular (Bartholin’s) gland
Glands that keep the vulva moist and provide lubrication during intercourse

14 vagina

15 cervix The cylindrical inferior end of the uterus

16 fornix Portion of the vagina that extends slightly beyond the cervix

17 uterus

18 endometrium Inner lining of uterine wall and site of attachment of the embryo

19 myometrium Layer of smooth muscles constituting most of the uterine wall Produces labor contractions that expel the fetus

20 perimetrium Outer layer of the uterine wall

21 uterine tubes (oviducts, fallopian)

22 fimbriae Means “fringe”

23 ovaries Female gonads that produce eggs

24 primordial follicle Consists of a single layer of flattened cells
Contains immature primary oocyte

25 primordial follicles

26 primary follicle Hormones (FSH) causes flattened cells to become cuboidal and multiply becoming stratified Still contains the primary oocyte

27 primary follicle

28 secondary follicle Once the follicle contains a fluid filled cavity it becomes a secondary follicle Still contains the primary oocyte

29 secondary follicle

30 Mature (Graafian) follicle
One of the stimulated follicles outpaces the rest and becomes a mature follicle It protrudes from surface of ovary like a blister Secondary oocyte stops before completing meiosis II and is ready for ovulation

31 Mature (Graafian) follicle

32 antrum Cavity that contains estrogen-rich follicular fluid
Indicates a secondary follicle

33 antrum

34 zona pellucida Clear layer of gel between the ovum and the follicular cells

35 zona pellucida between circles – outside oocyte and inside corona radiata

36 corona radiata Inner most layer of follicular cells that are in contact with the zona pellucida

37 corona radiata ring of cells

38 corpus luteum After ovulation, follicle collapses into the antrum and cells accumulate a yellow lipid that secretes hormones lute=yellow

39 corpus albicans An inactive remnant of the corpus luteum

40 Supporting ligaments

41 broad ligament Contains the uterine artery and vein

42 round ligament Attach anterior surface of uterus to abdominal wall

43 suspensory ligament Contains the ovarian artery and vein
Attaches ovary to pelvic wall

44 ovarian ligament Attaches ovary to uterus

45 oogensis

46 Oogenesis and Follicle Development

47 mammary gland All of the structures that function in the synthesis, secretion, and ejection of milk

48 alveolar gland Synthesis of milk

49 alveolar duct Milk travels from alveolar gland into the alveolar duct

50 lactiferous duct Milk travels from the alveolar duct through the lactiferous duct to exit the nipple

51 areola Darkened area where dermal blood capillaries come closer to the surface

52 nipple

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