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Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab ECGD4228 Transportation Engineering II Summer 2008 Sat. 15:30-18:30 PM K115.

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1 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com1 ECGD4228 Transportation Engineering II Summer 2008 Sat. 15:30-18:30 PM K115

2 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com2  Pavement Purpose and Significance  Pavement Conditions  Pavement Types and Materials Lecture 4

3 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com3  Pavement Materials  Pavement Structural Analysis  Pavement Design  Pavement Maintenance  Pavement Rehabilitation  Pavement Management Systems Pavement Engineering

4 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com4  Road pavements are structures designed and built on existing grounds to facilitate smooth, safe, reliable, and convenient traffic flows. General Definition

5 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com5  Flexible Pavements  Rigid Pavements  Mixed Pavements Categories of Road Paving

6 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com6 Category II: Rigid Pavements

7 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com7  Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements  Considered as rigid structures since PCC’s high modulus of elasticity does not allow them to flex appreciably under the applied traffic loads. Categories of Road Paving Rigid Pavements

8 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com8  Extremely high volume traffic lanes  Freeway to freeway connections  Exit ramps with extremely heavy traffic Typical Applications of Rigid Pavements

9 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com9  High durability  Longer service life  Suitable for flooding areas  Withstands ground water changes Advantages of Rigid Pavements

10 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com10  May lose non-slip properties with time  Requires even sub-grade with uniform settling  May suffer ruptures at transverse joints Disadvantages of Rigid Pavements

11 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com11 Types of Rigid Pavements Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP)

12 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com12 Types of Rigid Pavements Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement (JRCP)

13 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com13 Types of Rigid Pavements Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP)

14 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com14 Types of Rigid Pavements Pre-stressed Concrete Pavement (PCP)

15 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com15 Surfaces of Rigid Pavements

16 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com16 Surfaces of Rigid Pavements

17 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com17 Surfaces of Rigid Pavements

18 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com18 Structure of Rigid Pavements

19 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com19 Load Distribution in Rigid Pavements

20 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com20 Load Effect in Rigid Pavements

21 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com21 Configuration of Rigid Pavements Heavy Traffic Volumes

22 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com22 Configuration of Rigid Pavements Light Traffic Volumes

23 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com23 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Condition vs. Time

24 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com24 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Longitudinal Fatigue Cracking

25 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com25 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Transverse Fatigue Cracking

26 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com26 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Diagonal Fatigue Cracking

27 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com27 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Spalled Corner Fatigue Cracking

28 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com28 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Faulting

29 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com29 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Punching

30 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com30 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Shattering

31 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com31 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Scaling and Polishing

32 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com32 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Water Bleeding at Slab Edges

33 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com33 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Frost Heaving

34 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com34 Distresses in Rigid Pavements Total Failures

35 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com35 Types of Rigid Pavement Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP)

36 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com36 Rigid Pavements Testing of Subgrade Properties  Characterized by strength and/or stiffness  California Bearing Ratio (CBR)  Measures shearing resistance  Typical values: 0 - 20 %  Resilient Modulus (M R )  Measures stress-strain relationship  Typical values: 3,000 - 40,000 psi (20 – 275 MPa)

37 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com37 GradeCBR M R (psi) Typical Description Good ≥ 10 20,000 Gravels, crushed stone and sandy soils. GW, GP, GM, SW, SP, SM soils are often in this category. Fair 5 – 9 10,000 Clayey gravel and clayey sand, fine silt soils. GM, GC, SM, SC soils are often in this category. Poor 3 – 5 5,000 Fine silty sands, clays, silts, organic soils. CL, CH, ML, MH, CM, OL, OH soils are often in this category. Testing of Subgrade Properties

38 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com38 Types of Rigid Pavement Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) Photo from the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

39 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com39 Rigid Pavement – Construction Slipform Fixed form FYI – NOT TESTABLE

40 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com40 Rigid Pavement Surfaces

41 Dr. Wa'el M. Albawwab albawwab@gmail.com41 Paving of a Concrete Pavement

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