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0 GSA Expo 2009 LIFE’S A MOD Managing Organizing & Delegating M. Sylvia Ball Chief Learning Officer Treasury Acquisition Institute.

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1 0 GSA Expo 2009 LIFE’S A MOD Managing Organizing & Delegating M. Sylvia Ball Chief Learning Officer Treasury Acquisition Institute

2 1 “ For the first time-and I mean that literally- Substantial and rapidly growing numbers of people have choices. For the First time, they will have to manage themselves….. And we are totally unprepared for it.” - Peter Drucker LIFE’S A MOD


4 3 Which One Of These Are Stress? n Saber tooth tiger runs into the room n Soda machine is out of your favorite drink n You are going to closing on your new dream home. n You go to a family reunion, have a great time and stay until 2:30 am n You are getting married n Your allergies are bothering you n Your cat is sick n You are concerned about downsizing/outsourcing n There is a new traffic pattern for getting to work.

5 4 CHANGE & NEED For RESILIENCE It Took: Radio 30 years to reach 50 million people. TV 13 years to reach 50 million people. Internet 4 years to reach 50 million people. Change, change, change…

6 5 Life’s A MOD Why do we tend to view change as negative or positive?

7 6 LIFE’S A MOD Is it SUCCESS? n Healthy Self-Esteem n Clear Mission n Clear Purpose n Clear Goals n Developing Self n Enthusiastically embrace life and change Is It STRESS? n Aches & Pains n Breathing Short n Eating Pace (fast) n Living Pace (no fun) n No sleep OR too much n Work or Family Problems n Resistance to Change

8 7 √ Stress has no QUALITY √ Stress is our REACTION to the demands placed upon us or to changes in our lives √ By our REACTION we make stress either positive or negative (distress) WHAT IS STRESS?

9 8 ALARM PHASE ( Threat Identified ) RESISTANCE PHASE ( Coping ) EXHAUSTIAN PHASE ( Physical AND Psychological Responses ) STRESS RESPONSES

10 9 n Physical Reactions –Increased Adrenaline –More energy –Higher Blood Pressure –Faster Heart Rate –Fight or Flight * n Mental Signs –Unable to concentrate –Forgetfulness –Confusion –Indecisiveness n Psychological Reactions –Fear of losing control –Feeling that life is hopeless –Helplessness –Anxiousness –Anger or Depression n Behavior Signs –Fidgeting –Yelling, Swearing, Crying –Hitting or Throwing Things –Nail Biting

11 10 CHANGE is Inevitable GROWTH is Optional Managing Your Way Through Change n Shock-Unbelief n Anger n Depression n Acceptance

12 REALITIES ABOUT STRESS “While we may not be able to control All that happens to us, we can control What happens inside us.” - Benjamin Franklin

13 12 Difference Between Stress And Burnout n Stress –Over engagement –Over reactive –Urgency/Hyperactivity –Loss of Energy –Resulting in Anxiety Disorder –Physical Manifestation –Premature Death n Burnout –Disengaged –Emotions Blunted –Helplessness –Loss of Motivation –Depression –Emotional –Emotional Death

14 13 REALITIES ABOUT STRESS n Stress Is My Reaction or Response n My Reaction or Response is based on my Perception or Beliefs n I Choose My Reactions or Responses n I Cannot Control the event n I Can Control my Response

15 14 So What Can I Do About This Stress? It’s All About Perspective, Perspective

16 15 So What Can I Do About This Stress? “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties”.

17 16 LIFE’S A MOD STRESS SITUATION – The New Team Member There is a new member on your team.

18 17 LIFE’S A MOD YOUR PERSPECTIVE : She doesn’t know jack about how to do acquisitions and she is very needy; you are already overworked and you have been assigned to serve as her coach. ( this is going to be a nightmare; I will never get my work done now!)

19 18 LIFE’S A MOD What Are The Possible Consequences To this Perception?

20 19 LIFE’S A MOD n Negative Consequences – –Headaches –Fight with other team members/boss –Gossip (Confessing The Sins Of The Boss) –New employee has No Chance –Low Morale –Poor Relationship With team –All These Equal DISTRESS!!!!!!!!!!

21 20 LIFE’S A MOD A Different Perspective : n She was selected for a good reason that may not be known to me right now. n The assignment provides an opportunity to grow and develop another person’s skills. n What tasks do I have that I can delegate? n I can delegate, agree on a deadline and set specific times for questions and review.

22 21 LIFE’S A MOD Consequences Of This Perspective : n Hopefulness n Excitement n Feeling Creative n Anticipation n GOOD STRESS!!!!! (The Kind That Motivates You)

23 22 LIFE’S A MOD Burnout Situation “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” Lately, every day is a bad day, nothing you do appears to make a difference. Your workplace is full of bullying, clueless, ungrateful supervisors, colleagues and customers. It is a waste of time even coming to work. Day in and day out you are miserable!

24 23 LIFE’S A MOD What Are Some Possible Causes For This Situation?

25 24 LIFE’S A MOD Some Possible Reasons For This Situation n Unreasonable Performance Demands n Unclear Expectations n Conflicting Job Demands n Excessive Workload n Unexpected Change in the workplace

26 25 Is CHANGE The Driver…What Am I Holding On To? n How much control do I have? n How will it affect me personally? n Is it going to cost me anything? n What can I do to make adjustments? n What do I need to let go of? n Is my fear of change stressing me or holding me back?

27 26 LIFE’S A MOD Some Solutions For This Situation n Set Realistic Goals (yours and others) n Set Appropriate Boundaries n Live By Your Values n Seek Challenging Assignments n Request A Transfer/Get a New Job

28 27 LIFE’S A MOD Some More Thoughts n Analyze the situation and make changes to improve things (change your perspective) n Become Involved In Non-Work Activities n Leave Room For Error n Change Your Self-Talk

29 28 LIFE’S A MOD Some Times We Need Help Solutions For Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout n Employee Assistance Programs n Local Resources n Spiritual Communities n n

30 29 LIFE’S A MOD And Finally: n Take Care Of You (Exercise, Eat Right, Engage) n Laugh Out Loud n Get Proper Rest & Physical Exercise n Spend Quality Time With Family & Friends n Live By A Mission Statement n Take One Day At A Time

31 30 LIFE’S A MOD “For The Phoenix To Rise from The Ashes One Must Know The Pain To Transform The Fire To Burn Desire”

32 31 What Questions Do You Have?

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