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Setting The setting takes place at the Excel Camp.

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2 Setting The setting takes place at the Excel Camp.

3  Emily and Haley. They just met and were sent to a camp because their parents think they are “under achievers”. Emily has curly puffy hair, and Haley has straight blonde hair.

4  Haley made Emily pick out a rune. It said Emily was in danger and she did not believe it, so now Haley is trying to protect her because she believes it to be true.

5 Plot (resolution) Haley tries to cure the nightmares by giving Emily a potion, in the end it didn’t work.

6 The book was very interesting, kept me wanting more. A subtle thriller with a disappointing ending.

7  1. The author was the writer of 130 books for young readers.  2. She became the only 4 time winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Best Young Adult Mystery Awards.  3. She received the award for “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore, The Séance, The Name of the Game was Murder, and The Other Side of Dark”.  4. The books also won The California Young Reader Medal.  5. Her historical fiction includes the award winning series “The Orphan Train Adventures, Orphan Train Children, and Colonial Williamsburg; Young Americans”.

8  1. Who are the two main characters in the book?  2. Why did Emily have to go to camp?  3. What happened when Haley made Emily pick the rune?  4. What did the rune mean?  5. Why didn’t Emily want to go to camp?

9  Emily’s parents think she’s an under achiever so her parents think its best to send her to the Excel Camp. She was having nightmares and when her parents tell her they are sending her to the camp her nightmares start getting worse. She gets this weird feeling that she has heard or seen the camp before. When she gets to the camp she meets a girl name Haley. Emily finds out that Haley is her new roommate. Haley makes Emily pick out a rune and the one that she picks says that she is in danger. Emily doesn't believe in it, but Haley thinks it will come true so she is trying to save her. Emily has a bad feeling about the people at the camp so she is trying to solve it. Emily’s nightmares start getting worse so Haley gives her a potion to try and get rid of her nightmares but it doesn’t work. It gets worse and worse but they cant fix it.

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