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2 “Ike & Mitch” Spikes & Glitches
Please Meet This is a tale of two terrible Gremlins…They’re the world’s most subtle Power Gremlins who stealthily destroy your power equipment and your computers as they lurk 24/7…

3 They can only survive above ground …
The Power Pipeline Ike & Mitch never sleep as they ride the Sinewave on your power pipeline right into your place! They’re friends with the lightning and any poor or loose circuit connections. They can only survive above ground …

4 And here’s their worst nightmare…
And here’s their worst nightmare…

5 Kill The Lightning! Death To Surges! Not Your Computers!

6 “Pure Power & Protection”
Preserving Your Power Assets and Your Profits for Your Future”                                  Sshhh! “Pure Power & Protection” Stay Safe…with PowerPatrol! …and SAVE! The Life-Time Non-degrading TVSS System Here Comes… Call The Energy-Wise Smith Environmental Products HelpLine:

7 The 3 Main Power Problems
Brownouts – Inadequate power supply at the point of use which overheats your motors and entire electrical system that destroys your equipment and wastes KWH’s! Blackouts – Momentary or extended interruptions of the power supply, such as “Rolling Blackouts” which often overheat and gradually destroy your equipment Electrical Pollution – Caused by external storm and lightning related surges or glitches, other nearby equipment, utility company induced sags and surges. Also includes power surges, spikes, glitches or ‘dirty power’ caused internally by switching, inrush currents, load cycling, and faulty in-house equipment. NOTE: Brownouts and Blackouts cause most Electrical Pollution that causes the most damage in in today’s ‘rolling brownout and blackout environments. Electrical Pollution Is the Most Costly To Ignore and the Least Costly To Eliminate!

8 Main Hazards of Electrical Pollution
1) High energy surges Short-phasing Heavy ‘start-up’ in-rush currents in motors Typical lighting which gradually deteriorates your equipment and often causes instant, catastrophic damage 2) Long-term gradual deterioration of your entire investment Sensitive electronics Computer driven systems Automation Instrumentation Lighting 3) All Inductive Equipment is prone to overheating, pitting, arcing, corroding which causes early failures, malfunctions and longer running cycles of A/C and refrigeration equipment. This leads to costly repairs, poor performance, frequent replacements, downtime and constant USER FRUSTRATION. Any overheating is a DIRECT LOSS of Electricity!

9 Power Panel Protection
PowerPatrol Lifetime TVSS System Level 2: Multi-Element (ME) Design (S G) for up to 100 kW Secondary IEEE Cat. B locations (normally used for downline protection) Maximum ME per Mode Surge Capacity: 40,000 Amps Maximum Surge per line: 120,000 Amps Total Surge msec: 360,000 Amps, …may degrade! Approximate Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs. Level 1: Single Element (SE) Non-Degrading (S S) for up to 250 kW Primary EEE Cat. B & C locations (normally used for power panel protection) Maximum Non-Degrading “SE” Capacity: 45,000 Amps Maximum Surge per line: 90,000 Amps Total Surge msec: 154,000 Non-degrading Amps! Approximate Shipping Weight: 5.2 lbs. Safety Tested, C-UL Listed & FCC Approved Equipment SE: is actually virtually non-degrading up to a maximum clamping range max. RMS line load current: 120kW & 250 kW Flexible Design provides Multi-layered Protection

10 Specifying a TVSS Protection System
Heavy Industrial Equip. Panel Sub-Panel Computer Room Panel A A A Main Distribution Panel HVAC Unit & Controls A Computer & Telecon Equip. A Cat A: plug-in receptacles or long branch circuits extending more than 10 meters (30 ft) beyond a category B location. Cat. B: all major feeders, buss systems and short branch circuits such as distribution panels, sub panels, industrial busses and feeder systems, heavy appliance circuits, commercial lighting systems and receptacles less than 10 meters from a Cat. B location. Cat. C: outside and main service entrance which includes main supply lines, transformers, service connections and feeder-lines to main service entrance panels and any overhead or sub-feeder lines, or under-ground lines to adjacent facilities such as well pump supply lines or other major equipment. Service Entrance A/C or Refrigeration Control Panel Factory Automation Panel Cat. A Cat. B Cat. C Cat. B or C Lighting Panel Sub-Panel Lighting Panel A A A A Strategically Placed Protection

11 Typical Savings From Collective Benefits = Less Than 1 Year Payback
PowerPatrol $aving$ Direct Electrical Energy Savings are a function of: Number and size of electrical equipment Age and condition of electrical equipment Location of PowerPatrol connection to the grid Current quality of electrical system grounding Quality and size of current electrical wiring Minimized overheating of equipment and switchgear Indirect Savings can be found in: Less electrical degradation of electrical equipment Less time searching to find electrical issues Minimize Catastrophic Event Damage (e.g, Lightning) Typical Savings From Collective Benefits = Less Than 1 Year Payback

12 PowerPatrol $aving$ Load Types that Benefit most Air Conditioning Refrigeration Computers Lighting Motors Automated Controls Sensitive Electronics Loads Types that Benefit Less Electric Heat Ovens (Inductive & Capacitive) Don’t let your profits disappear through your busy fingers! (Resistive) Ideal for Automated Residential, Commercial & Offices

13 Effects on Equipment Life
Typical Extended Equipment Life: (Increased MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures) Motors: 3-5 Times Refrigerators and A/C’s: 3-4 Times Lamps and Ballasts: 5-7 Times Circuit Breakers: 3-7 Times IC’s and Circuit Boards: Times MTBF: Mean Time Before Failures The PowerPatrol System Extends the Life of your Equipment

14 Power Quality Triangle
A Wide Range of Products and Model Options The Right TVSS For the Job The Power Quality Triangle The Right System Grounding The Right TVSS Location Verified Grounding Strategically Located Must Have All Three For Safe, Pure Power and Equipment !

15 3 Main Levels of Lightning Damage
Level I Heat Lightning- Causes Gradual Deterioration See Only at Night 6000 Amp Spikes Man Fights Lightning! …and Ike & Mitch Level II Nearby Strikes Where Most Damage Occurs Hear & See (Dramatic) 6,000 – 35,000 Amps IEEE 587 Standard three levels of lightning Heat lightning: Flashes too far away for observer to hear the thunder. Like sheet lightning, these flashes are created by lightning bolts, but are in thunderstorms more than 10 miles away. Trees, buildings and urban noise can cut this distance to less than five miles. It's called heat lightning because it is seen more frequently on hot summer nights when the sky overhead is clear. Often, air molecules and dust particles in the atmosphere refract the light coming from distant lightning, making the bolts or flashes appear orange. Here Comes Level III Direct Strikes Cause Catastrophic Damage Deafening Flash > 35,000 Amps Stop Voltage Spikes & Surges before they Stop You!

16 Single-element Technology
Why Single Element? Always between you and your costly danger! Multi-element Technology Single-element Technology The 40,000 Amp Gar’Dian Series May Degrade During Lightning Storms The 45,000 Amp Surg’Shield Series is Non-degrading Even During Lightning Storms!

17 Only PowerPatrol Protects 24/7 for a Lifetime!
Single Element Design Single Element (SE) Non-Degrading Technology Maintains it’s original surge capacity after thousands of hits Surg’Shield’s ‘weakest link’ 45kA solid surge capacity protects downline multi-element Gar’Dian from degradation. …This makes your entire TVSS System last a lifetime! Conventional TVSS designs use Wagon Wheel or Stacked Multi-elements and DEGRADE over time from typical lightning storms and constant external and internal power hazards and surges. Conventional Designs do not warn you of failed, degraded, or inadequate surge capacity or protection. Clamp the Voltage Surge before it Clamps You! “Single Element” Conventional Wagon-wheel or Stacked MOV designs ‘The Black Hole For Surges!’ Only PowerPatrol Protects 24/7 for a Lifetime!

18 Clamp the Voltage Surge before it Clamps You!
TVSS System design challenges: 1) Passively allow normal current to flow unhindered 2) Safely react to power hazards at light-speed and dissipate them into ground before they destroy your protected downline equipment 3) Fast, Accurate, Clamping Voltage Thresholds 3) Quick Response: 8 x 20 msec pulse – time to detect, respond and dissipate all the ‘Electrical Pollution’! 4) Detect ungrounded circuits that can’t find ‘Ike & Mitch’ 5) Maintain Non-degrading protection in spite of lightning! 6) Safe protection that does not explode during direct hits Clamp the Voltage Surge before it Clamps You! Clamp the Voltage Surge before it Clamps You!

19 Fundamental Design Uniqueness
“Single Element” ‘The Black Hole For Surges!’ Fundamental Design Uniqueness PowerPatrol Single Element Design Designed to handle the most damaging hi-energy surges and lightning strikes, at surge levels most likely to hit your equipment, that destroys conventional TVSS designs Non-degrading, cascading layers of Hi-energy surge capacity never blinks except for direct hits or dead short-circuits… …even then most failures take your protected downline equipment safely off-line before its’ sacrificed! Conventional TVSS designs degrade with no way of knowing it! Built-in Self-test provides 24/7 ‘Protection Status’ indication PowerPatrol Safety Surge CushionTM Eliminates Severe Blowout when hit by violent surges and lightning during rare catastrophic failures for User Safety! Provides protection up to a lightning strike The Industries Safest Hi-energy Non-degrading TVSS Protection

20 Provides Prevention & Catastrophic System Protection Shield
Key Benefits: Greatly increases the MTBF of your equipment (Mean Time Between Failures) Stediwatt cannot cause cause equipment damage or power problems Eliminates 99+% of lightning/storm hazards to your A/C and appliances Greatly extend life of today’s electronic lamps and ballasts Keeps DIRTY POWER out of your most sensitive digital electronics and controls Maintains computer-grade power to avoid critical downtime losses Reduces overheating and runtime of A/C and refrigeration Cascading protection grid features Self-test system protection verification Will greatly reduce service calls, repairs and replacement costs Maintains total power system shield during upcoming rolling blackouts Hazard-free, User-friendly Safety Surge CushionTM Should earn reduced-risk insurance…Negotiate with your carrier Expect better efficiency and performance of overall electrical usage Provides Prevention & Catastrophic System Protection Shield

21 No magic genie will help you reduce your Power Bills.
Summary No magic genie will help you reduce your Power Bills. Only StediWatt provides you with lightning protection and saves on monthly Power Bills. Stop Electrical Pollution! … Save your Investments and your Profit$$$! Life Is Short, Keep It Safe…and Enjoy It! Help save energy and the environment! Call The Energy-Wise Smith Environmental Products HelpLine:

22 Never worry about power surges and spikes again!
PowerPatrol provides relentless protection and a lifetime of peaceful calm after the storm.

23 Cruis’in! Come join the Power Patrollers . . . You’ll soon be Cruis’in with “Johnny ‘n the boys”!

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