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Domain Names and Web Hosting in 2009 and Beyond Adam Eisner Product Manager, Domains Tucows Inc.

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1 Domain Names and Web Hosting in 2009 and Beyond Adam Eisner Product Manager, Domains Tucows Inc.

2 2 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 2 About Adam and Tucows Adam: –Product Manager, Domains –With Tucows five years –10 years in technology journalism, marketing Tucows: –One of the world’s largest domain registrars –Manage ~9 million domain names –Also provide wholesale email, SSL certificates –Operate,

3 3

4 4 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 4 What We’ll Talk About in 18 Minutes or Less The state of the domain name market Opportunities in web hosting and domain names Emerging trends in web hosting and domain names for 2009 and beyond

5 5 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 5 2008 Was a “Shakeout” Year for Some Domain name ‘tasting’ issue was addressed at the policy level Parking revenues started to slow –Oversee: parking/aftermarket valuation $1.2b in 2007, $0.9b in 2009 –VeriSign: 8% of com/net names are for parking VeriSign: slow growth due to Google AdSense changes, ‘softness’ in online ad spending Nominet: gTLD base grew less than 10% in 2008 (compared to 30% in 2006)

6 6 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 6 It’s Not All Doom and Gloom Most ‘softness’ applies to speculators, investors; not hosts All sectors still buying domain names: –USA, international –Corporate, SMB –Consumers Premium domain names are more valuable than ever (think real estate) Strong growth in ccTLDs (now about 40% of the market) –Many ccTLD markets are ‘white hot’

7 7 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 7 Significant Growth in ccTLDs Top 10 ccTLDs (totals are approximate): –.CN (12 million) –.DE (12 million) –.UK (7 million) –.NL (3 million) –.EU (3 million) –.AR (1.8 million) –.RU (1.6 million) –.IT (1 million) –.BR (1 million) –.US (1 million) gTLD market share was 50% in 2005, 45% now!

8 8 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 8.CN: Hot or Not? Surged to beyond 12 million names in 2008 88% growth year over year Generated a lot of hype Caution: some of this growth is artificial

9 9 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 9 Domain Growth: Linked to GDP? Source: Nominet

10 10 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 10 What Sells Well Right Now?.ME: Relatively new, popular offering.EU,.ES,.CH,.NL selling well in Europe –.EU just passed three million.CA,.UK should be staples Keep an eye on.TEL - landrush beginning now! Average domains per registrant is more than one - so you should be selling multiple names. –Sold them the.COM? Offer them the.INFO too.

11 11 2009 Predictions

12 12 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 12 Emerging Trend: New Domain Extensions Source: Nominet Approved @ Paris ICANN meeting in June Allows anyone with $185k to apply Up to 1000 applications to be submitted Among those being,.nyc,.paris,.gal,.web,.africa,.quebec,.london and many more.ebay?.nike?.shoes?.webhost? Who knows. Some will be closed/not require registrars

13 13 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 13 The Impact to You Source: Nominet New markets = new opportunities Education will be key Some closed off to you –May not require registrars Still early, much to be determined Lots of extensions = brand protection nightmare (or opportunity!)

14 14 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 14 Is There Room? Source: Nominet

15 15 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 15 Timelines Source: Nominet

16 16 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 16 Emerging Trend: I Want to Be A Registrar Source: Nominet Key benefits: own name on accreditation, access to ICANN constituencies and policy Weigh the option carefully! A few thousand names isn’t necessarily a good threshold There are many ‘hidden’ factors to consider Policy (compliance, ICANN, UDRP, legal) Registry updates (on both policy and technical levels) What to do with existing names

17 17 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 17 Emerging Trend: The SMB Aftermarket Source: Nominet Names which cost between $500 and $3000 SMBs have a budget for the ‘perfect’ name Most names resolve to SMB site in six months Recent sales by Tucows resellers: – – – – – – – –

18 18 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 18 Emerging Trend: The Personal Web Using domains as a personal identity is becoming very popular: –Tucows: Acquires, resellers (including) sign on to offer Personal Names –.ME launches in July: biggest ccTLD launch ever –Apple snaps up ME.COM,.ME names –VeriSign: Purchases.NAME registry in October (popular among Tucows resellers)

19 19 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 19 Emerging Trend: Functional Hosting

20 20 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 20 Emerging Trend: Functional Hosting All-purpose Web Hosts (Budget/Ecommerce/Shared) All-purpose Web Hosts (Budget/Ecommerce/Shared) Web 2.0

21 21 Parallels – Optimized Computing TM 21 Other Emerging Trends Mobile computing and related services –.MOBI,.TEL functions of this –Wireless-formatted websites becoming increasingly important, relevant Extended Validation digital certificates –Going mainstream faster than expected

22 22 Questions?

23 23 Thank You! Adam Eisner Product Manager, Domains Tucows Inc.

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