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Luxury Passage Incorporated of Indianapolis, Indiana A Revolution in Leisure Air Travel is Beginning!

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2 Luxury Passage Incorporated of Indianapolis, Indiana A Revolution in Leisure Air Travel is Beginning!

3 This 10-minute presentation is a quick look at our proposed investment opportunity and term sheet. The business itself has many detailed facets which set it uniquely apart from other aircraft fractionals. Our program details are not included here. Please request a business plan if we have stirred your interest for more information. We look forward to providing our program details to you for funding consideration. - David DeKoker, CEO

4 Defining the Problem Using AIRLINES for leisure air travel is rapidly becoming a challenge of nightmare proportions. – Potential for acts of terrorism producing anxiety in passengers – Security pat downs of private body parts – Wasted vacation time arriving 2 hrs early before flight departures – Being treated, seated, cramped and accommodated like cattle – Restrictive schedules, missed flights, lost luggage, bag charges, no significant cabin service Using PRIVATE CHARTERS for leisure air travel is more expensive and often an unwise risk. – Pro-Golfer Payne Stewart accident most remembered – 53 fatal air charter accidents since January 2006 – 226 non-fatal air charter accidents since January 2006 – 48 reportable air charter incidents since January 2006 Our product REPLACES all the above for our Owners! Solving the Problem

5 Competition Available Options: No Present Direct Competition Closest leisure air travel competitors are: Airline First Class seating Private Jet Charter Our Prices in comparison: – We are… 15% less than an identical 7 day charter in same type aircraft Less than 8 first class airline fares on an 8-hour round trip

6 Analysis Present Market – Estimated 3,550 Indianapolis area households can afford our program Only 50 of these needed as Fractional Owners to sell out our first aircraft – (equals 1.4% of above households) – Indianapolis excellent market area with a high leisure travel index of 132 (U.S. median is 100)

7 5-Year Goals & Objectives 64 jet aircraft total 50 cities with hangared aircraft 350 employees Leisure private jet market share at least 60%

8 Capitalization Plan (term sheet) Need a minimum of $200,000 to begin marketing the first aircraft – (all additional aircraft are self-funded through the LPI business model) Offering 34% equity to Angel Investor in form of voting stock Paying 5% interest per year in addition to dividends Lump sum repayment of original capital at end of term (3 years) upon request for redemption of LPI stock Prefer silent or semi-silent Angel Investor role Will consider alternative term sheet offers

9 Resource Usage Compact Digital Video Brochures (20,000 produced, duplicated, packaged and mailed) ….……….…...$ 47,700 Marketing consultation fees…….……………...… 12,000 Legal fees………………………….………………. 5,000 Sales draws, wages & fees (6 mo. period) …..…… 60,000 Advertising…………………………..……………. 10,000 Office expense…………………………………...... 19,000 Demonstration flights (15-min.) ………..………… 36,000 Reserve & Funding Cost…………………………. 10,300 $ 200,000

10 Returns Stockholders: Projected 3-yr. dividends ($9M+ paid in cash) End of 1st year (4 aircraft), $2.2 million End of 2nd year (10 aircraft total), an additional $2.7 million End of 3rd year (22 aircraft total), an additional $4.1 million Sale of 64 aircraft in 5 years projects cumulative dividends to stockholders of over $20M

11 Client price of product (1 Fraction in the Westwind Program) First year total: $104,000: – Lifetime aircraft buy-in cost per fraction is $69,000 – Annual Maintenance Fee is $35,000 Each successive year total only $35,000* – Annual Maintenance Fee (*reviewed each year)

12 What is Luxury Passage? We are a sales and service company created to provide leisure air travel for moderately successful people ($250 - $300,000 annual income) We acquire, sell, operate and maintain medium-sized Westwind Jet aircraft for our Fractional Owners We also provide, at no charge, additional services of stretch limousines and concierge travel planning for our aircraft Owners

13 Our Leadership Team C.E.O./President: Captain David J. DeKoker, Co-founder – 25 years business experience as sole proprietor – 10 years civic corporate experience as President/Chairman of the Board C.O.O./Executive Director of Operations: Captain Robert S. Wohlstadter, Co-founder – 10 years management experience as Chief Pilot in corporate aircraft operations – 7 years experience as corporate Flight Department Manager C.F.O./Executive Accountant: Carlene K. Budd, Certified Public Accountant – 24 years corporate accounting experience Director of Sales: Daniel A. Ferrulli – 14 years sales and managerial experience, including Fractional Ownerships Combined aviation experience of founders: Over 70 years as Airline Transport Rated pilots in various jet aircraft

14 Contact Information Luxury Passage Incorporated 8206 Rockville Road, Suite 151 Indianapolis, IN 46214 800-276-6554 Please direct all inquiries to the attention of: David J. DeKoker, President/CEO 

15 Westwind II Luxury Jet 8 passengers, 2500 mile range, 41,000’ altitude, 500+ mph Join our team!! Join our team!!

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