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By: HARRY K. LOFTON TRAGEDY OF THE INDIANAPOLIS. When I heard the class was going to do a C.Y.O.A. I was thrilled!!! At ounce I thought of my great grand.

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Presentation on theme: "By: HARRY K. LOFTON TRAGEDY OF THE INDIANAPOLIS. When I heard the class was going to do a C.Y.O.A. I was thrilled!!! At ounce I thought of my great grand."— Presentation transcript:


2 When I heard the class was going to do a C.Y.O.A. I was thrilled!!! At ounce I thought of my great grand father. Who was in the Navy during World War II. TO PAPA!!!!

3 Do not read this book straight through beginning to end! These pages contain many adventures that you can have. From time to time, while you’re reading along, you will be asked to make some choices. Your choices may lead to success or disaster!! The adventures you have will be the result of the choices you make. After you make a choice, follow the directions to see what happens next. Okay… You have been warned!!!

4 Imagine you're Henry Kieth Lofton, a sailor, on an important mission in World War II. The U.S. Navy has sent you on the U.S.S. Indianapolis to make the final blow to the enemy!!! Every thing is going smoothly. The enemy has no idea you’re near. Crash!!! The ship has been shot! Men are running around like crazy! The ship deck is in flames!!! Some men jumped in the water only to be pulled down by the big waves. You’re below deck away from the fire. Do you get a life jacket and wish your self luck (pg3), or do you stay below deck (pg4)?pg3pg4

5 “Hey that’s my life jacket!” “No, it’s mine!” argued all of the soldiers. “Stop!!!” ordered Colonel Jefferson. “There's plenty for all of you, including the morons who refuse to leave below deck… Guess we will just loose them to the sea…” “NOW LETS GO!!!!” Screamed all the soldiers hoping to cut off the speech. “Okay, okay get the rafts,” mumbled the Colonel. Then lickety-split it became clear that the entire ship was going down. Everyone below deck was doomed to drown. Luckily you are on a raft, but you are hungry! You have a can of spam in your vest. Do you eat it (pg.6), or do you save it (pg.5)?pg.6pg.5

6 You are in the halls below deck going to the technical engineer’s aid when all of a sudden, you feel vibrations and intense heat from the steel floors. When you slow your pace at the engineer’s office, you see a small, but threatening torpedo hole. To make things worse, water is spilling into the ship. A piercing question zaps through your skull! Do you stay below deck to attempt to repair the damage alone (pg 8) or do you go on deck to reevaluate your options (pg7).pg 8pg7

7 You stay away from the spam, and you are fine. You and the other sailors keep heading to nowhere. You have very little hope, just floating and floating. It is hot, and your only protection against the sun is your scraps of clothes. You and the other crew members are parched and famished, but mostly parched. Men dip their hands to the ocean water to drink, and then get sick, but others do not. You are getting confused! As your thirst grows, you must decided to have a drink of ocean water (pg 11) or to resist the urge to drink (pg12).pg 11pg12

8 You open the spam and cut yourself on the lid. You drop the can of spam into the water and reach to catch it with both hands. “Got it,” you gladly shout. You sit back in the raft and enjoy the spam. It is the first food you have had since the chaos began more than a day ago. Unfortunately, even the little bit of blood from your cut finger along with the blood of other injured soldiers has attracted all the sharks in the area. You drop the spam in awe. Fear grips you as you watch the sharks thrash in the bloody water. You see the flash of a tattered dorsal fin! Before you even feel pain, you realize your arm and legs have been torn away… Nothing remains of your raft and its sailors. The end Start Over? Click here!

9 Back on deck in a daze, you wonder what is going on. “We’ve been bombed, sailor!” yells a ship mechanic. This ship deck is about destroyed. Fire is all over the place. You think you see the corpses of burnt sailors through the deck’s bomb- fire, but everything is so confusing. You move around like you are in a nightmare. You try to escape the fire by going below deck again, but find that the hatch has been sealed by the intense heat. You look up to see more explosions. Your only escape now is to jump into the ocean. When you try to get a life jacket, the quadrant of the ship you are on explodes completely and you are thrown into the dark, whirling water far below. Do you use your limited energy to swim to a raft in the distance (pg 9) or do you cling to nearby debris and regain your strength (pg 10)?pg 9pg 10

10 The ship is rocking. You’re falling down again every time you try to get to your feet! All around you other sailors have been knocked unconscious by falling objects on the tipping boat. You try to fight your way to the deck, but the hatch is sealed by the pressure of the water behind it. You scream for help, but there is nobody to hear you or respond. As the ship comes apart you scramble to get into a cabinet. You yell once more, ahh!! For a moment, you think you are safe as the cabinet floats clear from the sinking ship. Just as suddenly, you hear cracking as curious sharks begin to bump the cabinet. You knew you were doomed, and you were right, DEAD RIGHT! The end Start Over? Click here!

11 “Got to make it to the raft,” you think as you swim hard with the last of your strength. You feel the presence of sharks all around you. A shark snaps at you just as a sailor pulls you out of the water. You pant your thanks while leaning on the raft. You recognize your rescuer. “Jack, it is you!” you yell with relief. You give him a hug. You met Jack in school and have been friends ever since. In the mean time, you have a long conversation about how each of you survived the sinking of the Indianapolis. After a day, you see a helicopter that says U.S. Navy. All the sailors shout at the top of their lungs and wave their arms. Finally rescued! The end Start Over? Click here!

12 You clung on to an old cabinet. You don’t think you can kick your way to the rafts. So you wait… Later you see another sailor swimming to you! The man comes up for air and sees you! “Hey”! You both yell. The sailor seems to be as tired as you! He was very great full. You wonder if the Navy will take your call. You have a whole conversation, and find out his name is John. Just a day later you see a helicopter that reads U.S. NAVY! The two of you got rescued, and live on as best friends.THE END Start Over? Click here!

13 You are dying of thirst! Your mouth is dry and your eyes are watering. You scream in agony and finally drink the salt water! When you came up you had a thirst quenching feeling. But, then you started to see funny. Lights and things like that started to fill your sight. Now you where really dying of thirst!!! Now you where floating over sand, just floating. Now you saw yellow dots In the sky, and they where plummeting towards you! They where helicopters!!! Another illusion you think, but no they pick you up and give you water. So after all you have been through you survived!!! Start Over? Click here!

14 You don’t drink the water and tell the other sailors to do the same thing. So you talk, and talk, and talk. You do this for nearly 48 hours. Then something amazing happened. RAIN!!! You catch the rain in your boots. You drink it. As if the rain is magical it lasts a week. When it does run out an air craft carrier come to pick you up. When you get back you get many medals for saving the other sailors. Start Over? Click here!

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