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English, Reading & Career Readiness WORD WALL. Barbed missiles of ridicule battery beams of crimson.

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1 English, Reading & Career Readiness WORD WALL

2 Barbed missiles of ridicule battery beams of crimson

3 bedraggled train besplashed charger black looks

4 black words between officers bleach of death bleating plaintively

5 bludgeon of correction blue demonstration brigade

6 bushwhacker captain cavalry charnel place

7 chin music clogged clouds colonel

8 colonel’s manner changed from that of a deacon to that of a Frenchman

9 color sergeant the colors company company wags

10 composite monster congregation of horses corporal

11 cowled man crone stooping dark blue lines/blue curve

12 dark-hued masses/the lighter hued regiments depleted band

13 dilapidated regiment doomed to greatness dregs

14 Dusty blue lines elfin thoughts

15 emaciated regiment/grunting bundles of blue/the robust voice…growing rapidly weak

16 Engine of annihilating power facings flaming wings of lightning

17 fresh fish gauntleted hand generals

18 gilded images of memory gods of traditions great ruck of men and munitions

19 haversack heart of the din heraldic winds of the day

20 Huns imbecile line impetus of enthusiasm

21 incapable of checking itself before granite and brass indefinite cause.

22 iron gates of the impossible its faded and jaded condition

23 jangling general jim-dandy Johnnies

24 the lieutenant light-footed soldiers little ones

25 lurid lines machinery of the universe mothlike quality

26 Napoleon Bonaparte omen order arms

27 out among the dragons perambulating veterans pickets

28 private the Question ragamuffin interest ragged line

29 rebel army the rebs red eyes (also described as red blossoms)

30 red rage red speeches Regiment

31 returning with his shield or on it Richmond sagacious things

32 shirking child skirmish/skirmisher slang phrase

33 small weapon so much devilment soldier’s bath

34 storm banshee sultry nightmare swad swash of fragrant water

35 symmetrical act the mighty blue machine

36 they drank his recitals to chant a paean valor of a gamin

37 Yank yellow tongues

38 context clues main idea sequence

39 inferences noun verb adverb

40 pronoun proper noun conjunction interjection

41 preposition predicate phrases clauses

42 sentence complex sentence run-on sentence sentence fragments

43 commas semicolons colons dashes

44 quotation marks capitalization allegory allusion

45 antagonist protagonist denouement hyperbole

46 irony oxymoron compound sentence parentheses

47 apostrophes idioms homophones antonyms

48 homonyms propaganda conflict plot

49 summarizing paraphrasing evaluating setting

50 metaphors theme similes imagery

51 personification symbolism myth dialogue

52 short story autobiography biography mood/tone

53 flashback foreshadowing point of view/voice prefix

54 suffix root word Collaborative Strategic Reading

55 brainstorm predict click and clunk get the gist

56 wrap up sample question stems question types

57 belligerent elated deceive dapper

58 abscond curtail dejected heirloom

59 gregarious docile unkempt humdrum

60 replenish agriculture barricade betray

61 complement defiant enthusiasm establish

62 flounder frigid ambition dingy

63 transmit encounter dexterity fickle

64 elevate garland yearn collate

65 tuition tamper blotch automatic

66 glutton implore appease partial

67 falsehood navigate dominate invincible

68 muse tariff urge tactful

69 undaunted aptitude balmy bask

70 susceptible tarnish pell-mell radiate

71 prosperous endurance jostled indication

72 taffeta antidote loiter exquisite

73 recoil abominable pandemonium terminate

74 jut asset immerse temptation

75 depiction transition self advocate professionalism

76 postsecondary goals self determination learning style

77 teaching style accommodations disability challenge

78 IDEA community student action plan supports

79 Employment Development Department resume

80 School history work experience DMV Career Inventory

81 Interest Inventory budgeting financial aide cover letter

82 letters of recommendations volunteerism community service

83 IEP IPE self awareness entrepreneurship

84 reliance job security banking strategies investments

85 Extracurricular activities job shadowing

86 mock interview summary of performance portfolio

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