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Doing Business in India An AMD perspective June 2006.

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1 Doing Business in India An AMD perspective June 2006

2 Server/Workstation Processor Roadmaps 2 Milestones 2001 :- Liason office setup with 2 employees. 2001 :- Registered under DGFT. 2001 :- Registered under RoC. 2002 :- Headcount expansion plan filed with DGFT. 2002 :- India Engineering Center plan announced. 2003 :- Headcount expanded to 5 employees. 2003 :- ExIm license obtained under DGFT green channel. 2004 :- Headcount expanded to 98 2005 :- India Fab setup announced with SemIndia and MoIT. 2005 :- Headcount expansion to 168. 2005 :- India revenue in excess of US$75 million 2006 :- India blue print established.

3 June 2006Server/Workstation Processor Roadmaps 3 Learnings Most documentation takes between 4-6 weeks to apply (with legal clearance). Most approvals take between 2weeks – 2months. GoI Helpdesk the best resource for companies setting up in India. Green Channel policy of GoI by the fastest and most MNC friendly in Asia. (Far easier than China). Best to have internal resources to go through the formalities than appoint agents or have consultants. Everything is between 5minutes to 20minutes away ( )

4 June 2006Server/Workstation Processor Roadmaps 4 Strengths Labor : Highly skilled and cost effective workforce in India. Infrastructure : Has come a long way in the last 5 years and the future looks bright. Governance : Largely popular based governance with employment generation being the key. Foreign companies are seen as generators rather than blockers. Connectivity : New LCCs and the golden quadrilateral projects have shown that India is coming up in a BIG way. Bureaucracy : Largely friendly, intelligent people are working overtime to get rid of the “Babu-dom” image that was there.

5 June 2006Server/Workstation Processor Roadmaps 5 Weakness Labor : High attrition rate, better jobs across segments. People from FMCGs moving to IT, etc. Import evaluation : Still at the discretion of the Indian Customs Department (CBEC) and open to interpretation a lot of times on assessed value vs. Fair Market Value. Traffic : Can be a nightmare in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Expat registration : Still a cumbersome process, and can take between 2-4months to move an expat family to india.

6 June 2006Server/Workstation Processor Roadmaps 6 2006 and beyond AMD renews its commitment to the Indian market by placing it as a separate GEO in the corporate matrix. Indian IT market was estimated to be at 4.7mn units at the beginning of 2005 and ended up at 6.0mn units by the end of 2005. The market is practically exploding in all sectors in India. Indian consumer electronics was worth US$3.4bn in 2005 a rise of 14% over the previous year. A CAGR of 11% across the year till 2010 across market segments.

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