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Air Force Together We Served (AFTWS) “Military Only” Social Network Website.

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1 Air Force Together We Served (AFTWS) “Military Only” Social Network Website

2 UNCLASSIFIED 2 Overview Brought to attention by Hurlburt personnel 2003 - USMC 2006 - US Navy USAF site 3 weeks old Already has 46000+ members Identifies itself as “Military only” and “secure” AFTWS has no public access and only those who served in the United States Air Force, United States Army Air Force and Air National Guard are eligible to come aboard. “Self Policing” AFTWS Advisory Group that scrubs profiles Group rarely has more than 12 active members

3 UNCLASSIFIED 3 Additional Information Server based in Novia Scotia No direct military affiliation with any DOD components Parent company is German USMC site originally hosted in Germany Anyone can log on with any alias and have full access

4 UNCLASSIFIED 4 Individual’s Profile

5 UNCLASSIFIED 5 Individual’s Profile Combat and Operations History Posted 6 pictures – 4 in the AOR Descriptions of types of duty in AOR Received Bronze/Silver Stars – with dates/actions Bottom line – OPSEC Nightmare!!!

6 UNCLASSIFIED 6 So what now? Can not deny personnel from posting to these websites Need to educate our personnel of what is/is not acceptable Push this out through our OPSEC channels Requesting it to be pushed to all unit members AFI 35-101 PA policy and guidance “…each Air Force member or employee is responsible for obtaining the necessary review and clearance, starting with Public affairs, before releasing and proposed statement, text or imagery to the public. This includes and digital products being loaded on an unrestricted web site “ Updating Wing CC’s policy for CC/Shirts/Director Targeting Social Networking sites Revision of 2006 policy letter Sitting at HQ AF level now Expect Network access to be denied at Base level

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