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Digital Portfolio Radford University Dietetic Internship Alison R. Hawley Class of 2003-2004.

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1 Digital Portfolio Radford University Dietetic Internship Alison R. Hawley Class of 2003-2004

2 Table of Contents  Mission Statement  RU Clinics  Clinical Upskilling  Technology Upskilling  Projects  Professional Experiences  Foodservice Rotation  Community Rotation  Rural Clinical Rotation  Clinical Rotation  YMCA

3 Mission Statement I am committed to learning all that I can, performing to the best of my ability, and to persevere through difficulties. I seek to motivate and change the lives of children and adults through sound nutrition counseling and encouragement. I will stand firm on my beliefs and be a positive and determined individual to my co-workers, family, and friends.

4 RU Clinics Waldron Hall Clinic Coordinator 2003-2004

5 RU Clinic Experiences  Nutrition counseling  Education –Weight control –Chronic diseases –Eating disorders  Nutrition bulletin boards at the Radford Recreation Center  Conduct health fairs

6 Clinical Upskilling  Dobbhoff feeding tube placement  Cholesterol & Glucose monitoring  Bioelectrical Impedance  Indirect Calorimetry

7 Technology Upskilling  Web page design –  Video: “The Leftover Nightmare” –Informative demonstration on food safety & food poisoning food safety & food poisoning

8 Projects  Public Service Announcements: “Nutrition Counts” “Nutrition Counts”  Tips for Healthy Living –What is a Dietitian –Weight Loss –Good vs. Bad Foods –Don’t Exclude Foods –Buyers Beware –Exercise  RU Dietetic Newsletter –

9 Professional Experiences  Virginia Dietetic Association, Annual Meeting Annual Meeting  March 28-30, 2004 Charlottesville, VA  Poster presentation “Budget Nutrition” “Budget Nutrition”

10 Foodservice Rotation Lewis Gale Medical Center Preceptor: Wren Roberts, General Manager Aug. 25 – Sept. 24

11 Foodservice Experiences  Food production & delivery  Tray line assembly process  Meal Rounds  Financial data evaluation  Quality Improvement  Shelf to sheet inventory

12 Foodservice Experiences  Promotion tool –“Candy Apple Madness” day  Employee In service –Mechanical soft food demo

13 Community Rotation Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP) Preceptors: Amy Ebel, Parent Involvement Coordinator Lisa West, Family Case Manager Lisa West, Family Case Manager Sept. 29 – Dec. 3, 2003

14 Community Experiences  Home visits  Nutrition counseling  Development of nutrition resources  Nutrition education programs  Advertisement in the mass media  Restaurant inspection

15 “Budget Nutrition”  Assembled by: Alison Hawley & Monica Dickenson Alison Hawley & Monica Dickenson –Basic nutrition –Cooking –Planning –Shopping –Govt. food programs –Websites

16 Rural-Clinical Rotation Pulaski Community Hospital Preceptor: Anita Osburn, RD Jan. 12 – Feb. 19, 2004

17 Clinical-Rural Experiences  New River Valley Cancer Care Center  Performed: –Nutrition screening –Assessment –Care plans  Supervised patients’ weight changes  Assessed nutrition support needs  Food/Drug interaction education  Developed Diabetic education tool

18 Clinical Rotation Lewis Gale Medical Center Preceptor: Kate Baker, RD Dietitians: Chanda Tracy, Diane Lynn, & Martha Ross Feb. 23 – May 12, 2004

19 Clinical Experiences  In-Service to diet office employees  Nutrition counseling  Food/Drug interaction education  Supervision of food quality/accuracy  Nutrition support specialist  Manage clinical nutrition services  Diabetes education classes

20 Areas of Clinical Practice  MICU  SICU  CCU  Rehab  Medical/Surgical  Diabetes  Neurology  Pediatrics  Oncology  Cardiology  Psych

21 YMCA “Healthy Kids Day”  Salem YMCA –April 3, 2004  Nutrition Education –Meal planning –Healthy snacks –Trying new foods –Serving sizes –Nutrients in food –Food Guide Pyramid

22 “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.

23 Thank You! Alison R. Hawley (540) 986-1613

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