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Mrs. Dorsey’s 4 th Grade Class 2011-2012. The Dorseys.

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1 Mrs. Dorsey’s 4 th Grade Class 2011-2012

2 The Dorseys

3 About me Grew up on a farm south of Fargo My 22nd year of teaching (2 nd grade, 6 th grade at a Middle School, and 12 years at Plymouth Creek in 4 th grade) B.A. from Moorhead State and Masters from St. Mary’s Husband, Mike, sons David (3rd) and Drew (1st) at Plymouth Creek Spend time at lake in Willmar/Spicer area

4 Class Expectations In 4th grade, we want to learn, make friends, have fun, and try new things. We are going to do our best to take care of ourselves, others, property, and community. Show Panther Pride

5 Homework Assignment Notebook-please sign daily (Optional 1.5 binder inch can be used for study links and assignment notebook) Daily –Math -Study Links/Family Letter(Each Unit) –Reading (minimum of 20 min. per day) Weekly –Spelling Contracts (See sample on desk) Special Projects

6 Particulars of Our Class Healthy Snack in afternoon Water bottle with no-spill top Thursday Envelopes (periodically) - PC ENews Book Orders-online Weekly Reports-signed weekly Birthdays-no food treats or prizes Featured Student

7 Field Trips Valentine’s Day - Ice Skating at PIC Bakken Museum Lowry Nature Center End of the Year Send Off @ French Park-last week of school

8 Conferences and Report Cards Fall Conferences -Dates –Nov. 1-11 ( Common night Nov. 3 ) - Electronic Sign-up - 1st Semester Progress Report - early Feb. Spring Conferences – - Dates -March 19-30 ( Common night Mar. 22 ) 2nd Semester Progress Report - June 7

9 Testing MCA Testing –Reading – April 17-18 Paper/Pencil –Math – Round 1-January Computer based MAP Testing, (Measures of Academic Progress) –September ( no MAP testing in spring this year )

10 Volunteering Room Parent(s) Partners in Art Basic Aid Training Clerical/Project Help Volunteer sign-up Online- PC home page

11 Schedule Day 1Phy. Ed. 1:30 Day 2Spanish 1:30 Day 3Art 1:30 Day 4Music 1:30 Day 5 Technology 1:30 Media Center Day 4 3:15

12 Communication Email Reminders Class Website Weekly Reports MoodleMoodle (Elearning) Contact Information 763-745-5880

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