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NEXT Sketch Up NEXT Inventor NEXT 3 Ds Max.

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5 Sketch Up


7 Inventor

8 NEXT 3 Ds Max

9 15 20 25 510 Random Facts Inventor Sketch Up Draft Sight 3Ds Max 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team Five Team Six

10 Random Facts In 3 dimensional Geometry, a point on the horizontal line is the ___ coordinate. Show Answer

11 Random Facts Answer: X coordinate Back to Board

12 Random Facts Question for 10 points In Cartisian Coordinates the vertical line is called the … Show Answer

13 Design Process Answer for 10 Points Y coordinate Back to Board

14 Random Facts Question for 15 Points In cartesian Coordinate terms, the line coming straight up from a paper sitting on your desk or straight down through the desk in the ….. Show Answer

15 Random Facts Answer for 15 Points Z coordinate Back to Board

16 Random Facts Question for 20 Points Any 3 dimensional shape will have a Height, Width and ______. Show Answer

17 Design Process Answer for 20 Points Depth Back to Board

18 Design Process Question for 25 Points Place Depth, height and Width in XYZ order. Show Answer

19 Design Process Answer for 25 Points Width, height, Depth Back to Board

20 In Sketch Up, to make a 3x5 rectangle you… Show Answer

21 Use the Rectangle tool and enter 3 and 5 Back to Board

22 Sketch Up can only be used for: a.Room design b.Designing a house c.Rough sketch of a part Show Answer

23 All of these and more Back to Board

24 In Sketch Up Orbit is used to: Show Answer

25 Turn an object around and over an look at it from any and all angles Back to Board

26 Push/Pull is used to: Show Answer

27 ‘extrude’ a 2D object into a 3D shape. Back to Board

28 In Sketch Up, Changing Materials and colors is found in the ____ Icon Show Answer

29 Materials (or paint bucket Icon). Back to Board

30 Draft Sight is a generic version of ____ Show Answer

31 Auto Cad Back to Board

32 In Draft Sight, in order to make a 3 dimensional object you must first... Show Answer

33 You can’t make a 3 dimensional object with Draft Sight. Back to Board

34 The offset command in Draft Sight is used to: Show Answer

35 Make lines parallel at a given distance from the original. Back to Board

36 To make copies of an object with uniform spacing use the command: Show Answer

37 Array. Back to Board

38 To repeat a command in Draft Sight you: Show Answer

39 Use the enter key and the same command comes back Back to Board

40 When using Inventor, to start a new set of drawings you should: Show Answer

41 Make a new project and Inventor will make a new folder for that project. Back to Board

42 Give Four examples of Geometric Constraints Show Answer

43 Constraints (Perpendicular, Parallel, Tangent, Coincident, Concentric, Collinear, Horizontal, Vertical, Equal, Fix, Symmetric Back to Board

44 Show Answer What is an Assembly constraint?

45 A parameter that defines the geometric relationships between components in a CAD assembly. Back to Board

46 Name three assembly constraints. Show Answer

47 … Back to Board Mate, flush, angle, tangent, insert

48 What are the six degrees of Freedom? principles of design? Show Answer

49 Back to Board Degrees of Freedom:A component floating in space has six degrees of freedom:3 rotations around the X, Y, and Z axes.3 linear translations along the X, Y, and Z axes.

50 What is difference between the trim command in Draft Sight and Inventor? Show Answer

51 Inventor you just click on the part of the line you don’t want and in Draft Sight you must first enter the cutting edges Back to Board

52 In 3Ds name one ‘Primitive’ shape Show Answer

53 Box, sphere, cylinder, torus, Cone, Geosphere, Tube, Pyramid,Plane Back to Board

54 In 3Ds, a Torus looks like a: Show Answer

55 Donut Back to Board

56 In 3Ds there are how many types of Hedra? Show Answer

57 5 Back to Board

58 In 3Ds how many views can you see at once? Show Answer

59 Back to Board 4

60 In order to ‘Stretch’ something in 3Ds you use what tool? Show Answer

61 Soft Selection Back to Board

62 Show Question

63 Who is the greatest teacher ever? Show Answer 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321

64 Back to Board Your Parental Units

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