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Tangent Sterilizer PC Interface System Description System Architecture System Pricing.

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1 Tangent Sterilizer PC Interface System Description System Architecture System Pricing

2 System Description The Tangent personal computer (PC) interface is designed to provide a customer with a solution for the need to store cycle data in electronic form and to provide the customer with a means to remotely monitor the sterilizer. The system is available in two forms: The “free” version of the system requires the user to develop their own communications interface, reporting, display, alarming and logging tools using the Omron protocol to communicate with the unit via the RS422/RS485 port provided free of charge on the unit. The second version of the system requires the user to purchase a Cezar SCADA license from Athertons, the Cezar system provides all the logging, monitoring, advanced alarm management and graphical display.

3 Out-of-the-box “Free” Interface System Description Q: Why do we refer to this as a free solution? Ans: We provide all the necessary documentation and information for the user/sterilizer owner to be able to develop a complete system interface – for free. Our only requirement is: that at the time we hand over the system address map, a confidentially document must be signed. The information that we provide is: Links to where the user can find the complete Omron Fins Protocol Communications Command Reference. The link is: then select: CV Fins Command Reference Manual. Com Port pin-out and suggested RS485/422 converters. Our Tangent address/data mapping table. This table contains all the information needed to add a control system point to the API.

4 Out-of-the-box “Free” Interface System Architecture

5 The user uses their application interface tools to develop an application that will communicate with the Tangent PLC (the sterilizer). Any (half decent) VB programmer could use the Omron documentation to create an application to communicate with the PLC. In conjunction with the information we have provided they will have all the information needed to know which bits of data memory to monitor in able to look at the state of the sterilizer i.e. temperature, pressure, cycle type, cycle parameters, running state, fault condition etc… What they do with the information in terms of data storage is up to them. How they decide to display the unit status i.e. graphically or texturally is determined by the scope of the application they develop.

6 Out-of-the-box “Free” Interface System Recommendation Q: When do we recommend this solution? Ans: When the customer is implementing a tracking system/third party system that has the benefit of a high level of programmer support. The reality of the situation is that the end user of this type of system is most likely not going to want to ever view the data with the same application that is communicating with the sterilizer. Meaning a graphical display or trend display would most likely be too difficult to develop i.e. why would you develop a full blown SCADA system when you can buy one. The most common type of application for which this interface solution is appropriate is where a tracking system requires the data to populate a common database. So in affect the developer only has to write a FINS command based communications program that at a minimum will only ever look at the following data points: Cycle_On, Cycle_Stage, Cycle_Temperature (the controlling temperature), Pressure, Sterilizer_Time, Cycle_RunNumber. Using these five points the developer will know if the sterilizer is running a cycle, what run number it is, what the controlled temperature is, when the cycle started, how long the cycle ran for and what the pressure was during the cycle. If they want setpoints and Pass/Fail this information along with a great deal more is provided in the data map. Athertons provide no support for this solution other than regular updates for the data mapping table.

7 Cezar SCADA Interface System Description Q: What is a SCADA system? Ans: A SCADA system is a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition program – it is a piece of software that handles the communications, display, logging, alarm management, time scheduling, and system integration of lower level devices such as PLC’s into to a networked personal computer environment. Q: What is Cezar? Ans: Cezar is the SCADA system we have chosen to communicate with our Tangent sterilizers. Cezar is developed and supported by the same manufactures of our Cimrex and Exter touchscreens – Beijer Electronics. It uses the same Omron Beijer driver to communicate with the PLC as the touchscreen does. This has great benefits when it comes to using much of the skills developed through programming the touchscreens to develop the program for the PC interface.

8 Cezar SCADA Interface System Description Q: Why did we choose Cezar? Ans: Apart from the fact the system is developed by Beijer, the Cezar system uses the most universal form of data communications to communicate with the Omron PLC – an OPC driver. By using an OPC driver to communicate with the PLC it means that the integration of the captured data into third party software is seamless. OPC stands for OLE for Process Control. OLE stands for object linking and embedding – it is the default standard for feeding external information into a client application. Basically we have chosen a system that uses the native communications standard of the WINDOWS application platform. Meaning just about every application that runs under windows will be able to process the data that the Cezar system captures from the sterilizer. In its standard form i.e. non-customized, we offer the system as able to communicate with Microsoft Access databases. Meaning our table definitions are setup to create *.mdb files. The system can be customized to communicate with the following databases: SQL Server, Oracle, and dBase. This work is usually done in conjunction with the third party system vendors.

9 Cezar SCADA Interface System Description Q: What hardware/software do we provide? Ans: In the base form we provide the following: Fully configured latest version of Cezar configured to run the Atherton Sterilizer Interface System. 2 hours on site installation time – during that time our service technician will install the Cezar software on the users designated PC. Start the application and train the user in how to run the system. A Cezar USB software dongle – this will unlock the runtime application. Wiring diagrams for the cabling of the sterilizer to the Cezar workstation. RS422 to RS232 converter for connection of the cable to the users computer – ONLY IN THE FORM OF DB9 serial port. We do not officially support USB converters. Q: What hardware do we NOT provide? Ans: We do not provide: Any computers. Any cabling services and or cable. Any USB to serial converters. Any TCP/IP interface equipment. Any user hard copy manuals. The system only has 3 screens all are SELF EXPLANATORY!!!

10 Cezar SCADA Interface System Description Q: What does the system do (Functionality)? Ans: 1.Graphical Display of the sterilizer state and operating mode. 2.Log temperature and pressure along with run number, cycle stage, cycle name and date to a designated database. Note NO information about Pass/Fail OR Cycle setpoints are included. It is the users responsibility to cross reference the run number to the cycle parameters. 3.If the user has the touchscreen configured and connected to the IT network then the unit can be remotely operated through a link to Remote Access Viewer. 4.The system will keep an indefinite log of sterilizer alarms. It is the users responsibility to maintain the integrity of the database that the alarm server logs to. Meaning we advise that the user copy the alarm database to a backup when the number of stored alarms is greater than 10000. 5.Graphical trending of all inputs. 6.If required, a separate trend of all outputs.

11 Cezar SCADA Interface System Architecture - wired Referred to as the data source side – in our case the sterilizer. Referred to as the data collection side.

12 Cezar SCADA Interface System Architecture - wireless Total Additional cost of wireless solution is $5000. This includes 2 days on site testing and setup. Both male and female wireless modems and a single RS422 to RS232 interface device. Travel and accommodation expenses are extra. The industrial wireless modems are C-tick and FCC complaint for 900MHz frequency. The maximum distance between PC and sterilizer is 2km. This solution is only applicable for single sterilizer installations. It can not be applied where more than one sterilizer is to be connected to the Cezar workstation.

13 Cezar SCADA Interface Main Screen Remote Access Viewer Link for remote control of the unit. Link to Tangent.mdb Unit Status Indicators

14 Cezar SCADA Interface Alarm Screen Alarm indicator

15 Cezar SCADA Interface Trend Screen

16 Remote Access Viewer (RAV) Q: What is Remote Access Viewer Ans: Remote Access Viewer is the program which links to the Exter touchscreen via a TCP/IP networked connection. To operate RAV the touchscreen must be cabled to the sites IT network and configured with a static IP address. The static IP address is entered into the RAV connection window. When a connection is established the touchscreen can be controlled remotely.

17 Remote Access Viewer (RAV) RAV allows the connected user to control the touchscreen as though they were standing in front of the sterilizer. The RAV connection does impact on the performance of the touchscreen. Only one (1) RAV connection can be established at any time – this is for logical reasons.

18 Cezar SCADA Interface Scope of Works WHEN IN DOUBT ABOUT WHAT WE OFFER CONTACT ME! I am always available to review a tender ALWAYS. Athertons will supply all hardware and software as previously stated: The system software. The installation and commissioning of the PLC comms unit and the supply of the RS422/485/232 interface device (note the computer – excluded, which the software is to be installed on must have a standard RS232 port available we do not support USB i.e. most modern laptops only have USB ports and hence are not supported, we can provide information regarding ethernet connection to the system if required however there are additional costs). We will provide termination drawings and DB9 and DB25 plugs for the wiring from the sterilizer to the computer. EXCLUSIONS: The system computer which the software is installed on. Any wiring and termination. Any support for the database which the system writes to – we only allow to write to a single Microsoft Access database: Tangent.mdb which we only allow to be located on the same drive as the system software and in the same directory. Any lose of information through connection failure or system malfunction. Any backup and system recovery of both the Cezar software and OR the database which the sterilizer writes to. Any support for the operating system which the Cezar software is installed on, NOTE we only allow to install the system on either Microsoft Windows 2000 OR Windows XP. Any compatibility issues which may arise from the installation of the Cezar software on to the designated computer. Any lose of information arising from issues relating to the installation of either the Cezar system or the database read/write functions, this includes any other monitoring system which may be on the same network as the Tangent PC Interface System. Any UPS or power backup systems. Any VB script customization which may be required to perform additional functions which are not included in the system capabilities section. Any connection into any other third party system.

19 Cezar SCADA Interface System Pricing Out-of-the-box $0 Cezar Interface (wired)$4500 Cezar Interface (wireless)$9500 Database scripting$1200/day Database scripting$1200/day System graphic customisation$1500/screen System graphic customisation$1500/screen (excludes any database or VB script work which may be required) Remote Access Viewer$0

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