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Privately Owned Enterprise PROMTECHMONTAZH Installation Supply Maintenance.

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2 Privately Owned Enterprise PROMTECHMONTAZH Installation Supply Maintenance

3 The Privately Owned Enterprise «PROMTECHMONTAZH» is the specialized assemble-repairing enterprise which is carrying out works on complex commissioning of the electro technical equipment and major overhaul of the high-voltage equipment by voltage from up to 750 Volt. 1. Designing of electric networks objects: - Designing transmission lines and substations; - Designing automatic anticrash devices, relay protection, a communication facility, the Automatic Control System; - Carrying out of examination of the design – budget documentation. - Design works are conducted in view of specific requirements of the Customer and use of modern means of development. 2. Installation, adjustment and repair of the high-voltage equipment: - Power transformers on a voltage from 35 up to 750 кV, current and voltage transformers; - Oil and air switches and disconnectors; - Compressors and air pipes of any types; - The pump, boiler and turbine equipment; - Major overhaul of any devices of the account of the electric power and other measuring devices; - Complex major overhaul of high-voltage transmission lines (HVTL);

4 3. Construction and service of transmission lines: - Alignment of power routes, profiling, choice of installation places for tangent towers; - Optimal placing of Customer facilities; - Measurement of specific ground resistance and geotechnical researches; - Selection of the base types for various kinds of tangent towers; - Tangent towers installation, welding of bolts and nuts; - Grounding of tangent towers, installation of insulators, wires, lightning-protective cables and other HVTL accessories; - Construction of transmission facilities with using self supporting isolated wires; - Performance of energized works; - Power routes preparation, grubbing up. 4. Customs clearing, insurance and delivery of the equipment: The scope of offered services includes all process of transportation: from consignor of goods up to consignee, goods preparation, packing, storage and unpacking.

5 5. Complex delivery of the electro power equipment and accessories for electric power industry objects: Wide range of the offered equipment produced by more than 30 Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, the flexible system of discounts, large volume of deliveries allow to increase the efficiency of production. The main list of the delivering equipment: - Transformers on 0,5-1150 кV; - Shunting reactors on 35-1150кV; - Switches; - Disconnectors on 10-1150 кV; - Restrictors of an overvoltage; - Fitting and insulators for HVTL and open distributive devices; - Station isolators (ceramic, polymeric); - The high-voltage equipment for railway contact networks; - Conductor runs supports; - High-voltage inputs for power transformers, reactors, oil switches; - compressors, compressor devices; - Complete Distributing Devices on 6 - 110 кВ; - Complex transformer substations; - Communication condensers on 6-750 кV; - High-frequency communication equipment; - Wires and lightning-protective cables; - Power and control cables,; - Steel and ferroconcrete HVTL tangent towers and open distributive devices; - Oils, greasing.

6 Constant interaction with the European partners, evident experience of their activity, have helped us to create own work scheme, and to conclude that delivery of the equipment as the single service given to the Customer, now is practically noncompetitive. The market tendency of purchase simultaneously the goods and accompanying services is revealed by the client for a long time and successfully used by the western companies. The keystone to success of work of the given scheme is, first of all, optimization of expenditures of a Customer. Specificity of the branch assumes an extensive complex of works both previous to delivery of the equipment, and its subsequent installation and service on the Customer object. Based on foresaid our company considers delivery of the equipment as a stage within the framework of the project of complex service of electric power industry objects.

7 ABB VEI Metronika, Moscow LTD " АBB Automation ", Cheboksary JSC " Zaporozhye factory "Converter", Zaporozhye JSC " ZZVA ", Zaporozhye JSC " RZVA ". Rivne GNPP "Contact", Saratov “Taurida the Electrician”, Simferopol JSC "Factory of the high-voltage equipment", Nalchik JSC " Укрэлектроаппарат ". Khmelnitskiy JSC " Neptune ", Odessa JSC " Уралэлектротяжмаш ", Sverdlovsk JSC " АИЗ-ENERGY ", Slavyansk JSC UKKZ. Ust-Kat JSC " SKZ " KVAR ", Serpukhov JSC " Kremenchug factory of the municipal equipment ", Kremenchug. The list of projects below are evidences of the experience of our high qualified specialists: 1. The airports of Ukraine - major overhaul and reconstruction of oil switches of substations of the airport "Borispol" (Kiev), the airport “ANTK ANTONOVA” (Gostomel), the airport "Julyany" (Kiev), the airports of Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Simferopol. 2. Reconstruction of traction substations and protection of traction substations of the Donetsk railway. 3. Reconstruction of high-frequency protection and anticrash automatic devices and adjoining network of Kahovka District Power Network(DPN), Snegerevsk DPN, Volynsk DPN, Tatarbunary DPN, Izmail DPN. 4. Complete overhaul of relay protection devices and substation automatics on 110 кV of Municipal Company "Rivnevodokanal". During the work we established close business contacts with a lot of manufacturers of the power equipment

8 5. Maintenance service of the power lines protection of Regional Power Supply Company (RPSC) “Oblenergo”, the main power networks and the power generating companies (110-330 кV lines protection, protection of transformers). 6. Modernization and adjustment of relay protection (high-frequency equipment replacement, designing, installation, adjustment and commissioning of differential protection of trunks, etc.). 7. Construction of trolleybus networks in Rivne. 8. Installation of the control and monitoring power equipment in Rivne town. 9. Modernization of auxiliary of Complete Distributing Devices on 6-110 кV by putting of vacuum instead of low-oil-content circuit breakers on power substations. 10. Technical supervision during installation of HVTL 110 кV “Jankoy–Pobednoe” in Crimea.

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