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ICA Sanitation Inspection By Gr. 2- St. Genevieve July 17, 2013.

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1 ICA Sanitation Inspection By Gr. 2- St. Genevieve July 17, 2013

2 Washrooms Inspected:  East Wing  West Wing and Dining Room  High School and Administration  Gokongwei Building  Canteens: N&W (HS / GS), Big Burp, Anna’s Catering

3 East Wing  Floor on 2 nd Floor: A bit wet  Ceiling / Windows on 3 rd Floor: window pane has a broken part  Flushing System on 2 nd /4 th Floor: not flushed  Washing Area on 3 rd Floor: only 1 available  Towel on 3 rd floor: Old towel with stains  Drinking Fountain 3 rd /4 th Flr: one is not working  NOTE: Bathrooms have a lot of mosquitoes

4 West Wing & Dining Room  Ceiling on 4 th Flr: watermark seen  Door on 2 nd Flr: 4 th Cubicle- defective  Washing Area on 2 nd /3 rd /4 th flrs: one soap  Towel: None on 2 nd / 3 rd Floors  Toilet Paper: None on any floors

5 High School & Administration  Floor: droplets of water on 1 st floor, dirty on C1-C2 of HS 1 st / 2 nd / 3 rd floors, has urine drop on 2 nd flr  C1 of HS 1 st Floor: Not functioning  Toilet: dirty on C2 of HS 2nd floor  Towel: None on all floors, Admin Bldg has hand dryer  Toilet Paper: Not available on all floors (both HS / Admin)

6 Gokongwei Building  Note: Need a checklist form for this building. No checklist was given  Floor: 1 st Floor- C1-C2, Learning Center, 3 rd Flr Last CR C2 – wet and dirty Windows: Learning Center- dirty 3 rd Flr: clean but dilapidated Lighting: 1 st Floor: C3-C4- no lighting, dark Odor: 1 st Floor C3-C4- smelly, 2 nd Flr: has stench smell

7 Gokongwei Building  Toilet: 1 st Floor C4 – seat is wet, C1-3 – seat is dirty,  Flushing: 2 nd Floor 1 st CR C3-4, and last CR C3,6, 3 rd Flr C4,5,6 – flush handle is loose, 3 rd floor C1 – flush has a sound after flushing  Kinder area C2 – flush defective  Towel: 1 st Floor C1-2, Learning Center – wet, The CR’s with no towels on the 2 nd / 3 rd Floors have hand dryers. Noticed that towels should be changed more than once bec very wet

8 Gokongwei Building  Faucet: 1 st Flr- F2, Learning Center, 2 nd flr F1 of last CR, 3 rd Flr Last CR F3 – defective, 3 rd Flr F4- sink is clogged  Waste Can: 1 st flr, Learning Center- almost full, need to be disposed and emptied  Note: mosquitoes are seen  Suggest floor mat for some CR’s of high usage areas, clean

9 Gokongwei Building  Note: Kinder Area  Ladies’ CR- wet floor, no tissue  Faculty CR: dirty trash can almost full (3/4)  Dining Area of Kinder section: rice grains are found on the sink  Washing area near Faculty room- suggest: change plants (in some washing areas)to avoid mosquitoes

10 Canteens  N&W (HS): generally Good, there were flies / mosquitoes, a cat was loitering, condiments’ bottles caps were open, inside pantry area: dirty pans, dirty/greasy floor  N&W (GS): Fair, No ventilation, not well-lighted, humid  Anna’s Catering: Fair marks on- personnel, utensils, tables/ chairs cleanliness, not well ventilated  Big Burp: Fair on Kitchen Cleanliness / Order  Suggest to put electric insect killer, a fly was found inside the steamer of food, many flies

11 Canteens  Big Burp:  Kitchen Pantry has flies, floor is dirty, CR Fair- 5 cubicles, 3 faucets, dining area has flies

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