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China Quiz.

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1 China Quiz

2 1. The Huang, Chang, and Xi are three great __________ in China.
A. Dynasties B. Philosophies C. Leaders D. Rivers

3 2. Because of its concentration of loess, the Huang River is known as what?
A. The Red Tide B. Yellow River C. Muddy Waters D. The Great Drain

4 3. Because of geographic isolation…
A. China was forced to adapt to the ideas of other cultures. B. China was influenced less by other cultures than any other people in ancient times. C. Most Chinese people became nomadic and semi-nomadic. C. Chinese were considered culturally inferior and called “barbarians.”

5 4. Chinese belief was that…
A. the well-being of the state rested upon the well-being of the family. B. the emperor’s power was determined by the number of captives taken. C. older generations needed to take care of the younger ones. D. money was worthless and wealth was in land owned.

6 5. Although Chinese towns grew in size and number, most Chinese people…
A. Lived as nomads. B. Lived as small village farmers. C. Moved toward the Indus River Valleys D. Took up trading.

7 6. Perhaps the most widely known Chinese contribution to medicine is…
A. the laxative. B. Yoga. C. Bloodletting. D. Acupuncture therapy.

8 7. Important reforms from the Qin dynasty include:
A. only farming during monsoon season. B. Standardizing currency and weights/measures C. adopting Hinduism nationwide D. opening education to people of all classes

9 8. Typically, women in China…
A. were honored above sons. B. had fewer rights than men. C. kept careful genealogy of family lines D. lacked respect in the home.

10 9. Chinese inventions include:
A. paper, a seismograph, and the sundial B. catapults, fishnets, and cork C. Coins, rice, and the bound book D. the shoe, compass, and candle

11 10. The Five Classics were used to…
A. train scholars and civil servants B. teach the poor the basics of farming C. record the accomplishments of emperors D. determine legal matters

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