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人機介面 Open Sound Control and TouchOSC 開課單位 : 授課教師 :

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1 人機介面 Open Sound Control and TouchOSC 開課單位 : 授課教師 :

2 Introduction Open Sound Control (OSC) was originally developed, and continues to be a subject of ongoing research at UC Berkeley Center for New Music and Audio Technology (CNMAT). OSC is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology.

3 Features Open-ended, dynamic, URL-style symbolic naming scheme Symbolic and high-resolution numeric argument data Pattern matching language to specify multiple recipients of a single message High resolution time tags "Bundles" of messages whose effects must occur simultaneously Query system to dynamically find out the capabilities of an OSC server and get documentation

4 應用 Sensor/Gesture-Based Electronic Musical Instruments Mapping nonmusical data to sound Multiple-User Shared Musical Control Web interfaces Networked LAN Musical Performance WAN performance and Telepresence Virtual Reality Wrapping Other Protocols Inside OSC

5 Highlights The OSC SpecificationThe OSC Specification 規格說明 ImplementationsImplementations ( 各類語言 / 平台 / 函式庫 ) 相關論文 :

6 Implementations: Examples Java OSC pure data Arduino, OSC, iPhone and DMX Arduino, Processing, OSC and MaxMSP Processing OSC library vvvv TouchOSC

7 TouchOSC is a modular OSC and MIDI control surface for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. (Android version also available). It supports sending and receiving Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol

8 Screen Shots

9 Connections 設定 connections-osc

10 功能描述 TouchOSC allows to remote control and receive feedback from software and hardware that implement the OSC or MIDI protocols such as: Apple Logic Pro/Express, Renoise, Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter, Max for Live, OSCulator, VDMX, Resolume Avenue 3, Modul8, Plogue Bidule, Reaktor, Quartz Composer, The Missing Link, Vixid VJX16- 4, Supercollider, FAW Circle, vvvv, Derivative TouchDesigner, Isadora and many others.Apple Logic Pro/ExpressRenoisePure DataMax/MSP/JitterMax for LiveOSCulatorVDMXResolume Avenue 3Modul8Plogue BiduleReaktorQuartz ComposerThe Missing LinkVixid VJX16- 4SupercolliderFAW CirclevvvvDerivative TouchDesignerIsadora

11 Why TouchOSC? 觸控界面 Configurable layout Layout Editor: –touchosc-editor OS X touchosc-editor –touchosc-editor Windows touchosc-editor –touchosc-editor Linux/other touchosc-editor

12 支援 Controller 型態 (iOS 版 ) Faders Rotary controls Encoder controls Push buttons Toggle buttons XY pads Multi-faders Multi-push Multi-toggles Multi-xy LEDs Labels Time & battery displays

13 Demo Video

14 TouchOSC for Android 說明文件

15 支援 Controller 型態 (Android 版 ) Faders Rotary controls Push buttons Toggle buttons XY pads Multi-faders Multi-toggles LEDs Accelerometer data

16 Demo Video TouchOSC teaser test TouchOSC Editor Tutorial

17 應用實例 控制賽車遊戲 吹氣遊戲

18 Android 平台的 其他 OSC App andOSC OSC-Controller ( 原始碼 ) 原始碼 Control (OSC+ MIDI) OSCdroid

19 andOSC 回傳參數 1. Touch(x,y)- msg : /touch 0 2.Accelerometer- msg : /acc Orientation - msg : /ori 0 0 0

20 實驗 使用 TouchOSC 使用 andOSC

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