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1 1 Energy Development Partners Group 23 July 2014 Dar es Salam, Tanzania Fifth African Rift Geothermal Conference (ARGeo-C5)

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1 1 1 Energy Development Partners Group 23 July 2014 Dar es Salam, Tanzania Fifth African Rift Geothermal Conference (ARGeo-C5)

2 THE FIFTH AFRICAN RIFT GEOTHERMAL CONFERENCE-ARGeo-C5 THEME: “GEOTHERMAL: SOLUTION TO AFRICA ENERGY NEEDS” Hosted and Organized by: Ministry of Energy and Minerals Dates: 27th October - 2nd November 2014 Pre conference short courses 27-28 th Main conference 29 th November, 2014 Post-conference field trips 1-2 nd November Venue: Arusha International Conference Center, Tanzania President of Tanzania will officially open the conference

3 UNEP ARGeo Programme  GEF Funded and implemented by UNEP  ARGeo aims at supporting the development of geothermal energy resources in the EA Region. Main objective: to catalyse investment in geothermal development in the region.  Has six target countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania  Has two major project components: (i) Technical Assistance for surface studies, and (ii) Regional Networking, Capacity building, Policy advice and awareness creation  UNEP supports Countries to organize Biennial ARGeo Conferences under the framework of the second Component  A total of 4 conferences have been held in various East African Countriers on rotational basis:  This time, Tanzania has been selected to host the 5 th Conference. October- November, 2014 - Arusha


5 ARGeo-Conference is held every two years in different countries and organized by Governments in partnership with relevant local institutions and regional geothermal associations (EARB). The three-day conference provides an opportunity for technical sessions that include papers on scientific, technical, business and societal topics. The Conference provides networking opportunities through technical presentations and discussions, field trips, short courses covering electricity generation and direct use from geothermal resources and social as well as cultural events. OBJECTIVES

6 An active member of UNEP/ARGeo programme and other regional support programmes Tanzania endowes with huge geothermal potential that if developed could contribute to:  Generation mix  Low cost electricity  Holistic use Alleviate power shortage Showcase commitment and readiness to develop her geothermal resources Enhance Public awareness on potential and use of geothermal energy for the country Create partnerships and mobilize resources Why Tanzania is hosting ARGeo-C5

7 Open up Tanzania to investment in geothermal sector. Many international players are not aware of the huge untapped geothermal resource and immense investment opportunities that exist in the Tanzania. The conference will create awareness to the policy makers about the existence and potential use of geothermal in energy sufficiency and direct use for high temperature and marginal resources. The outcomes of the conference will help spur the accelerated development of the huge geothermal potential in Tanzania which remain largely untapped yet power shortage persist in most parts of the country. Benefit to Tanzania

8 Geothermal development will spur development in the rural areas, create employment, and reduce resource conflicts. Usually, geothermal resources are located in remote areas of the countries and in areas with poor infrastructure. Direct utilization of geothermal resources in Tanzania will result in improved food security through greenhouse farming, employment and reduction of poverty. ARGeo-C5 will bring over 500 delegates and accompanying persons. This will increase direct tourism and knowledge about touristic sites in Tanzania. Cont…/

9 Required Resources for the Conference Conference Venue Resource Persons for the three parallel Short courses Sponsorship for participants in training main conference and field excursion from Africa Conference materials e.g. Proceedings etc.. Conference reception, Dinners

10 Status of the preparation Established Regional and Local OC Booked Conference Venue for Short courses and Main Conference Developed website Conference: Received and reviewed about 120 abstracts for the conference Developed concept notes for the three parallel short courses Mobilized resources for Resource persons for the three courses Identified field excursion sites Identified and booked hotels for participants in Arusha Promotion and advertisement via websites and circulars

11 Support MoEM seeks from EDPG Cost of Conference Venue Cost of participants from Africa Printing and Publication of Conference Materials and proceedings Conference Reception and dinner Cost for Event Organizer Total Outstanding: USD 300,000

12 ARGeo-C5 – Sponsorship Payment Details: Account Name: Natural Gas Development Account No. : 0108006216000 Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Tanzania) Ltd Branch Name: Life House, Dar es Salaam Swift Code: SCBLTZTX Payment Details: ARGeo-C5 CURRENCY : USD/TShs

13 Promote green, renewable energy Knowledge sharing and transfer Acceleration of geothermal development Developments of partnerships Legal and regulatory framework Promotion of research and development Shaping public opinions Showcasing of available technology: Conference tourism ARGeo-C5: Expected Outcomes

14 SEEK YOUR SUPPORT TO make the ARGeo-C5 Successful

15 15 THANK YOU Edward L. Ishengoma Chairman, Organizing Committee Tel.: +255 755 898 679/715 898 679 Email: CONTACTS:

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