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An Avon Recruiting Environment A conducive recruiting environment to drive energy, professionalism & fun  Avon logo equipment and apparel –1 Tent in all.

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1 An Avon Recruiting Environment A conducive recruiting environment to drive energy, professionalism & fun  Avon logo equipment and apparel –1 Tent in all Districts (shipped direct to DSMs; will arrive prior to your first event) –Avon branded materials including (sent in C1 & 2 manager shipments):  15 aprons, visors and pins  Clipboards and 1 tablecloth –Magic Buses in 14 selected (see appendix)  Bus will be pre-stocked with additional samples and product displays AVON branded apparel 1 1 1 Note: Complete list of shipped items summarized on slides 22-24 DSMs need to source for a 6 ft table Tip!

2 DSM Pre-Launch Activities: December Pre-launch December 2 Planning for your District  Finalize your District plans to ensure success of your “Say Yes to Avon” recruiting events and bus tours, if applicable; set daily Additions goals for your District  Develop a comprehensive plan to support achievement of your overall C4-5 Additions stretch goal, apart from “Say Yes to Avon” recruiting events and bus tours  Leverage the event & media toolkit to plan how you will generate additional word of mouth and coverage for your District’s recruiting events Sales Leader Activation  Activate your SLs via one-on-one discussions or group meetings; introduce them to the C4-5 recruiting initiative, get them excited and gain their commitment to support your District events (tie back to their 90-day business plan activities & goals)  Finalize your A, B and C teams of SLs 1 to support the C4-5 events  Reach out to your AUL Academy candidates to engage them to use this opportunity to get ready and qualify for AUL Academy  Assign tasks to specific SLs / your DA / helpers (e.g., transporting & setting up of tent, event preparation, packing of Explore Avon kits, social media ambassador) Training Supports  Encourage your SLs to attend an FTM-led Engagement training webinar (12/3-12/14)  Attend an Engagement training webinar as a refresher for yourself  Attend a “Train the Trainer” session (week of 12/17) to adequately prepare yourself to host your January Leadership rallies Plan, Activate & Train! 1) Refer to your District Planning Worksheet

3 DSM Pre-Launch Activities: December - January Ensure you & your team have the right tools and materials! Pre-launch Dec-Jan 3 DSM Shipments  Ensure you have received all five shipments before your first event (see slides 23-25 for complete list of shipments)  Contact Manager Shipments if you are missing items Recruiting Materials  Print & prepare all recruiting materials you want to have at your recruiting events (e.g., recruiting bookmarks, Explore Avon kits, Lead Survey Cards, Totally Kissable merchandise) Sales Leader Preparation  Ensure your SLs are ordering their brochures & appointment kits –Instruct SLs to order adequate C4 appointment kits and brochures with their C2 orders (12/28-1/11, depending on mailplan) –Instruct SLs to order adequate C5 appointment kits and brochures with their C3 orders (1/14-1/25, depending on mailplan)  Encourage your SLs to print & prepare Explore Avon kits to support recruiting  Gain commitment from each member of your core SL team on the number of appointments they will produce that will count towards ensuring you achieve your C4-5 District goal Suggested number of kits your SLs should have on hand will be provided

4 Pre-launch DSM Pre-Launch Activities: First 2 weeks of January Make final preparations; Engage, Excite & Mobilize your teams! 4 Finalize Plans  Partner with your DVM to confirm / validate execution plans for C4-5  Finalize comprehensive plan to ensure achievement of your District’s C4-5 stretch Additions goal, apart from “Say Yes to Avon” events & bus tours if applicable  Schedule post-event Lead Calling parties and group training contacts (cluster Districts together for training where feasible)  Develop a contingency plan should some of your District events underperform Leadership Rallies  Host Leadership Rallies to finalize execution plans, generate excitement & gain final commitment from your SLs  Ask your SLs to help identify other great prospecting locations to fill in between the scheduled “Say Yes to Avon” events Drive Traffic to your Events  Activate your local media plan to drive traffic to & increase coverage of your recruiting events  Encourage your SLs to “spread the word” and invite Leads to attend an event near them Plug into the Network  Visit your Chatter groups (Team USA, Division) regularly to learn from and share best practices with other DSMs across the country on how they are ensuring success for their recruiting events & bus tours Beg. Jan

5 DSM Launch Activities: January - February During launch Jan - Feb 5 Mobilize Teams  Ensure you are mobilizing your entire District to get behind the “Say Yes to Avon” recruitment drive, not just at the events  Contact all your core SL teams to ensure they are adequately prepared before each recruiting event (e.g., schedule, meeting place, what to bring, what to do) Keep the Momentum  Continue to execute your local media plan to generate additional “word of mouth” and coverage for ongoing recruiting events  Keep in close contact with your core SL teams to ensure they are still engaged and motivated to support your events  Remind SLs to participate in your post-event Lead Calling parties Join the “Say Yes to Avon” Community  Visit Chatter regularly for daily reporting on progress against your District goal, as well as your performance relative to other Districts  Send in photos & videos from your recruiting events and engage with your SLs through the Activate your Contingency Plan  Activate your contingency plans as necessary, continuously track the variance to your District stretch goals  Organize Lead calling parties with your SLs to drive incremental traffic to events Mobilize & keep the energy high!

6 During launch DSM Day-before-Event Checklist: Event Set Up  6-ft Table (not included in manager shipment)  Table cloth  Tent (2 boxes – bring help to set up – it’s heavy!)  Music (e.g., iPod + speakers)  Money bag with change (for $10 appointment fee) Jan - Feb Recruiting Tools  Brochures (remind your SLs to bring brochures)  Appointment Kits (remind your SLs to bring kits)  Business Cards (remind your SLs to bring their business cards)  Pencils & Pens  Clipboards  Printed copies of Lead Tracking Form  Laptop  Smart Phone (remind your SLs to bring their smart phones for online appointing and TV recruiting ad)  Printed 3-question Survey  Recruiting Bookmarks  Recruiting Flyers  “Explore Avon” Kits Marketing Supports  Samples  Totally Kissable acrylic display stand + full set of 10 lipsticks  Easel-backed poster  Absolute Even “Super Earner” tickets Recruiting Apparel  Aprons, visors & pins (Coordinate with your SLs to synchronize dressing at the events)  Avon lip buttons  Kiss print Tattoos 6

7 During launch DSM Post-Event Activities: Jan - Feb 7 Track Leads & New Recruits  Collate and track list of leads and new recruits attained from each event; Submit to NARC after each “Say Yes to Avon” event  Instruct your DA to reach out to all new recruits to welcome them to the District  Closely track new Recruit performance in your LORA report  Host post-event lead-calling parties with your SLs Monitor SL Engagement & Event Success  Track SL attendance & performance at each of your recruiting events  Reward SL performance with gifts that you received in your C1 Manager Shipment  Identify “Local Heroes” and share their success stories & recruiting tactics with your other SLs to inspire them at upcoming events Partner with your SLs  Work with your SLs to: –Follow up to convert leads obtained from events –Drive attendance for new recruit group training contacts –Remind their new recruits to place their first order –Remind their new recruits about the sample bundle opportunity –Remind their new recruits about all the LOA 1-6 incentives Welcome, Engage & Retain new Recruits!

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