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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 BleedingRail-Splitter This n’ That1856SlipperySlopeDisunion?

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 BleedingRail-Splitter This n’ That1856SlipperySlopeDisunion?

4 C1-$100 Disunion? - $100 Uncle Tom’s Cabin caused northerners to stop enforcing this? Fugitive Slave Law

5 C1-$200 Disunion? - $200 Nickname for Kansas Territory? Bleeding Kansas

6 C1-$300 Disunion? - $300 Deeper sources of the antislavery movement came from this? 2 nd great awakening

7 C1-$400 Disunion? - $400 This made slavery appear as evil as it actually was Uncle Tom’s Cabin

8 C1-$500 Disunion? - $500 This brawl in Congress, showed how dangerously split the nation was in 1856 Sumner-Brookes Clash

9 C2-$100 Bleeding - $100 Place where pro & anti slavery forces clashed in Kansas Lawrence

10 C2-$200 Bleeding - $200 A dedicated abolitionist, he & his men slaughtered 5 men at Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas John Brown

11 C2-$300 Bleeding - $300 The year that civil war flowed forth in Kansas 1856

12 C2-$400 Bleeding - $400 This constitution allowed slave owners in Kansas protection LeCompton

13 C2-$500 Bleeding - $500 The Lecompton Constitution caused the split of this political party Democrats

14 C3-$100 Rail-splitter - $100 In 1858 Stephen Douglas beat Abraham Lincoln for a Senate seat in Illinois. Why? Popular sovereignty

15 C3-$200 Rail-splitter - $200 Why was the Lincoln-Douglas debate a preliminary battlefield for the Civil War? It split the Democratic Party

16 C3-$300 Rail-splitter - $300 Presidential parties & their contenders in 1860? Lincoln-Republican Douglas-Northern Democrat Breckenridge- Know nothing Bell – Southern Democrat

17 C3-$400 Rail-splitter - $400 So. Carolina rejoiced at Lincoln’s election. Why? A reason to secede

18 C3-$500 Rail-splitter - $500 Lincoln did not win the majority of the popular vote. How was he elected? Electoral college/split Democratic party

19 C4-$100 This n’ That - $100 After Kansas his new idea was to invade the south and cause a slave uprising John Brown

20 C3-200 This n’ That - $200 The Brown uprising failed, Brown was hanged, and the South did this Wondered how it could stay in union with a murderous gang of abolitionists

21 C3-$300 This n’ That - $300 This happened while Buchanan was a lame duck and before Lincoln was inaugurated? 7 southern states seceded

22 C3-$400 This n’ That - $400 The South believed that the principles of self-determination found in this document allowed succession Declaration of Independence

23 C3-$500 This n’ That - $500 Why didn’t the British government support the CSA? The people were ardently against slavery after reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin

24 C4-$ $100 Why didn’t the Democrats nominate Pierce for reelection in 1856? Bleeding Kansas

25 C4-$ $200 Why was Buchanan chosen by the Democrats? He was Kansasless, he had been in London

26 C4-$ $300 The Republicans chose ___? Why? Buchanan He was Kansasless, had been in California (War hero)

27 C4-$ $400 Why was the Know-Nothing Party formed? German & Irish immigration was huge – Americans must be ruled by Americans. They were secretive hence know-nothing

28 C4-$ $500 Winner of the 1856 election? Buchanan

29 C4-$100 Slippery Slope Slippery Slope - $100 Why was it probably good that Buchanan won in 1856? It gave the north time to prepare for the war

30 C4-$200 Slippery Slope Slippery Slope - $200 This is known as the opening paper-gun blast of the Civil War? Dred Scott Decision

31 C4-$300 Slippery Slope Slippery Slope - $300 In the Dred Scott Decision the Supreme Court decided this? He was Property; therefore states rights had more precedent over laws previously passed.

32 C4-$400 Slippery Slope Slippery Slope - $400 Which Amendment was the Dred Scott Decision based on? 5th

33 C4-$500 Slippery Slope Slippery Slope - $500 In effect, the Dred Scott Decision threw this out? Popular Sovereignty

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