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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 LaborRRPeopleTermsCommerceChanges.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 LaborRRPeopleTermsCommerceChanges

4 C1-$100 Changes - $100 The first transcontinental railroad was completed by the construction efforts of the __________ and __________ railroads Union Pacific and Central Pacific

5 C1-$200 Changes - $200 The ___ industry owed much to the inventive genius Henry Bessemer and William Kelly steel

6 C1-$300 Changes - $300 America’s first billion-dollar corporation was ____ United States Steel

7 C1-$400 Changes - $400 The most effective and most enduring labor union of the post- Civil War period was the ___ American Federation of Labor (AFL)

8 C1-$500 Changes - $500 The height of union violence occurred in Chicago when a bomb was detonated which killed both demonstrators and police Haymarket Riot

9 C2-$100 Labor - $100 The _____was at first primarily used to curb the power of labor unions Sherman Anti-Trust Act

10 C2-$200 Labor - $200 The image of the ____ represented an independent and athletic “new woman.” Gibson Girls

11 C2-$300 Labor - $300 A social-reform union killed by the depression of the 1870s was the __________ National Labor Union

12 C2-$400 Labor - $400 Generally, the Supreme Court in the late nineteenth century interpreted the Constitution in such a way as to favor _____ corporations

13 C2-$500 Labor - $500 The “one big union” that championed producer cooperatives and industrial arbitration was the _____ Knights of Labor

14 C3-$100 RR - $100 Where the “wedding” of the rails took place, or the first transcontinental RR was completed Ogden Utah,

15 C3-$200 RR - $200 He replaced iron rails with rails of steel allowing for safer and heavier loads Cornelius Vanderbilt

16 C3-$300 RR - $300 Who is the following poem attributed too? The drill my paddies, drill; Drill my heroes drill; Drill all day, No sugar in your tay Working on the UP Railway The Irish

17 C3-$400 RR - $400 Gorgeous traveling cars Pullman cars

18 C3-$500 RR - $500 He drove the silver spike that connected the first transcontinental railroad line Leland Stanford

19 C4-$100 People - $100 A gigantic communication network developed based on his invention Alexander Graham Bell

20 C3-200 People - $200 ___was instrumental in the invention of the mimeograph machine and motion picture among other things Thomas Edison

21 C3-$300 People - $300 The AFL was his brain child Samuel Gompers

22 C3-$400 People - $400 The vertical integration form of business combination was his idea Andrew Carnegie

23 C3-$500 People - $500 His unwritten motto was, “Let us prey.” JD Rockefeller

24 C4-$100 Terms - $100 These checker board areas were granted to the railroads by the Federal Government Land grant

25 C4-$200 Terms - $200 A court order to force strikers back to work injunction

26 C4-$300 Terms - $300 Items made specifically to make more money Capital goods

27 C4-$400 Terms - $400 Another word for monoploy trust

28 C4-$500 Terms - $500 This word was coined and first used in the 1840’s Millionaire

29 C4-$100 Commerce - $100 The first federal regulatory agency designed to protect the public interest from business combinations was the ____ Interstate Commerce Commission

30 C4-$200 Commerce - $200 The first major product of the oil industry was ____ kerosene

31 C4-$300 Commerce - $300 The __________ Amendment was especially helpful to giant corporations when defending themselves against regulation by state governments 14th

32 C4-$400 Commerce - $400 A major industry in the South was “coffin nails,” which are ____ cigarettes

33 C4-$500 Commerce - $500 His major field of enterprise was banking. Name him. J. Pierpont Morgan

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