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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 PotpourriTerms Ole Time ReligionThisN’ThatColoniesPeople.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 PotpourriTerms Ole Time ReligionThisN’ThatColoniesPeople

4 C1-$100 People People - $100 Anne Hutchinson According to this person the truly saved need not bother to obey the Laws of God or man.

5 C1-$200 People People - $200 He led a rebellion caused by neglect of the problems of inland settlers ____ Nathanial Bacon

6 C1-$300 People People - $300 Father of the tobacco industry and husband to Pocahontas. John Rolfe

7 C1-$400 People People - $400 He was an electrifying preacher who embodied the spirit of the Great Awakening. George Whitefield

8 C1-$500 People People - $500 Puritan Theologian of the Great Wakening, who is considered to be the deepest theological thinker produced in America

9 C2-$100 Potpourri Potpourri - $100 Name 3 African-American contributions to American culture the banjo, jazz music, bongo drums, the guitar

10 C2-$200 Potpourri Potpourri - $200 This admitted to baptism but not full church membership the unconverted children of existing Puritan members The halfway covenant

11 C2-$300 Potpourri Potpourri - $300 This led to the founding of Princeton, Dartmouth, and Rutgers colleges, split colonial churches into several competing denominations, undermined the prestige of the learned clergy in the colonies and was the first spontaneous mass movement of the American people. The Great Awakening

12 C2-$400 Potpourri Potpourri - $400 This allowed English settlers in America to retain their rights and privileges as English subjects. Joint stock company

13 C2-$500 Potpourri Potpourri - $500 The most ethnically diverse region of colonial America was __________, whereas __________ was the least ethnically diverse. the middle colonies, New England

14 C3-$100 Terms Terms - $100 These in colonial America; defined slavery as lifetime servitude, inheritable servitude and usually forbade whites from teaching slaves to read or write Slave codes

15 C3-$200 Terms Terms - $200 These were settlers that paid for the passage to the new world by working without wages for a period of time. Indentured servants

16 C3-$300 Terms Terms - $300 These were the result of unsettled social and religious conditions in rapidly evolving Massachusetts. Salem Witch Trials

17 C3-$400 Terms Terms - $400 This made some people very wealthy, entailed giving the right to acquire 50 acres of land to the person paying the passage of a laborer to America. Headright System

18 C3-$500 Terms Terms - $500 The purpose of the formation of this group was to organize a defense against the Indian uprisings. The New England Confederation

19 C4-$100 Ole Time Religion Ole Time Religion- $100 The Puritan Governor of Massachusetts who said, “We shall be a city on a hill” a beacon for all humanity. John Winthrop

20 C3-200 Ole Time Religion Ole Time Religion - $200 Puritan (Calvinist) belief that from the moment of creation some souls were “saved” and others “damned” predestination

21 C3-$300 Ole Time Religion Ole Time Religion - $300 According to Anne Hutchinson, a dissenter in Massachusetts Bay, the truly saved need not bother to obey the laws of God or man. This idea is called___ antinomianism

22 C3-$400 Ole Time Religion Ole Time Religion - $400 The sign of receipt of God’s free gift of saving grace conversion

23 C3-$500 Ole Time Religion Ole Time Religion - $500 They were radical Puritans who were also known as Pilgrims that authored the Mayflower Compact. Separatists

24 C4-$100 This and That This and That - $100 He had Captain John Smith kidnapped in order to impress Smith with the chief’s power. Chief Powhatan

25 C4-$200 This and That This and That - $200 This group was able to menace its Native American and European neighbors because of its military alliance, sustained by political and organizational skills. The Iroquois Confederation

26 C4-$300 This and That This and That- $300 The major reason for Spain’s decline as a colonizer in the New World The defeat of the Spanish Armada

27 C4-$400 This and That This and That - $400 After this War, Puritan efforts to convert Indians to Christianity can best be described as feeble. Pequot War

28 C4-$500 This and That This and That - $500 This resulted in the lasting defeat of New England’s Indians. King Philip’s War

29 C4-$100 Colonies - $100 The most important export of the middle colonies was_____ Grain

30 C4-$200 Colonies - $200 The New England Colony In which of the following colonies was public education most firmly established during the colonial period?

31 C4-$300 Colonies - $300 During the colonial period the staple crop of the southern colonies was _____. tobacco

32 C4-$400 Colonies - $400 The colonies differed in their economic development mainly because of what factor? Geography

33 C4-$500 Colonies - $500 The colonies that contained people with the greatest variety of occupations and backgrounds were the _____ colonies Middle colonies.

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