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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 LaborSupremeCourtImperialismPeopleReviewRevolution/Review.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 LaborSupremeCourtImperialismPeopleReviewRevolution/Review

4 C1-$100 Revolution Revolution - $100 The French and Indian War was also known in Europe as this Seven Years’ War

5 C1-$200 Revolution Revolution - $200 As a result of American opposition to this Act, British officials sent regiments of troops to Boston to restore law and order Townshend Acts

6 C1-$300 Revolution Revolution - $300 When the ______ chose George Washington’s to lead the colonial army was as largely political matter. Second Continental Congress

7 C1-$400 Review Review - $400 This law required the government to buy between $2 - $4 million in silver each month Bland-Allison Act of 1878

8 C1-$500 Review Review - $500 A New Yorker who used bribery, graft and corruption to steal as much as $200 million from the city. Boss Tweed and the Tweed gang

9 C2-$100 Labor $100 The most effective and most enduring labor union of the post- Civil War period was the ___ American Federation of Labor (AFL)

10 C2-$200 Labor Labor - $200 The _____was at first primarily used to curb the power of labor unions Sherman Anti-Trust Act

11 C2-$300 Labor Labor - $300 The “one big union” that championed producer cooperatives and industrial arbitration was the _____ Knights of Labor

12 C2-$400 Labor Labor - $400 The height of union violence occurred in Chicago when a bomb was detonated which killed both demonstrators and police Haymarket Riot

13 C2-$500 Labor Labor - $500 Samuel Gompers The AFL was his brain child

14 C3-$100 Supreme Court Supreme Court - $100 The Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal was legal under the 14 th amendment in this case? Plessy vs Ferguson

15 C3-$200 Supreme Court Supreme Court - $200 This Supreme court Case allowed the laws protecting women workers? Miller vs Oregon

16 C3-$300 Supreme Court Supreme Court - $300 Generally, the Supreme Court in the late nineteenth century interpreted the Constitution in such a way as to favor _____ corporations

17 C3-$400 Supreme Court Supreme Court - $400 What was FDR’s big miscalculation in 1937? Trying to add members to the Supreme Court (Packing the Court)

18 C3-$500 Supreme Court Supreme Court - $500 In 1944 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Constitutionality of Japanese internments in this case? Korematusu vs. U.S.

19 C4-$100 Imperialism Imperialism - $100 The newspapers of Hearst and Pulitzer cried sympathy for the Cuban “freedom fighter”. This is called? Yellow journalism

20 C3-200 Imperialsim Imperialsim - $200 What did the American Congress pass to make it seem like the US was NOT imperialistic? Teller Amendment (guaranteed Cuba’s Independence)

21 C3-$300 Imperialism Imperialism - $300 In 1866, Secretary of State Seward sent 50,00 troops to the Rio Grande and threatened to invade this country? Mexico

22 C3-$400 Imperialism Imperialism - $400 Hay-Pauncefonte Treaty of 1901 This Treaty gave the US exclusive rights to build an isthmian canal?

23 C3-$500 Imperialism Imperialism - $500 Europeans began calling the Caribbean The Yankee Lake after this was passed? Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

24 C4-$100 People People - $100 Wilson was steeped in this past Presidents ideas? Andrew Jackson

25 C4-$200 People People - $200 These two men used the tenets of Social Darwinism as their basis for American imperialism? Theodore Roosevelt Henry Cabot Lodge

26 C4-$300 People People - $300 Who was the first American civilian Governor of the Philippines? William Howard Taft

27 C4-$400 People People - $400 The British disputed the boundary of Guiana with Venezuela. Which President helped to settle that dispute? Grover Cleveland

28 C4-$500 People People - $500 The American General who left the Philippines saying, “I shall return”? Gen. Douglas MacArthur

29 C4-$100 Review Review - $100 Clara Barton launched this National Organization in 1881? Red Cross

30 C4-$200 Review Review - $200 Federal Reserve Act 12 Regional Banks, Federal Reserve Notes and Federal Reserve Banks were all part of this reform?

31 C4-$300 Review Review - $300 This Amendment to the Constitution enacted a graduated income tax? By 1917 the income tax generated more money than the tariff 16th Amendment

32 C4-$400 Review Review - $400 What was different about immigrants after 1880? They were from South and Eastern Europe

33 C4-$500 Review Review - $500 One of the first College educated women she was dedicated to helping the urban poor through settlement houses? Jane Addams

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