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7750 Service Router Overview November 2009

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1 7750 Service Router Overview November 2009
Title of Presentation (28pt) Second Line of Title (28pt) Subheadings (if needed) – 20pt 7750 Service Router Overview November 2009 Dan Sherwood 11/10/09

2 Alcatel-Lucent for Service Routing 7750 SR Overview 7705 SAR Overview
Agenda Alcatel-Lucent for Service Routing 7750 SR Overview 7705 SAR Overview Typical Network Deployments Agenda Pages This page allows for the listing of the sections within a presentation.

3 1 Why Alcatel-Lucent for Service Routing Divider Section Break Pages
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4 Broad Diversity of Customers, Markets & Applications
290 Over 35,000 routers deployed Record number of 7750 SR shipments in calendar year 2008 20% Market Share* #1 in EMEA in IP/MPLS Edge (1Q’09) ** #2 worldwide in IP/MPLS Edge 275 260 245 230 215 200 185 170 155 140 125 110 95 Number of Customers Worldwide 80 65 50 Number of Countries Deployed 2004 1Q05 2Q05 3Q05 4Q05 1Q06 2Q06 3Q06 4Q06 1Q07 2Q07 3Q07 4Q07 1Q08 2Q08 3Q08 4Q08 1Q09 * Source: Infonetics Research, February 2009 ** Source: Ovum, May 2009 4 | 4 4

5 Proven Customer Value “Our successful IPTV service depends on the scale, stability and quality of our TPSDA-based network. We like Alcatel-Lucent’s direction because it allows us to expand the service revenues generated by our strategic investment.” Helmut Leopold, head of platform and technology management at Telekom Austria AG, June 2008 “Alcatel-Lucent’s premium IP solution and experience gives us the technology and expertise necessary to reach our goal of meeting the communications needs of our customers well into the future.” Jim Hansen, senior vice president of Network Services at EMBARQ, June 2008 AAPT Chief Executive Officer Paul Broad, October 2008 Testimonial and Endorsement Information See instructions in body of slide When a slide has more than one endorsement reduce font size with all having the same size Individual testimonials will have own blue highlight box “One of the major benefits of Alcatel-Lucent’s solution is the Service Aware Manager (SAM) platform, which we’ll leverage extensively to simplify and automate our provisioning and service assurance processes for our customers” AAPT Chief Executive Officer Paul Broad, October 2008

6 Industry Validation and Compliance
MEF 9 – Ethernet Services MEF 14 – Traffic Management SR OS 7450 ESS Carrier Ethernet 7750 SR QoS Performance & Scalability High Availability 7750 SR 7710 SR 7705 SAR ISOCORE independent lab verification: Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Service Delivery Architecture (TPSDA) Resilience: No impact on residential and enterprise services beyond the microsecond level when control processor modules were failed over. Security: The network was secure and no intrusion attempts were successful. ISOCORE independent lab verification: Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Backhaul Solution (MLPPP with MC-APS) ISOCORE MPLS Service Interoperability Testing BT Exact independent lab verification High Availability with non-stop routing and non-stop service Validation

7 Demonstrated Technology Leadership
PWE3 WG – Co-Chair, major contributor & editor: PW services PW OAM and interworking with L2 OAM Multi-segment PWs PW redundancy L2VPN WG – Co-Chair, major contributor & editor: VPLS spec IP multicast in VPLS PBB VPLS VPLS OAM ANCP WG – Co-Chair, major contributor & editor of Framework and MIBs MPLS WG major contributor & editor of MPLS-TP Member of Board of Directors Applications WG – Chair Major contributor of: MPLS in Mobile Backhaul MPLS Inter-carrier Interconnect ATM/FR/Ethernet service interworking over MPLS Fault management for multiservice interworking over MPLS Editor of published ATM Forum specification in ATM-MPLS interworking and PNNI signaling interworking over MPLS Vice president and treasurer on Board of Directors Co-chair of Broadband Home WG 1 Outstanding Service Award, 3 Outstanding Contributor Awards Active contributor in: TR-101 WT-144 WT-145 WT-146 WT-147 DHCP Enhancements Marketing Committee Co-Chair in EMEA and APAC Editor Architecture Technical Workgroup 3 Outstanding Contributor Awards Active participant

8 Eco-Sustainability with the Alcatel-Lucent SR Portfolio
The Alcatel-Lucent Service Router (SR) portfolio supports a wide range of eco-friendly features designed to safeguard the environment and lower operational costs 2 Terabit architecture delivers greater traffic volumes in a smaller physical footprint while consuming less power per Gigabit Leading edge, power-efficient hardware technology enable high levels of energy efficiency and reduced cooling requirements Integrated Service Adapters (ISAs) reduce the number devices needed in the network to minimize cost, floor space, and power and cooling requirements In-place platform evolution provides long-term sustainable growth resulting in less waste and land fill Advanced high availability feature set minimizes network redundancy needs to further improve environmental efficiency and network costs Supporting an Eco-sustainable planet

9 2 7750 SR Overview Divider Section Break Pages
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10 IP Innovation and Portfolio Expansion
Generational Leap FP1 hardware + SR OS Generational Leap FP2 hardware + SR OS Portfolio Expansion Four product families 12 products Two products Terabit Service Router Portfolio FP2-based line cards and optional integrated service adapters Still backward compatible with previous generation cards SR-OS 7750 SR 7450 ESS 7750 SR Service Routing High availability Queuing Flexible forwarding Services orientation OA&M Network management 50 Gb/s slots, 100 Gb/s in 2010 Service scaling and performance Service and application optimization Timing/Synchronization Power & footprint Terabit Service Routing 7710 SR 7705 SAR Unified element, network, service and policy management 5620 SAM 5670 RAM 5650 CPAM 5750 SSC 2003 2008 & beyond 10

11 The Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router Family
Four scalable models to flexibly meet your service deployment needs 7750 SR-12 1Tb/s system capacity 10 I/O slots – 2 MDAs per slot 50 Gb/s per-slot, scaling to 100Gb/s (future) High Availability and ISSU High-Scale service provider multi-service router for residential, business and mobile services 7750 SR-7 500 Gb/s system capacity 5 I/O slots – 2 MDAs per slot 50 Gb/s per-slot, scaling to 100Gb/s (future) High Availability and ISSU Mid-Scale service provider edge router for residential, business and mobile services 7750 SR-c12 7750 SR-1 40 Gb/s system capacity Semi-modular platform Fixed I/O with 2 MDA/ISA slots Lower-scale aggregation and routing for enterprise & verticals as well as small office applications NEW! 90 Gb/s system capacity 12 I/O slots – 6 MDA/MCM or 8 CMAs per system 10GigE Interface support High Availability and ISSU Multi-service routing for Enterprise & Verticals and service providers High Application/Platform Scalability Low 11

12 Introducing the 7750 SR-c12 Latest Edition to the 7750 SR Portfolio
Feature Highlights Leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s industry leading 7750 SR hardware and software feature set Award winning FP2 processor-based system for best-in-class performance Support for a wide range of multi-service interface options Speeds ranging from channelized T1/E1 up to 10GigE Multi-service adaptation including TDM, circuit emulation, Packet over Sonet/SDH, FR, ATM. Synchronous Ethernet support Advanced L2/L3 service features, H-QoS, Native IPv6, IPv6 multicast, industry leading high availability feature set Carrier-grade, fully redundant, NEBS compliant Managed by Alcatel-Lucent’s leading 5620 Service Aware Manager NEW in R7.0! Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR-c12 Based on Award Winning FP2 network processor

13 SR OS Architecture SR OS
Purpose-built to exceed the reliability demands of “always-on” IP/MPLS-based services Distributed processing architecture Highly scalable - as slots are filled, both control and data processing power increases linearly Efficiently allocates resources based on priority and process state, ensuring no one process or group of processes can consume one system resource such as CPU cycles, memory or bandwidth Highly programmable packet processing is tightly coupled with the silicon FP packet processing complex for advanced service delivery Modular design with the separation of control and forwarding planes Platform Protocols SR OS IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack OAM BGP OSPF IS-IS MPLS PPPoE xSTP DHCP PBB- VPLS Services IP TV VPWS IES VPN VoIP Internet SNMP Auth ent. Telnet /SSH CLI Author. Acct. Management Common OS across Service Router product portfolio (7750 SR, 7710 SR, 7450 ESS) 13

14 Service Specialization Service Aware Management
7750 SR Features & Benefits Dramatically improve ROI with terabit capacity and massive service scalability Terabit Scalability Improve customer satisfaction by delivering Non-Stop IP/MPLS services High Availability Reduce OPEX by consolidating multiple services on one edge routing platform Multiservice Routing Increase revenues by offering innovative, differentiated services Service Specialization Service Aware Management Dramatically increase service velocity while reducing operational expenses

15 Dramatically Improve ROI with Terabit Capacity and Massive Scalability
Terabit Scalability Key Elements: Groundbreaking, future-proof FP2 silicon 50 Gb/s slots with evolution to 100 Gb/s High density line cards

16 Input/Output Modules (IOM)
IOM3-XPs Fully-distributed forwarding & packet processing Up to 50 Gb/s (FD) wire-rate forwarding Traffic forwarding engine is based on massive array of network processors L2/L3 encapsulation IPv4/IPv6//MPLS/MAC forwarding lookup Distributed control plane CPU for local processing of critical control plane functions Fully hot-swappable Fully programmable for in-place evolution and adaptation of new features, services and protocols Sophisticated traffic management with each queue assignable to a subscriber, an application for queuing, policing and shaping or to a service for billing counters Newest IOM w/100Gbps FP2 support All service/queues shares between all ports Dynamic asymmetrical load balancing Evolutionary design and investment protection Supported with existing SF/CPM Supports all existing MDAs Enhanced features when paired with MDA-XPs Massive Service Scale Up to 3M IPv4 & IPv6 routes 64K Hierarchical Queues/IOM Up to 1M Hierarchical Policers 2M 2-tier MAC FIBs 48K+ VPLS instances 16K VPRN instances 16 16

17 7750 SR Interface Options: Multi-Service Breadth
Media Dependant Adapters MDA-XP Ethernet 20-port GigE SFP-Fiber 20-port 10/100/1000 Copper 1-port 10 GigE XFP 2-port 10 GigE XFP 4-Port 10 GigE XFP 10-port GigE (SFP) 1-port 10 GigE Tunable optics Any Service, Any Port PPP/FR/ATM, including IMA 4-port Ch OC-3/STM-1 ASAP 1-port Ch OC-12/STM-4 ASAP 4-port Ch DS3/E3 ASAP 12-port Ch DS3/E3 ASAP High-Scale MDA 10-port GigE 1-port 10GigE New in R7 New in R7 New in R7 Packet over SONET/SDH 1-port OC-192/STM-64 2-port OC-48/STM-16 4-port OC-48/STM-16 8-port OC-12/STM-4 or OC-3/STM-1 16-port OC-12/STM-4 or OC-3/STM-1 8-port OC-3/STM-1 16-port OC-3/STM-1 New in R7 New in R7 Circuit Emulation Services 1-Port Ch OC-12/STM-4 CES 1-Port Ch OC-3/STM-1 CES 4-Port Ch OC-3/STM-1 CES New in R7 Ethernet 1-port 10 GigE (LAN/WAN PHY) 1-port 10 GigE (XFP) 2-port 10 GigE (XFP) 5-port GigE 10-port GigE 20-port GigE 60-port 10/100 20-port 100FX 20-port 10/100/1000 1-port 10 GigE + 10-port GigE Combo MDA New in R7 Channelized SONET/SDH 1-port OC-12/STM-4 4-port OC-3/STM-1 12-port DS-3/E3 4-port Ch DS3/E3 CMAs* 8-port Ch DS1/E1 CMA 4-port DS3/E3 CMA 8-port 10/100TX CMA 1-port GIgE CMA 2-port OC3/12-STM1/4 SFP CMA 8-port T1/E1 ATM/IMA CMA 1-port Ch OC3/STM1 CES CMA 1-port GigE CMA -XP SFP 5-port GigE CMA-XP SFP ATM 4-port OC-3/OC-12 ATM MDA 16-port OC-3/STM-1 ATM MDA New in R7 * Supported on 7750 SR-c12 only 17 17

18 Ethernet Media Dependant Adapter-XP (MDA-XP)
Doubles Chassis Gigabit Port Density  High-density GigE /10 GigE interfaces Enhanced Performance  25 Gb/s per hot-swappable, half-slot adapter Multi-Generation IOM Support  Dynamic IOM detection Synch-E Support  End-to-end Ethernet timing and synchronization NEW Supported in any IOM slot with existing MDAs IOM3-XP enables up to 25 Gb/s per half-slot IOM-1 & IOM-2 enables 10 Gb/s per half-slot Extensive pre-classification enables graceful oversubscription Wide range of optical interfaces supported Fiber distances of up to 80 km CWDM & DWDM optics up to 120 km Support for LAN/WAN PHY on 10GigE cards Industry-Leading Gigabit Ethernet port density 80-ports of 10 GigE in a single chassis ( GigE ports/rack) 400 wire-speed GigE ports per chassis (1,200 GigE ports/rack) 10 port GigE MDA-XP 1 port 10GigE MDA-XP * Note: Provides Sync-E support MDA-XP Half-slot Interfaces 20-port GigE SFP MDA-XP* 20-Port 10/100/1000 Copper MDA-XP 2-port 10 GigE XFP MDA-XP* 4-Port 10 GigE XFP MDA-XP* 1-port 10GigE XFP MDA-XP* 10-port GigE SFP MDA-XP* 18

19 High Scale Media Dependant Adapter (HS-MDA)
Highly Scalable Queuing  160k ingress, 160K egress per HSMDA million per rack! Enhanced Service Richness  Granular per-application policy enforcement with MS-ISA Higher Subscriber Densities  Legacy HSI subscriber migration (BRAS replacement) 64k subscriber hosts/system 20k subscriber or SAPs/HS-MDA Up to 32k subscriber hosts/HS-MDA Triple play subscriber density (Routed GW) 20,000 triple play subscribers/MDA with 8 queues/subscribers each !! Up to 500Kb/s average bandwidth per subscriber New in R7 Queues 8 160K HS-MDA (7450 ESS) 10-port 1GigE HS-MDA 1-port 10GigE HS-MDA 4 Service Classes MDA HS-MDA (7750 SR) 8k 1 8K 20K Subscribers 19 19

20 Integrated Media Modules (IMM)
Leverages full 50 Gb/s (full duplex) slot capacity in 7750 SR Optimized for locations in the network where high density GE/10GE with high performance IP/MPLS routing in a classical routing context is required Full-slot, hot swappable I/O modules with fixed GigE or 10GigE ports High density Ethernet Interfaces: 1,440 x GigE, 240 x 10GigE per 7’ rack Supports full range of SR OS scalable routing protocols incl. IPv4, IPv6, BGP, MPLS, PIM Supports full range of SR OS layer 2/3 services, including VPWS, VPLS and IP VPN Leverages SR OS attributes: high availability, service OAM&P and concurrent scaling 48-portGigE IMM 5-port 10GigE IMM New in R7 IMM Options: 5-port 10GigE (SFP) 48-port GigE (SFP) 8-port 10 GigE (XFP) 48-port GigE (Copper) 4-port 10 GigE (XFP) 20

21 R8.0/9.0: Evolution Path to the 100G IMM Platform
Integrated Media Modules R8.0+: 100G Layout for FP2 silicon No new silicon! P2/Q2 chips in each direction doubling line rate of the card T2 Link Bonding parallelizes fabric taps 100G IMM Benefits Double the queuing and buffering capacity No sacrifice of queuing for scale Support for full range of edge services Production proven components 10p 10GE IMM 1p 100GE IMM FP2 (100G Layout) Q2 P2 T2 XB2 . To Fabric P2 P2 Q2 T2 100G IMM Cards Based on this Architecture 10p 10GE 1p 100GE Leveraging the power and flexibility of FP2 silicon to provide a clear evolution path to 100G interface support 21 |

22 DWDM Integration: 10GE MDA with Tunable Optics
New in R7 10GE Interface with Tunable Optics Elimination of external transponder & interconnection equipment costs Optimized physical plant usage (space, power) Reduction of sparing costs and overhead: Disparate wavelengths at multiple locations Improved reliability First step on the path to broader optical integration WaveTracker management application provides enhanced end-to-end visibility across IP and metro DWDM equipment from Alcatel-Lucent* Enables remote monitoring & adjustment to optical signal power levels and other low-level OAM functions Streamlined network management & visibility 10GE MDA with Tunable Optics Single wavelength DWDM XFP 10 GbE DWDM wavelength XFPs 100GHz ITU Grid, C-Band 80km reach Available now * - HW capable, supported in a future release 22

23 Service Router Tunable Optics Integration
Long Haul Optical Optical Optical Ethernet Ethernet BEFORE 7450/7750 7450/7750 Transponders ROADM Ethernet Optical Long Haul Optical Optical Ethernet AFTER 7450/7750 7450/7750 Tunable DWDM XFP (Integrated Transponders) ROADM 23

24 Circuit Emulation Service MDA (CES MDA)
For mobile and fixed-line service providers, the CES MDA provides high performance IP encapsulation of Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) voice and business data services for reliable delivery over a unified L2 or L3 IP MPLS network Features Broad range of CES standards, operation modes, and interface options Deep channelization to DS3/E3, DS1/E1 and nxDS0 with up to 512 channels per MDA SFP optics for greater flexibility Optical link budgets supporting distances up to 50 km (31.2 mi) In-service MDA removal and insertion High availability support 1+1 APS for link-level redundancy Mulit-Chassis APS with stateful fail-over to protect against link, node and site failures Flexible timing support options NEW 1-Port Ch OC-12/STM-4 CES NEW 4-Port Ch OC-3/STM-1 CES 1-Port Ch OC-3/STM-1 CES 24

25 Improving Customer Satisfaction with Non-Stop Services
High Availability Key Elements: HA service routing architecture Redundant hardware Non-stop routing Non-stop services Advanced link and node level protection IP/MPLS network resiliency In-Service Software Upgrade Enhanced security

26 Defining High Availability
High Availability Capability Key Features Redundant Hardware Redundant common equipment: fans, power supplies, switch fabric, control processor module Non-Stop Routing Protocols BGP (IPv4 & IPv6), OSPF (IPv4 & IPv6), ISIS (IPv4 & IPv6), RIP, LDP, RSVP-TE (R5), IGMP, RSTP, ECMP, VRRP. GR Helper mode for non-HA routers Non-Stop Services VLL (Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM), VPLS, IP-VPN, Internet Enhanced Service, DHCP lease state Link and Node level protection Multi-chassis LAG, multi-chassis APS, multi-chassis ring, multi-class MLPPP IP/MPLS Primary and standby LSPs, Fast re-route Non-stop RSVP-TE, LDP In-Service Software Upgrades Zero downtime for minor release upgrades. Soft IOM re-set to mimimize data plane forwarding impact during major release upgrades Enhanced security DoS attack prevention, line-rate filtering, service mirroring, control protocol authentication, authentication, logging and reporting Leveraging purpose-built high availability design to deliver non-stop routing and services

27 Independent Validation: Alcatel-Lucent Non-Stop Routing and Services
Alcatel 7750 SR High Availability Non-Stop Routing and Non-Stop Services Validation BT Exact, EXA , Issue 1.4 “The times for software and hardware induced switchover events were measured to be ≤1μs and ≤4.1ms respectively for supported protocols and services. All peerings and adjacencies, including those to 3rd party router platforms, were unaffected by the switchover events. No protocol extensions or helpers were required. The testing included large scale configurations, as well as active and dynamic routing to simulate fully loaded conditions. The Alcatel 7750 SR performed flawlessly during the testing period.” “BT Exact concludes that Alcatel’s high availability implementation represents the class leading and high performance solution demanded by service providers and carriers for service/edge router high availability.” “The hardware switchover time was two orders of magnitude faster than other 3rd party routers.” - BT Exact Alcatel-Lucent: the First to Define, Deliver and Validate Non-Stop Routing and Services

28 Grow Revenues and Reduce OPEX by offering Multiple Services on one Platform
Multiservice Routing Key Elements: Comprehensive IPv4 and IPv6 routing Multiple services, filtering, ACLs with no performance impact Fully featured L2 & L3 services Multi-dimensional service scalability Advanced, highly flexible, service-aware QoS Service-aware OA&M toolkit

29 IP Routing and Services Feature Summary
7750 SR Advanced IP/MPLS features including: Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 IPv4 including BGPv4, OSPF, IS-IS and RIP routing protocols IPv6 including MP-BGP-4, OSPFv3, IS-IS and RIPng routing protocols IPv4/IPv6 Multicast IGMP v1, v2 and v3, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, IGMPv2 and v3 snooping, Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) Up to 32,000 ingress and 16,000 ACL filters with 10G line rate performance Fully featured Layer 2 VPNs using VPLS or VLL IEEE 802.1q, Q-in-Q, IEEE 802.1ah (PBB) PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, Multi-Link PPP, Multi-class Multi-Link PPP, L2TP Fully featured Layer 3 IP/MPLS VPN using RFC 2547bis LDP, RSVP-TE, GRE tunneling protocols Static. BGP, RIP and OSPF RFC4577 as CE to PE routing protocols Additional Features VPN Route Reflector Service mirroring Lawful Intercept 7750 SR – supporting comprehensive IPv4, IPv6 & MPLS capabilities

30 Multi-Dimensional Services and Services Scalability
Concurrent VPN services Scale Carrier Ethernet E-Line (VLL), E-LAN (VPLS)& E-Tree services IP and IPSec VPNs IP/ATM/Frame/Ethernet pseudowires Business data, Internet, voice, video Any service over any port IP/MPLS Service Network VRF SR-2 SR-3 SR-1 SR-4 VLL IPVPN VPLS 7750 SR Common Service Management Customer Scale Concurrent L2/L3 customers Up to 48K VPWS (VLL) instances Up to 8K VPLS instances Up to 2K IP VPN instances Up to 5K IES H/W capable of 3-4 times scaling of current limits Routing Scale Up to 1M BGP Routes Up To 2K BGP peers > 17M BGP paths (BGP RIB) 250K IS-IS routes 240K OSPF routes 150K ARP entries Bandwidth Scale Superior GE and 10GE port density True 40 Gigabit support Ethernet over different access types to address SML Enterprise Carrier Ethernet Services Scale Multi-point, point-to-point & routed multi-point IP/MPLS removes STP reach & size limitations VLAN scalability beyond 4096 VLANs PBB and MPLS/VPLS improves reach & MAC addressing Metro, national, international 30

31 Advanced, Highly Flexible QoS
Service providers face increasing demands to offer personalized, user-centric services The 7750 SR supports highly granular QoS with Hierarchical scheduling (H-QoS) for enabling flexible QoS policy customization and creating innovative customer SLAs 7750 QoS feature benefits include: Reliable delivery of multiple converged services Highly flexible QoS customization options for innovative SLAs Assured quality of experience for customers Secure SLA enforcement Dynamic bandwidth allocation Optimal use of network resources 7750 Advanced QoS Features Network and service level QoS policy control Hierarchical QoS Up to 8 forwarding classes per service Per service/per FC shaping and policing Classification and mapping Service Level QoS Policies Network Level QoS Policies 7750 SR Service Ingress Service Egress Network Ingress Network Egress IP/MPLS Core Flexible QoS Customization for Innovative SLA-based Services

32 7750 Extensive Service-Aware OAM Toolkit
Service Ping (Is the service provisioned accurately?) VPLS VPWS LSP Ping (Is the MPLS LSP tunnel working in each direction?) SDP Ping (Is the service tunnel reachable end-to-end?) 7750 SR Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (How can I Provide sub-second convergence on OSPF, IS-IS and PIM LSP Trace route (How do the packets get to their destination?) 7750 SR 7750 SR Multiprotocol Status Signaling (What is the status of the Ethernet, Frame relay and ATMPWs?) Multicast Troubleshooting Tools (MRTrace, MStat, MRInfo) 7750 SR Remote Test-head VPLS Trace route (How do the packets get to the destination?) Service Mirroring (How can I remotely examine the packets?) VPLS MAC Ping, CPE Ping (Can I reach this specific destination?) In addition, BERT is supported on channelized MDAs and is used to test the quality of the equipment with a local loop back test or test the quality of the line with a remote loop back test. BERT can be performed on DS3, E3, DS1 and E1 channels Service-Aware OAM for Efficiently Maintaining SLA-Based Services

33 Increase Revenues by Offering Innovative, Differentiated Services
Service Specialization Key Elements: Integrated Service Adapters (ISAs) Business services specialization Residential broadband specialization

34 Service Routing Specialization - Benefits
Multi-Service Integrated Service Adapter (MS-ISA) Enable high-performance application-specific processing E.g. IPSec, Application Assurance, IPTV Ad Insertion, Fast Channel Change and Retranmission Traffic requiring additional high-touch processing is diverted to ISA card with no performance impact on other applications Fully integrated with SR Portfolio MS-ISA supported on 7750 SR*, 7450 ESS, 7710 SR Run SR OS and are fully managed by 5620 SAM No need to deploy external platforms or integrate additional devices into OSS systems Savings on CAPEX and OPEX by reducing the need for additional external platforms to support these services Simplifies Service Creation Significantly reduces overall TCO * 7750 SR-12 and 7750 SR-7 only Specialization drives tighter integration of service routing with each segment

35 Residential Broadband Specialization MS-ISA: Application Assurance
Application assurance provides a positive, value-centric approach to OTT content, facilitating a new portfolio of managed online services 5750 SSC Integrated subscriber & policy management with per service and per application granularity MS-ISA Best Effort Internet DSL GPON IP/MPLS IP/MPLS BSA BSAN BSR Managed Online Service MS-ISA scans Internet traffic and marks specified, per subscriber application flows for extraction into an SLA- managed online service queue MS-ISA available for: Broadband Service Aggregator (BSA) = 7450 ESS Broadband Service Router (BSR) = 7750 SR Integrated DPI + service routing attributes = specialized for Managed Online Services QoE 35 35

36 Per Subscriber Personalization
Residential Broadband Specialization MS-ISA Features for Advanced Residential Services IPTV Voice Managed Service Legacy BRAS Subscriber Tunnel Services On - line Managed Mb/s HSI Per Sub Per Sub Average Best effort Bandwidth Single-service (HSI) per Subscriber kb/s HSI GE Per Sub Voice IPTV HSI Typical BNG Multi-Service per-subscriber per-service Hierarchical QoS Unmanaged Service Comprehensive Service Portfolio MS-ISA 7750 SR BNG Per Subscriber Personalization Voice Per Sub IPTV Managed Video On-line Services per-subscriber per-service per-application Managed VoIP Managed Gaming Hierarchical QoS with Application Assurance HSI Redefining the Internet Experience through Application-Aware Quality of Service 36

37 Business Services Specialization MS-ISA: IPSec Support
High Performance, Scalable Encryption Up to 10Gb/s per IPSec-ISA, up to 4 ISAs per chassis for N:1 redundancy, up to 64k tunnels per chassis Broad Range of Encryption Types DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256 Authentication Hashing HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA1 IKE shared secret with Perfect Forward Secrecy Seamless Integration Fully integrated with SR OS for unified subscriber management – encryption and security available to any service on any physical port Remote Access Site-to-Site Network -to-Network Multi-Service Integrated Service Adapter Integrated IPSec + service routing attributes = specialized for secure VPNs 37 37

38 SME or Large Enterprise
Business Services Specialization Application Assured Business VPNs using MS-ISA Service Aware VPN SME or Large Enterprise Leveraging the MS-ISA for assured delivery of business VPN service Voice (EF) IP VPN CIR = 30 Mb/s PIR = 30 Mb/s CPE Video (EF) GigE GE Business Data (AF2) HSI (BE) Upgrade to AA-ISA 7750 SR/ 7450 ESS Application Aware VPN File Transfer SAP Corporate Moving to Application Aware VPN’s the deliverables will naturally support all of the above network based service deliverables plus (either pre site or VPN wide); Application Identification (what’s running on the network) Application Reporting for both application traffic mix statistics and problem identification/localization of application performance Application Assurance to allow per application fine tuning to either optimize the performance of the application or to protect it from other applications within the service class Through this advanced level of visibility, the CIO can now make a more informed decision into the performance of the applications within the enterprise and identify what portions are attributable to the network and what is attributable to the application itself. Video conferencing Private Voice (EF) CIFS IP VPN CIR = 30 Mb/s PIR = 30 Mb/s CPE Video (EF) Citrix GigE GE Business Data (AF2) Remote access E-Learning HSI (BE) Oracle YouTube HTTP IM VoIP Web Browse Streaming video 7750 SR/ 7450 ESS Scavenger apps

39 Assured Linear TV Deliver
Residential Broadband Specialization MS-ISA: Ad Insertion and Assured TV Delivery Support Integrated solution for existing MS Mediaroom environments Operates in a MS Mediaroom Environment (between the AServer and DServer) Seamlessly “Splices” Ads using Transport Stream splicing into multicast streams as per direction of Ad Server Empower IPTV providers to generate ad revenue Improve the targeting granularity of existing TV ads from National to Local Demographic Market Areas (DMAs) Local Ad Insertion Local Ad Insertion Integrated solution for IP TV delivery, non-Mediaroom environments Ingests IPTV multicast TV streams Dynamically caches video content from multicast TV channels Dramatically Reduce Infrastructure and Operating Costs Greatly increases Performance and Scalability of RET/FCC MS-ISA Local Ad Insertion Carrier segment: Microsoft Media room ALTV Delivery Carrier segment: Non-Mediaroom* Assured Linear TV Deliver Fast Channel Change Reliable Delivery

40 Service Aware Management
Dramatically Increase Service Velocity While Reducing Operational Expenses Service Aware Management Key Elements: Dynamic end-to-end control Assured, simplified, integrated IP/MPLS operations across all layers Unified element, network and service management platform Better managed services through exceptional service modeling

41 Alcatel-Lucent’s IP/MPLS Service-Aware Manager (SAM) Model in 2008
Dynamic End-to-end Control for Revenue Creation OSS/BSS & Service Portals 5750 SSC Network Access Control Dynamic Service Control Application Admission Control Access Devices On-Demand Applications OSS Connected Partner Program Flexible Policy Driven Framework (Subscriber, Network, Application Policies) Portal Development Kits Assured, Simplified, Integrated IP/MPLS Operations Across All Layers 5670 RAM Triple Play Residential Business VPN Metro Aggregation Enterprise Mobile Layer 4-7 Services Visibility and Insight Provisioning Streamlining/ Automation Assurance Multi-vendor Management Application Intelligence Layer 2 & 3 Services 5620 SAM Service Management MPLS Paths & Service Tunnels MPLS Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure IP Routing Protocols 5650 CPAM Control Plane Management Physical Network Infrastructure 41

42 Typical EMS/NMS vs. Service-Aware Manager (SAM) Approach SAM provides end-to-end unified element, network, and service management in one platform. Value of Management Dependent on Level of Modeling SAM Business VPNs Enterprise Ethernet Access Triple Play Metro Ethernet Aggregation Services Mobile RAN Backhaul / Aggregation NMS Dynamic Path & Tunnels IP/MPLS Protocols EMS Physical

43 Better assure SLAs & Heighten Service
Operational Impact of EMS/NMS vs SAM Approach SAM is more sophisticated in modeling, hence is able to manage services exceptionally better EMS/NMS Approach SAM Approach Each OSS must implement service discovery i.e. stitch each element together into a service Provisioning services (multiple touch-points) must be synchronized with all elements End-to-end Service Assurance End-to-end Service Provisioning Pre-integrated OSS applications Reduce complexity Streamline processes Automate provisioning OSSI Deploy services faster and at lower cost High in effort Difficult to maintain High professional services costs Proactive per-service OA&M Performance Statistics Alarm Correlation Better assure SLAs & Heighten Service Availability

44 3 Introducing The 7705 SAR Divider Section Break Pages
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45 7705 SAR R2.0: Expanding The Addressable Market on a Solid Foundation
7705 SAR-F Generational leap in density/performance over existing aggregation switches Services-orientation and feature- richness of a full IP/MPLS platform + Cost-optimized carrier-class aggregation and transport over IP/MPLS networks A cost optimized carrier-class aggregation switch designed to support mobile RAN aggregation and deliver private data services over IP/MPLS networks Architected and implemented around services delivering (e.g. queuing, provisioning, troubleshooting, billing) Extensive feature set – considerably superior to that of current aggregation platforms Separation of control and data planes greatly enhancing scalability and time to market Future proof architecture to address evolving aggregation requirements Building on solid Service Router-OS base for extensive, hardened feature set Architected and implemented around services delivery (e.g., queuing, provisioning, troubleshooting and billing) Future-proof architecture to address evolving aggregation requirements 45 45

46 A Foundation for Continuing Evolution
7705 SAR-F Continuing SR-OS Software Technology Transfer 7705 SAR-8 7750 SR 5620 SAM The 7750/7710 SR family: 3rd wave IP/MPLS services platform Huge industry traction in IP/MPLS network transformations Extensive large scale experience with pseudowires Alcatel-Lucent continues to drive standards and innovation Extending best-of-breed IP/MPLS technology e.g. to the cell site and hubs Flexible and rapidly evolvable as needs change e.g. for LTE Modular, compact and scalable (up and down) platform Consistent management/operations Simple, powerful GUI-based OAM Recognized as benchmark in industry Powerful, Flexible Traffic Management Service assurance for SLA enforcement 46 46

47 7705 SAR: A Complementary Fit in a Powerful product Line-Up
5620 SAM, 5650 CPAM, 5750 SSC, 5670 RAM Unified Management Multi-Service Edge Routing 7710 SR-c4 7710 SR-c12 7750 SR-1 7750 SR-7 7750 SR-12 Aggregation/Services Service Edge Core Metro Service Edge & Aggregation 7705 SAR-8 7705 SAR F 7450 ESS-1 7450 ESS-6 7450 ESS-6v 7450 ESS-7 7450 ESS-12 7210 SAS-M 7210 SAS-E Service Routing OS Foundation High Availability Concurrent Service Scaling Policy Enforcement (QoE) Service OAM&P 47 47 47

48 7705 SAR-8 Physical Attributes
-48 V or +24V Power Feeds Redundant Control Modules Fan Tray 16 port T1/E1 ASAP Module 2 RU High Ethernet interface modules (6 ports of 10/100 Ethernet, 2 ports of 10/100/1000 Ethernet) 7705 SAR-8 Compact, Modular Chassis for Cell Sites and Hubs 2RU high 19” width and 10” (300mm) depth 2 control module slots, 6 half-wide I/O slots -40C to +65C normal operating temperature range Any-G interfaces (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) for mobile evolution Up to 96 ports of T1, with Any Service, Any Port (ASAP) 10/100/1000 Copper and Fiber Ethernet Ports DS3 point to point OC-3/STM-1 clear channel ATM, TDM, Ethernet and IP Pseudowires High service availability Redundant control/switch modules, Redundant power feeds and synch inputs Uplink and Tunnel redundancy Redundant pseudowires and FRR Flexible network link options FE/GE NxT1/E1 MLPPP DS3 pt-to-pt trunking OC-3/STM-1 High Function, Compact Form Factor 48

49 7705 SAR-8 Control Switching Module (CSM)
The CSM is a control module integrated with Ethernet switch based fabric providing 1Gbps capacity to each slot in chassis 1+1 hot redundant protection for IP/MPLS control planes Database(s) 1+1 hot redundant switch fabric protection 1+1 external synchronization input and output ports Serial and Ethernet management ports Alarm interface input/output ports 49

50 7705 SAR-8 : Dense Access via Flexible Adapter Line Cards
Ethernet: a8-eth 2 x GigE and 6 x 10/100 Ethernet 2 SFP (optical or electrical) 6 RJ45 (electrical) Raw and Tagged Ethernet Any Service Any Port: a16-asap 16 port T1/E1 integrated ASAP, with software configurability for: TDM (CESoPSN) ATM/IMA (up to 8 links per group) MLPPP (up to 8 links per group) High density connector 50

51 4 port OC-3/STM-1 Clear channel adapter card
ATM Ports in Access Mode (Clear Channel MDA) Hot pluggable SFP-based ports Ports can be configured for SONET or SDH operation Wire-speed performance for all supported configurations for average 256 or higher bytes/packet (from ATM PW with cell concatenation) or higher SONET SDH Line and Section Alarms: LOC, LAIS, LRDI, SS1F, LB2ER-SD SONET SDH Path Alarms: PAIS, PLOP, PRDI, PPLM, PREI, PUNEQ, PLCD High Availability during CSM activity switch no more than ms hit Each SONET/SDH port can be independently configured to be loop-timed or node-timed 51 51

52 7705 SAR-F: Product Attributes in Brief
Integrated Control and Fabric 2 X GigE SFPs Flexible, cost efficient network uplink options Ethernet; 10/100/1000 NxT1/E1 MLPPP ATM/IMA DS3 pt-to-pt trunking via SFP plug-in GRE/DSL for HSPA offload in remote sites Unequalled Synchronization Solution Broad range of techniques: Line, BITS(GPS), ACR, Synch Ethernet Independent verification of performance Resiliency, on board ovenized Stratum 3 Alarm Management BITS 16 Ports of T1/E1 ASAP 6 X10/100 Ethernet Power Feeds Dense, rugged 1 RU high form factor 16, T1/E1 ASAP ports 6, 10/100 Ethernet ports 2, 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports Temp. range: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to 149°F) Dual Power Feeds: (-48V or +24 VDC) Pseudowire service transport of 2G/3G/4G traffic TDM (T1/E1) (CESoP and SAToP) ATM and ATM IMA (n x T1/E1) Ethernet (10/100/1000) IP Pseudowires Manageable IP/MPLS Infrastructure end-to-end 52 52

53 4 Typical Network Deployments Divider Section Break Pages
Title block set 28/32pt Trebuchet white, flush left with text box positioned at, Horizontal 1.87” and Vertical 2.87” This slide is to be used to create Section Divider slides Please copy, paste and modify this slide to reflect your specific needs. It is not generated from a Master slide template

54 Consolidated Service Delivery Network
7750 SR Market Focus Business Layer 2 & 3 Services (Ethernet, FR, ATM, IP-VPN, IES) MSE Broadband Network Gateway Migration from legacy HSI BRAS Enterprise BNG Consolidated Service Delivery Network Residential Triple Play Broadband Service Aggregation and Routing 7750 SR 7705 SAR Cell Site and Base Station TPSDA 7705 SAR Mobile/NGN Backbone networks Residential/SOHO 7750 SR 7450 ESS Mobile Mobile Access Aggregation (2G, 2.5G, 3G and beyond) 7710 SR 5620 SAM Portfolio Enterprise Multi-Service Edge Routing (IPv4,IPv6,Peering, Data Center) MSER Residential Enabling the consolidated delivery of advanced Residential, Business and Mobile Services 54

55 Multi-Service Edge Always-On Business VPN Services
Layer 2 and Layer 3 Business VPN Services Internet (IPSEC) Internet 7750 SR Fiber VLAN 10 GigE Large Enterprise Cable IPv6 IPv4 Data Center Service Aggregation IP/MPLS Fiber Copper Dedicated Access IP-VPNs VPLS (E-LAN) VLL (E-Line) HSI Access options are an important aspect of all VPN services. By delivering Ethernet access over a range of access technology options, service providers can address different type of customers ranging from SOHO, SME to large enterprise to deliver Point-to-point and Multipoint Carrier Ethernet or Layer 3 Business VPN services - over a converged IP/MPLS architecture. Since I’m showing a converged IP/MPLS architecture it is important to note that VLANs, stacked VLAN’s (q in q) are still used as service deliminators for VPLS, locally, on the access links to the enterprise to ensure seamless integration of legacy Ethernet deployment. The Business VPN services that can be delivered simultaneously or individually over the access links are Point-to-point or Multipoint Carrier Ethernet VPNs and IP VPNs Supporting both Layer 3 Premium IP-VPNs and Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet VPNs allows service providers to offer a choice of services to enterprises and differentiate their service offering from a commoditized, low margin bandwidth only service. SOHO IPv4 DSL PPPoE 7450 ESS IPv6 7750 SR Universal Access 7750 SR IPv6 IPv4 PON Small to Medium Enterprise GigE Wireless MEF 9 – E-LINE & E-LAN UNI Services MEF 14 – QoS & Traffic Management FR ATM HQ Opening up new revenue opportunities for service providers 55 55 55

56 Residential Triple Play Service Delivery Architecture (TPSDA)
Scalable and Distributed Subscriber, Service and Application Policy Enforcement Enhanced Entertainment and Optical Transport 1850 TSS OMSN DMX 1696 MS 5750 SSC Communications Services Personalized IPTV IP Communications BSAN broadband service access node ISAM Family Centralized Policy Management Copper, fiber RG residential gateway Digital Home Personalized Interactive User Experience Broadband Internet Services 7450 ESS 7750 SR IP/MPLS Offer blended, triple play services on a mass-market scale across a resilient, IP-rich infrastructure New business services enable outsourced, managed and hosted services for increased enterprise productivity Innovative residential broadband services reduce churn, increase ARPU and enhance the subscriber’s digital lifestyle Mobile multimedia and unlimited voice services address a growing market for on-the-go entertainment and “always-on” communication Simplify operations to drive down service delivery and fulfillment costs Converged networks transition towards IP/MPLS in step with a service provider’s service roadmap Service activation tools accelerate new service delivery and empower the end user Digital home care solutions extend service assurance deeper into the home BSA broadband service aggregator BSR broadband service router 7750 SR in the Multi-Service Core High-capacity, high-availability Service Routers with bandwidth and per-service virtualization and control. Suited as the BSR or in the Multi-Service Core high-capacity, high-availability MPLS-based Ethernet Service Switches with bandwidth and per-subscriber control Optical Core Managed Digital home network 1850 TSS 1626LM Pt-to-pt fiber, WDM or optical Ethernet A family of Access Nodes supporting any location and any media while providing QoS and secured access Integrated Network, Service and Subscriber Management

57 Addressed by Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR
Broadband Network Gateway Seamless Migration From Legacy HSI to Next-gen Multi-service Addressed by Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR Plug-and-Play Service Flexibility Service Reach, Bandwidth Service Quality, Reliability, Capacity Broadcast Video TR-101 Multi-service Broadband H-QoS Application Aware QoS Video on Demand Home Gateway 7750 SR Broadband Network Gateway Broadband Access Node VoIP Internet Content Caching Session-Based to Connectionless 1 Fiber in Access (VDSL2, PON) 2 ATM to ETH Aggregation 3 BE to QoS/HA Non-Blocking 4 TR-059 HSI Legacy Best Effort Best Effort To understand how these technology barriers can be overcome we need to apply the lessons learned with IPTV. The IPTV lesson was that broadband video is a disruptive service that is driving new network requirements for on QoS, bandwidth and reliability. To satisfy these requirements required a number of key technology shifts: - A shift from a connection-oriented PPP model towards a connection-less IPoE, DHCP based model - Transformation of the access infrastructure, pushing fiber closer to end users through FTTN and FTTU. - A transition from ATM to Ethernet based aggregation to achieve a better cost and performance for broadband service aggregation - A shift from basic connectivity and best effort QoS to a highly available and QoS enabled infrastructure. In conclusion, a dramatic shift to a purpose built network foundation was needed to support triple play service delivery. Over 55 service providers world wide concluded that their legacy HSI infrastructure was unfit for delivering IPTV and deployed the TPSDA to add a video component to their offering and enter the triple play. However they also still maintained their legacy HSI infrastructure and this is now where Internet video is starting to create the same challenges as IPTV would have created. DSL Gateway ATM Aggregation Node Traditional BRAS Internet R7 - Full TR-101 Compliance ATM DSLAM The Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR meets or exceeds all TR-101 requirements for both Broadband Network Gateway and Ethernet Aggregation 57

58 Flexible MPLS-based Mobile Backhaul and Core
Mobile backhaul transport for all variants of 2G, 3G, 4G Examples: GSM, CDMA, UMTS, EVDO, LTE and WIMAX First Mile and Hubs Large Hubs and MTSO T1/E1 Groomed, consolidated traffic over appropriate media. For example SONET or Gigabit Ethernet T1/E1 Microwave Network PDH/ Ethernet PDH/ Ethernet Ethernet Traditional Access Network PDH/SoNeT LL PDH IP/MPLS T1/E1 New Access Network DSL, Metro Eth, Cable 7705 SAR GbE Optical Core 7750 SR Controllers 7705 SAR T1/E1 5620 SAM Any Base Station Technology over Any First Mile Media – Converged on MPLS Transport Dynamic end-to-end MPLS PW MPLS OAM tool kit Seamlessly scales H-QoS services across the Metro or WAN End-to-end OAM&P, SLA assurance Any Base Station technology: ATM/IMA/TDM/Eth Any Access Media Accurate Synchronization Service Router with multiple roles: Aggregation Backbone VPN Edge Intra MTSO Consolidation Flexible MPLS-based Mobile Backhaul and Core 58

59 FR/ATM, Channelized, Sonet/SDH
Multi-Service Edge Routing QoS Enhanced Internet Service Multi-service Edge Aggregation IPv4 / IPv6 Peering PE-PE with MP-BGP Internet Peering Partner Small / Medium IP/MPLS Core IPv6 IPv4 FR/ATM, Channelized, Sonet/SDH DS1/DS3 7750 SR 7750 SR Ethernet Mobile 7750 SR Core Routing and Transport Options IPv4 / IPv6 Unicast Multicast Hosting and Data Center Transport Quick IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Support: The concern about eventual IP address exhaustion, and the need for IPv6 as a solution, has been around since the 1990s. In 2008, RFPs issued by the U.S. government are putting pressure on major carriers to support dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 implementations in their core networks. (Telecom Strategy Partners, June 21, 2008) Advanced support for a full range of edge/core routing and multi-service delivery needs


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