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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 WarRuralHouseholdPeopleGreatAwakeningCulturalLivingImportantYears.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 WarRuralHouseholdPeopleGreatAwakeningCulturalLivingImportantYears

4 C1-$100 Important Years Important Years - $100 This year is home to Pontiac’s Rebllion and the Treaty of Paris. 1763 Pg: 133

5 C1-$200 Important Important - $200 In what year did Benjamin Franklin found the American Philosophical Society? 1743 Pg: 133

6 C1-$300 Important Years Important Years - $300 During 1732-1757, Benjamin Franklin annually revised what best selling book? Poor Richard’s AlmanackAmsco 49

7 C1-$400 Important Years Important Years - $400 In what year did the Royal Governor put down Regulator revolt in North Carolina? 1771Pg:133

8 C1-$500 Important Years Important Years - $500 Between the years 1746-1769, prompted by the Great Awakening, was the creation of how many new colleges? 5 (Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Rutgers, Dartmouth) Amsco 49

9 C2-$100 War War - $100 What young colonel commanded colonial troops that brought early victories to the French and Indian War? George WashingtonAmsco 61

10 C2-$200 War War - $200 What year does Britain begin the Great War for Empire? 1756Pg: 133

11 C2-$300 War War - $300 What are the two names for the fourth and most decisive wars between England and France? The French and Indian War (in the colonies) and the 7 Years War (in Europe) Amsco 61

12 C2-$400 War War - $400 Who acquire French Canada and Spanish Florida after the French and Indian War? Great Britain Amsco 62

13 C2-$500 War War - $500 What were first three wars between England and France named after? King William, Queen Ann, and King George IIAmsco 60

14 C3-$100 Rural Household Rural Household - $100 What religion’s ideology placed the husband at the head of the household and didn’t extend independence to women? Puritans Pg:104

15 C3-$200 Rural Household Rural Household - $200 Most women who were married by their early 20s were expected to have how many children? 7 Pg:104

16 C3-$300 Rural Household Rural Household - $300 Daughters usually received livestock or household goods instead of what? LandPg:104

17 C3-$400 Rural Household Rural Household - $400 Many women and not very many men were persecuted for which crime in Puritan society? [Adultery] Pg:104

18 C3-$500 Rural Household Rural Household - $500 At what age did sons and daughters receive their marriage portion from their father? 23-25Pg:105

19 C4-$100 People People - $100 Who proposed the Albany Plan of the Union? Benjamin Franklin Amsco 61

20 C3-200 People People - $200 Which English governor created a separate colony for the safe haven of his beloved Quakers? William Penn Pg: 108

21 C3-$300 People People - $300 Who was the inventor of bifocals? Benjamin Franklin Amsco 49

22 C3-$400 People People - $400 Who was the Royal General who led the British troops and Eastern militia on the Regulator force at the Alamance River? William Tryon Pg:131

23 C3-$500 People People - $500 In the Zenger case, which led to newpapers taking more risks and the eventual freedom of press, who was Zenger’s attorney? Andrew Hamilton Amsco 51

24 C4-$100 Great Awakening - $100 This radical Protestant group’s central ritual was adult baptism? New Light Baptists Pg: 122

25 C4-$200 Great Awakening - $200 Who was the reverend who delivered “The Sinners on the Hands of an Angry God” sermon in 1741? Rev. Jonathan Edwards Amsco 47

26 C4-$300 Great Awakening - $300 What was the main focus of sermons delivered by preachers of the Great Awakening? To express the consequences of leading a sinful life. Amsco 47

27 C4-$400 Great Awakening - $400 How was the Great Awakening unlike anything before it socially? All classes shared a common experience as Americans Amsco 48

28 C4-$500 Great Awakening - $500 “Religion is become the subject of most conversations no books are in Request but those of Piety and Devotion” - reported by Pennsylvania Gazette. Who is this quoting? George WhitefieldPg:120

29 C4-$100 Cultural Life Cultural Life - $100 Which religious group dressed plainly, met in unadorned buildings, and sat in silence until inspired by an “inner light”? Quakers Pg:109

30 C4-$200 Cultural Life Cultural Life - $200 In 1760s almost half of England’s World Trade was with ______? American Colonies Amsco 44

31 C4-$300 Cultural Life Cultural Life - $300 What group of immigrants made up about 5% of the population of all the colonies in 1775? French Protestants, Dutch, and Swedes Amsco 43

32 C4-$400 Cultural Life Cultural Life - $400 Most authors in 1730-1740 wrote about serious subjects mainly being ______? Religion and PoliticsAmsco 48

33 C4-$500 Cultural Life Cultural Life - $500 Who were the two American artists that went to England where they acquired necessary training and financial support to become established prominent artists? Benjamin West and Jon Copley Amsco 48

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