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System Instructions Software Revision R7A FFA HARDWARE  FFA is a small boxed unit, 32x85x17mm  Powered by 3.6V rechargeable battery  Battery charges.

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2 System Instructions Software Revision R7A

3 FFA HARDWARE  FFA is a small boxed unit, 32x85x17mm  Powered by 3.6V rechargeable battery  Battery charges using 5V, USB connection to a personal computer  Inside there is electronics circuits for roulette timing and prediction, a Bluetooth radio transmitter for team play and circuits for battery charging. FFA, is designed to be used as a single or team players roulette computer. Audio signal can be transmitted via inbuilt Bluetooth transmitter to an additional player equipped with a Bluetooth receiver. Battery power should last 8-10 hours. Recharging time is 3-4 hours. Mouse click for next slide

4 CONNECTIONS  Power switch  Bluetooth switch  3.5mm Audio and Clocking switch sockets  Bluetooth light red/blue. It lights when BT is activated.

5 SOME OF FFA, REVISION R7A FEATURES  Predicting roulette levelled or tilted wheel  Full rotor clocking or only half of the wheel, without any previous settings  Clocking double or single ball revolutions  Minimal amount of switch clicking, only 3 switch clicks can give accurate predictions. With more clicks, the software uses a progressive calculation. Up to 4 ball rotations for a calculation and error correction.  Ball clocking error correction  Smart errors in case of miss clicks  When setting the system feedback to the player, information about ball speed and the remaining time it will travel. This enables a better way of setting and it can be used to analyse the wheel.  Unlimited predictions during same spin, in any ball rotation. This is a unique feature to and it’s powerful and an excellent feature.  Selective play is possible after prediction, instant information will be given about quality of the prediction  Predictions can be given at any time during the spin or at specific ball speeds.  Completely separated adjustments for the ball in clock or anti-clock way direction. It includes set up, offset and targeted ball speeds.  Individual security locking system  Team play, radio communication for additional player

6 FFA TEAM PLAY  Player one has FFA connected to a induction loop and inductive earpiece in his ear and a clocking switch in thier hand.  Player two has a Bluetooth receiver, induction loop and earpiece. The Bluetooth receiver can be paired with his mobile phone as well.

7 BASIC SET UP FOR TESTING  Connect the clocking switch  Audio output connect to small speaker or earphones.

8 SOFTWARE  FFA users can purchase a programmer (~$50) and upgrade software by themselves (instructions and a video on how to do it is on the forum). Alternatively there is the old, slow way of sending it back.  Link: How to program and upgrade FFAHow to program and upgrade FFA

9 POWERING UP  First at the start the system will tell you amount of spins you can predict before then it locks.  Test it here The system says 1 point 026. Its in thousands, it means remaining 1026 spins to play.  If the system is locked it will tell you a code you need to supply at the forum to be able to unlock it. The locked system will give you sound of birds in a forest. After that each time you press the clocking switch the system will be in fun mode and work as a random number generator 0-36.  Test it here  The system told you the code for unlocking 15,5,5 then it played bird sounds and a few sec later it worked as a RNG.

10 SYSTEM MENU After powering the system the system responds with menu and asks us to select. Please select! If until menu 7 nothing is selected, the system goes back and repeats all menu options until you select one. menu1 Please select accuracy “A” for unlimited, 4-15 for prediction in particular ball rotation or Viper play mode menu2 Set Clock ball rotations for each ball direction or set times for Viper play. menu3 Tilt 2 Play tilted wheel menu4 Iqe 6 Play levelled wheel menu5 Iqe 6 American menu6 Tilt 2 American menu7 Restore 0 Restore previously played settings

11 MENU1 –PLEASE SELECT ACCURACY  Right after the system says “Please select accuracy“ by default it will tell you “A”. The system is pre-set to accuracy “A” which stands for UNLIMITED option where you can predict at any ball rotation. The menu name is “Please select accuracy”, what follows, it’s only information what’s already selected. If right after “Please select accuracy” “A” you press the switch the system will go to “accuracy settings” menu and give you an option of selecting A,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14 or 15, if you don’t select any the system repeats it until you select one of options. If you select 8 the system will go back to menu, now instead of “Please select accuracy” “A” it will tell you “Please select accuracy” “8”. Therefore number “8” is only an information what’s already set.

12 MENU1 –PLEASE SELECT ACCURACY Most likely you don’t need to change system form accuracy “A” (that’s why it’s selected by default) but I will explain all details why and when you need to change it and what you can benefit form different selections. When “A” is selected it also points to number 6 which represent amount of rotations (from the end of spins) for which you are going to hear the ball time in milliseconds when you clock the ball rotations to SET the system. When you select 8 it points to 8 th rotation and you will hear ball time of selected 8th rotation. To hear clocked ball time during set up, this is something new for the FFA. It is very beneficial because you can hear the ball time of rotation 6 or any selected from 4-15 rotations, to make the best setup for the system or even set the system to predict at only specific ball speeds. In “SET” menu I will explain it with more details.

13 MENU2 –SET This is where you do a set up spin. Upon selecting SET the system wants you to select CLOCK (CW) or ANTI- CLOCK (ACW) ball direction for setup. After the system tells you desired ball direction you need to briefly press the clocking switch. Now the system is ready for ball set up clocking (no rotor clocking in here). While the system waits for you to start clocking it repeats selected ball direction every 8 seconds. If by mistake you’ve selected the wrong ball direction you can press the switch once, wait a few seconds, the system will tell you ERROR and take you back to the CW - ACW selection. You can start ball rotations clocking at any time during the spin. If you clocked 20 ball rotations the system has a limit and remembers clocked times of last 16 rotations. You would be able to get prediction anywhere in between 2-15 last ball rotations on that wheel. You can clock any amount of the ball rotations but not less then 7. If you do less then 7 the system will tell you ERROR1. If you make significant errors in clocking you may hear ERROR2/3. If you are going to play CLOCK WAY and ANTI CLOCK-WAY BALL DIRECTION You need to do SET for both ball directions. Anti-clock Clock

14 MENU2 –SET, FEEDBACK INFO Here is where the new Viper changes kick in. After you finish clocking ball rotations the system provides you with feedback. Based on what you’ve selected in accuracy settings after you finished clocking the system will tell you the time of the selected ball rotation in seconds. For example if you’ve selected accuracy “7” the system may tell you SET 1.025 (set, one, point, zero, two, five ) which means the time for ball to make 7 th rotation was 1,025 seconds. If in Accuracy Settings you have selected “A” the system will always tell you the time of 6 th ball rotation from the end side of spin. This is important because you can repeat set up process few times and leave set when it suits you the most. This let’s you set the FFA for the best predictions. The new program doesn’t use PS since by selecting right spin PS is already positioned. After information about the time of targeted ball rotation the system also tells you the time for how long the ball travelled until it dropped. The system may say, eight point 7, which means 8.7 seconds. This is important only if you want to set the FF to Vipers play mode. CW ACW

15 MENU2 –SET, KNOWING HOW Lets say you clocked set up spins ten times and the FFA gave you following time values of the 6th ball rotation; 1.170s 1.185s 1.226s 1.274s 1.315s 1.348s 1.356s 1.389s 1.421s 1.424s If you are clocking at dominant diamond (DD) on a tilted wheel you can listen what the FF tells you and observe where the ball hits. Here I marked in red times clocked where the ball didn’t hit DD. You can see that ball speeds in between range 1.226s and 1.389 did hit diamond you wanted (DD). Now you need to clock a few more spins until you get the ball time somewhere in the middle range values, around ~1.310s. After that you are ready to play. You still can get FFA’s benefits of predictions at any time and multiple predictions during the same spin. Alternatively you can set the system to play in full Viper mode where you get the prediction only if the ball is at targeted speed range.

16 MENU2 –SET, FOR SECTION PLAY On some wheels you may get that ball mostly hits at two diamonds 90 degrees. from each other. If it hits on the other diamonds are less then hits on one of those two diamonds (other way there is no need for such setting) you can set the FFA to have prediction if it ball hits any of them since results where the ball will drop on rotor will be close in accuracy especially if rotor speed is slower. If you clock at the first diamond that ball is passing on the end of clocking. If the ball makes an extra ¼ of rotation you can clock and that part. The system will consider it as one rotation, so when it goes back it actually tells you the time where the ball made 5.25 rotations (based on previous example). Since 6 rotations and 5.25 are producing same results you can set the system in middle of times you get for 5.25 to 6 rotations to the end. If for example one diamond gets 50% of hits and the other one 20% it is better to set the FF for a single diamond because for the ball to make 5.25 to 6 rotations you have in between 30% bad ball drops. You gain 20% of spins to be reasonably predicted but you get 30% badly predicted, it isn’t a smart idea. Hearing clocked ball times form FF is definitely a fun if creativity is used it may give you many possibilities.

17 SET UP IS ACTUALLY QUICK AND EASY  For someone new this may start looking to complicated but setting the FFA is very simple and you still can get good results. To convince you I added this slide in between so you can quickly set up the system, to test your FFA and the new program.  From the start, all you need to do is accept “A” as an accuracy, click second menu “SET” and set the system for clock and anti-clock play, by clocking ball rotations.. Exiting SET menu When you are in set menu the system repeats CLOCK or ANTI-CLOCK you can select any. When it’s time to clock the ball press and hold the switch pressed. The system will tell you “open for menu” then you need to release the switch, you will go back to the main menu. Please do not press and hold the switch when you selecting CLOCK or ANTI- CLOCK it will take you to Vipers set up menu. If you made a mistake it’s not a big deal, just wait until system says “save zero” and press the switch. Next, from main menu select TILT2 and you are ready to play.

18 MENU2 – SETTINGS FOR VIPER When you are in SET menu selecting CLOCK or ANTI-CLOCK if after the system says CLOCK, you press and hold the switch, you will be in settings for the Viper mode play. And again the system will tell you “open for menu” when you need to release the switch. If you do not want to play it, you’ll never have to set it. If you set it and play unlimited mode it doesn’t make any difference. (The Viper play mode is a completely independent system.) You will hear the system say 3 numbers, example; (on power on this is pre-set to the system by default); The first number is ball time you want to target. Which ball time to target you know by listening to results when clocking ball rotations in set mode. In this case it’s 1.310 seconds. Number 2 is deviation, here you have 7 it’s times 10 therefore it’s 7x10=70ms. It means you will have predictions only when the ball is in between 1310-70=1240ms and 1310+70=1380ms Number 3 is the remaining time until ball drops, in this case it is 8.9 sec. You can change these values at any time and you can set them for each ball direction differently. 1 1.310 2 7 3 8.9 4 Save 0

19 MENU2 – CHANGE VIPER SETTINGS  When you are in Viper set time menu the system will loop through 4 options until you select one.  If after 1.310 you press the switch, when you open it the system will loop digits 0 and 1. There is no need for more since you will not do predictions when the ball is 2 sec or more. If you want to set time 1.234 ms. You will click after number 1, then system will loop 0-9 you select 2, if you missed to press it you’ll need to wait until 2 comes again (the system always loops until you select something). You need to continue selecting 3 and 4. When you complete changing ball time the system goes back and repeats all Viper settings, where you can select to change something else.  If you select deviation to change, you can select anything in between 1 and 15 which means window frame for ball speed can be 10-150 ms. on each side form value you select for ball speed.  For the balls remaining time the system starts form 7 sec. (7-20), first you select seconds then hundreds of second.  Do not be afraid to try it, it can’t hurt, after each setting the system always will speak what has been set. When you are happy with the settings, just press the switch when the system says SAVE 0 and you will be taken to the SET menu. To go back to the main menu select CW or ACW, then again press and hold the switch.

20 MENU2 –SET CLOCK WAY OPTIONS Same applies for anti-clock ball direction

21 MENU CONFIGURATION - VIDEO Please wait few seconds!

22 MENU3 –Tilt2  Select TILT 2 by pressing and releasing clocking switch.  Unlimited - If in accuracy settings you have selected “A” you will be able to predict at any time during the spin. For tilt 2 to work you also need to have set up spins for clock and anti-clock ball directions. After selection the system will tell you which system you have selected (TILT2).Then the system will say, clock or anti-clock offset value (0-37) and finally it will go to part where you select which ball direction you are going to play (clock / anti-clock). After selecting clock or anti-clock the system is ready for rotor and ball clocking.  Viper - If in accuracy you have selected any number 4-15 you will be playing “Viper”. For Viper system to work properly also need to have set ball time, deviation and remaining time in SET menu, for clock and anti-clock ball directions. Please notice that if you selected “8” in accuracy settings you will no be predicting in 8 th rotation but whatever time is set for the ball in Viper settings. To play Viper you can set any number 4-15, selected number only defines for which ball rotation you will hear the time when you do the setting up.

23 MENU4 –IQE6  Select IQE6 by pressing and releasing clocking switch.  Unlimited - If in accuracy settings you have selected “A” you will be able to predict at any time during the spin. For tilt 2 too work you also need to have set up spins for clock and anti-clock ball directions. After selection the system will tell you which system you have selected (IQE6).Then the system will say clock or anti-clock offset value (0-37) and finally it will go to the part where you select which ball direction you are going to play (clock / anti-clock). After selecting clock or anti-clock the system is ready for rotor and ball clocking.  Limited - If in accuracy you have selected any number 4-15 then IQE6 the system will predict only after the ball is slower then rotation you’ve selected in accuracy settings. You need it for levelled wheel prediction, to get more accurate results. I suggest predicting only 4,5,6 rotations until the ball drops. Predicting earlier then that hardly that will have accuracy on a levelled wheel.

24 MENU5 / MENU 6 –TILT2 / IQE6 AMERICAN  Please refer to the previous explanation. Set up is same but if you selected the American menu the system will predict based on American number layout with double zero.  DO NOT CONFUSE IT! It is very different.

25 MENU7 - RESTORE After set up and a few predictions you can switch OFF the system. If later you want to play the same wheel again you can restore previous settings. After each prediction the system saves important data about the play. If you set anything for the system the system also saves it for restoring.

26 ROTOR CLOCKING  If you are predicting levelled wheel you can clock rotor at any place and with each spin it can be different. However during same spin you always have to clock ball at the same place where you’ve clocked the rotor.  If you are playing tilted wheel the best is to clock ball at the dominant diamond. With proper settings and offset zero the prediction will be around the same place where the ball drops. You can also clock the ball at different place and it can be different for CW or ACW as long as if it is at the same position as used during the set up. You can not change clocking position form spin to spin since it needs to be the same as when you set the system. To clock full rotor rotation you press and open the switch when zero is at one point, then when the rotor makes full rotation you do it again. With half rotor clocking you press and hold the switch when zero is at opposite side of normal clocking point then you open it when the rotor makes half rotation. Because the switch is pressed for longer time the system knows it is half rotor clocking, therefore no additional setting is required. Each individual spin you can use full or half rotor clocking. If you are planning to use it please practice it first. Use same video spin compare your predictions when full rotor clocking is used with predictions where half rotor clocking is used. In some occasions (as I did on some videos) you can clock rotor and at the opposite position. Then you’ll get the opposite results. For example number zero will be predicted as number 5 or 10 which is on the opposite side of the wheel. Occasionally I use it in real play, to save time until the rotor comes to main clocking position, but then I have to reverse the prediction.

27 DOUBLE BALL CLOCKING  IMPORTANT!!!!!  If you are predicting levelled wheel, tilted wheel with any settings except VIPER, you clock double ball revolutions. It means you clock two ball revolutions as one. When the ball is passing our clocking point you briefly press and release the switch, when the ball passes the same point again you do nothing, then when it is passing the same point again you briefly press the switch. As soon as you pressed it you should get a prediction. (not only if system is set for IQE6 with targeting to have prediction at particular ball revolution defined in accuracy settings).  You can continue with clocking, after an additional two ball rotations, press the switch again and get a new prediction. This prediction is later in time and it also uses 4 ball revolutions in calculation therefore it might be more accurate. You can continue getting multiple predictions all the way until the ball is 2 rotations before the end.

28 BALL CLOCKING - VIPER  IMPORTANT!!!!!  If you are predicting in Viper mode you need to clock the single ball revolutions. When the ball is passing your clocking point you briefly press and release the switch, when the ball passes same point again you briefly press the switch again. You need to continue clocking each time the ball is passing the clocking point until the ball slows down and it has speed within the specified time window in Viper’s settings. If you do not get prediction and the ball is too slow the system will tell you “TO LATE” and take you back to the start of a new spin, where you can select clock or anti-clock ball direction.  For Viper to predict you’ll need at least 2 single rotations clocked and continue clocking until measured ball speed coms within the time frame defined in SET.

29 FFA PREDICTION AND QUALITY  When FFA predicts, (not Viper mode) if right after prediction the system says nothing it is the most accurate prediction. It means that the ball is within plus or minus 15% limits from the ball speed you’ve set the system. (it covers 30% of spins)  If the prediction is followed by “B”, it means that the ball is within plus or minus 30% from ball speed you’ve set the system.  If the prediction is followed by “C”, it means that the ball is within plus or minus 45% from ball speed you’ve set the system.  Remaining is ERROR4 where the system will not predict.  If ball is fast after ERROR4 you can continue clocking, on next prediction the system may predict, or it may give you again an error4. This error is when the ball speed is on the border, where the ball will make or not make an extra rotation. If you get a prediction after E4 most likely it will be followed by “C” class quality. By observing wheel and results the player can decide to play all predictions or just the best. If FFA is used by 2 players, the clocker may continue clocking to get multiple prediction and its up to the player to decide what he wants to do. When the ball is due to drop the system will say NOW.

30 FROM PLAY BACK TO THE MENU If during the game you want to go back to change the settings you do not have to go to the toilet or too reset power or to even look at the FF computer. Simply when it’s time to clock the rotor, press the switch (as you were doing for half rotor clocking) until the system says “open for menu”. At that moment open the switch and the system will take you back to the main menu, where you can change any of the settings. SYSTEM LOCKING When is due to clock the rotor, if you keep the switch pressed for long you will lock the system.

31 SIMPLE START TILT 1. Select SET 2. Select clock if the ball is in clock way direction 3. Clock ball rotations at dominant diamond, listen ball times of 6 th rotation and leave setting when ball time is in middle range values. 4. Go to step 2 and repeat it for anti-clock ball direction 5. Select clock or anti-clock, press and hold the switch to go back to main menu. 6. Select tilt 2 7. Select ball direction 8. Clock rotor at dominant diamond (can be different but same as when setting) 9. Clock the ball at same place as rotor

32 SIMPLE START LEVEL PLAY 1. Select accuracy 2. Select after which ball rotation from the end of spin you want prediction to happen 4-15. (recommended 4,5,6,7 ) 3. Select SET 4. Select clock 5. Clock ball rotations, ONCE IS OK. 6. Go to step 4 and repeat it for anti-clock ball direction 7. Select clock or anti-clock, press and hold the switch to go back to main menu. 8. Select iqe6 9. Select ball direction 10. Clock rotor 11. Clock ball

33 OFFSET FFA can adjust offset independently for each of ball directions. When you are playing and when system is saying CLOCK / ANTI-CLOCK you can select one, you want to adjust this, but this time by pressing and holding the switch. Hold it pressed until system says ADD OFFSET. When you open the switch the system starts counting 0-37. If you want to add to prediction 5 pockets, press the switch after system says 5. It is important to understand that with adjustment you always are adding to the offset pockets in ball direction. If zero was prediction for CW spin and ACW. If you adjust offsets by 1 pocket. Repeated CW spins will be predicted as 32 and ACW spin as 26. NEW-Previous versions would reset offset if you take the new sample, this one will reset it only when power is off. If you restore the game, the system will restore and offsets as they were when last spin was predicted. If you play TILT the ball most likely will drop at area where is prediction if ball jumps mostly 12 pockets you adjust it adding offset 12. If after some time you want to take new set spin you can do it. Go back to menu do it and the offset of 12 would still stay.

34 ERRORS  WHEN SETTING  ERROR1, if you didn’t clock enough ball rotations in set up spin. Minimum is 7. Also for example, if in accuracy settings you have selected rotation 10 and you clock only 9 ball rotations.  ERROR2, Clocked rotation is smaller then previously clocked rotation.  ERROR3, Clocked rotation is far bigger then previously clocked rotation.  TO LATE, Clocked rotation to long to have any meaning. WHEN PLAYING ERROR1, Rotor clocked more then 16 sec, after this error the system also tells us set up settings, system and offset. ERROR2, Clocked rotation is smaller then previously clocked rotation ERROR3, Clocked rotation is far bigger then previously clocked rotation. ERROR4 ball speed is in grey area where is hard to know will it make an extra rotation or not. After this error you can continue clocking and get prediction again. TO LATE, Clocked rotation to long to have any meaning or it ‘s slower then passed time you’ve set for the Viper.

35 BLUETOTH For testing purposes you can simply plug in supplied small earphones to direct audio output (DAO) or if you have small speaker with 3.5 mm audio plug you can use it. DAO can be used to plug in induction loop directly driven from FFA and to use spy earpiece. To activate Bluetooth and to have remote player you need to use supplied Bluetooth receiver, where again you can plug in induction loop or earphones. Before then any Bluetooth communication is possible you need to pair transmitter built inside the FFA with the receiver. There are instructions supplied in the box but here is a short explanation. All needed is to press Bluetooth button on FFA until light starts changing RED/BLUE. It is about 6-7 seconds. Same you do on receiver by pressing main largest button. The devices will negotiate communication get paired. Next time you do not need to pair them again. All is needed is to press the button until light comes up to turn it on. If you have active Bluetooth on your mobile, receiver may pick it up as well so it can be used to receive calls. If you switch off the FFA it will not switch off Bluetooth. You do it by pressing the Bluetooth button for few seconds. When Bluetooth is off there shouldn’t be any light.  Bluetooth receiver and FFA are charged by supplied 2 USB cables (3-4 hours).

36 UNLOCKING Now software has an advanced lock-unlock system. While previous programs have had fixed key code which I was lazy to occasionally change, the new program automatically generates code for each FF individually. If the FF is locked, when powered it will tell you 3 numbers (each number can be 0-15) then it will go to lock state with birds singing sound. After a few seconds of birds singing on each switch pressed, the system will work as a random number generator, generating numbers form 0-36. (I do not believe RNG is illegal in casino since nobody can prove it predicts roulette outcome and it doesn’t influence the game. ) You need to take notice of 3 numbers code. Then subscribe to ” Unlocking FF” forum section where you can enter 3 digits code and in return get digits that you’ll need for unlocking the FF. (remember this number and write it somewhere because you may need it few times). Take notice of ReCaptcha 2 words security code that also needs to be entered to be able to process the form and get new code. Subscription is only for 2 days. Alternatively you can contact me. Process of entering numbers for FF is same as before. System power OFF. Press and hold clocking switch. System power ON. Keep the clocking switch pressed for longer than 4 sec then release it. The system will start counting numbers 0-15. After system says first digit from the code press the switch. Then the system will start counting from zero and you need to repeat process with remaining digits. For example if the code is 12,2,3 You need to press switch after system says 12, then after 2 and finally after 3.Unlocking FF

37 SECURITY The system can be locked for 2 reasons. You can lock it. (same as before described in instructions) In such case you can do it as many times as you want and use the same code to unlock it. Another reason why the system can get locked is when the system predicted 1000 times (errors excluded). In such case the system will l generate a new code and user needs to visit forum to get new code for unlocking. Question that someone may ask is how he could know when 1000 spins will expire? Every time when the system is powered it tells us remaining amount of spins. For example if you have remaining 35 spins the system will tell you. Zero … = 0.035 What if someone has 35 remaining spins to play wants to go to casino and play 100? He can go to unlocking system mode enter his code (example 1,2,3) add 2 or subtract 2. And enter code 123+2=125 or123-2=121. In such case they system will block, he needs to visit forum to get new code which will unlock the system for new 1000 spins to play. (This also prevents someone trying to guess the code, because on some errors the code will change) Of course alternatively he can play 35 spins then go online get new code and continue playing. If you uploaded software, and programmed the FF by yourself. At start the system will lock. When you press the switch the system will generate the new code. Each time when powering the system you will hear it. Visit forum get your unlock code and proceed with unlocking.

38 VIPER VS UNLIMITED  My thoughts, Vipers idea is to clock ball rotations to the end of spin, then computer goes back through clocked times and reads us time of 6 th rotation. If you want you can do it 30 times and observe ball drop points in relationship to ball times that system tells you. Nothing can make better decision then human judgement. This way you get ball times and you can group them to see which ball times are hitting area you want. For example you can observe only ball times when the ball hits one particular diamond (even on a levelled wheel). It may be only 20% of spins that it is hitting It. For example the ball rotations with times 1190 to 1210. You can set Viper ball time to 1200ms and deviation setting to 1 (10 ms. on each side) Now if you are predicting with Viper the system will predict only if while you clocking the ball speed matches frame you’ve selected. If you have a wheel where one diamond getting more hits (let’s say 30%) but not enough for full tilt play you can set Viper to a bit wider deviation and play it. There is nothing new here even first roulette computers used it, the problem was always where to set the time window. But when you can hear it, as it is done with this program version you can precisely know what to set. With good settings you should get accurate results. The main disadvantage is that such an approach is very limited. Prediction is only once during the spin, you get it or you don’t. If there is a change, you’ll need to readjust. For that reason I didn’t make two ball times as a lower and higher limit. But only one ball time with deviation adjustment. Therefore if you need to change the ball time you do it only for the ball speed, while deviation can stay same. Another disadvantage of Viper play is that you may be clocking the ball 10 times until it comes to the time window range. Theoretically Viper will predict anything with limited amount of predictions, so it is for very patient people. It may work where nothing else works.

39 NEW UNLIMITED PLAY New option that during set up you can hear ball time for particular rotation helps you to make the best set up. It may take some time to get spin where ball time will be somewhere in middle of times hitting DD. You may be 10-20 ms off, it’s still ok if the tilt is reasonable. It is always better to settle for a bit slower ball set up spin. After that you can play unlimited TILT2. With added indicator of prediction quality you can play 30, 60 or 90% of spins on a tilted wheel. What you are going to play it really depends of amount of hits the dominant diamond is getting and how safe you want to be.

40 BALL JUMPS SCATTER  The FF system under right conditions and usage predicts where the ball will drop or it predicts number equally distanced form point where the ball will drop. To play effectively you’ll need to know and how the most of the time the ball would jump, then adjust systems predictions/offset according to it.  There is a lot of information and explanations at THE END

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