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The Private Capital News Network Presents The Cape Fear Capital Connection TV Show July 22, 2014 News and Information About Technology, Capital Markets,

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1 The Private Capital News Network Presents The Cape Fear Capital Connection TV Show July 22, 2014 News and Information About Technology, Capital Markets, and Business In The Cape Fear Valley With Thomas Vass

2 Segment One: The Cape Fear Capital Week In Review Lead Story: How The General Electric Aviation News of $30 Billion In New Orders Affects The Cape Fear Regional Economy. General Electric Aviation Spends $300,000,000 each year in North Carolina buying parts and supplies for its plant in Castle Hayne, N. C.

3 Castle Hayne Plant Employs 615 Employment making rotating parts for these engines at Castle Hayne has grown to 615. Economists call this employment the direct effect, meaning that the jobs are directly in the factory. The company invested more than $17 million in machinery and equipment at the plant in The capital investment caused the creation of about 30 new jobs.

4 The Amount of Capital Required To Create One New Job At GE Is Around $560,000 The capital investment at General Electric Aviation had an even bigger impact in the smaller service and supply companies in the Cape Fear region. Economists call this secondary job growth the indirect effect.

5 The Main Economic Strategy For Cape Fear Is To Increase The Amount of Dollars Spent By GE On Small Firms Located In The 7 Cape Fear Counties. The Cape Fear aviation cluster is not as strong as it could be because small firms do not have the capital they need to expand. The Aviation Cluster has seven types of member companies.

6 Many Of These Member Firms Are Located Near Fayetteville *Search, detection, & navigation instruments *Parts for space vehicles & guided missiles *Guided missile & space vehicle manf *Aircraft engine & engine parts manf *Other aircraft parts & equip Aerospace

7 The Private Sector Economic Goal Is To Provide Capital To The Smaller Firms In Cape Fear So That They Can Sell Supplies To General Electric Aviation The amount of capital required by the small firms is not as great as $500,000 per job at General Electric. Each small firm in the Cape Fear Aviation cluster would need about $2 million to expand to take advantage of the $30 billion in new orders at GE. The total regional capital required to fund small firm growth in Cape Fear aviation is about $50 million, every 3 years. Accredited Investor Crowdfunding is the best source for providing this capital.

8 How To Integrate Accredited Investor Crowdfunding Into The Regional Economic Growth Strategy? 1.Create business networking events where CEOs can present their story for growth like the Cape Fear Regional Capital Exchange. 1.Create a better contract manufacturing facility so that product design and production are local. 1.Organize business professional advisors into an association that focuses on putting deals together.

9 Clean Design Internet Marketing For Wrightsville Beach. Would It Work For The Cape Fear Region? Interview with Tom Hickey

10 Segment Two: News About Cape Fear Companies 33rd Strike Group LLC plans to hire about 50 workers over the next three years to manufacture 18-foot catamarans. Telephone Interview With Paul Miller Segment Two

11 The Importance of Technological Innovation In The Cape Fear Region Wilmington optometrist Edward Paul says there is now help for those who have had the disease for some time and for those who recently have been diagnosed with the condition. Paul was the lead scientist in the seven year it took to create, study and conduct trials on a new eye vitamin called, Tozal. It has been on the market for about 18 months.

12 Moving From Innovation to Product Commercialization He is also part of the local Centra Sight program team that has been implanting a pea sized telescope behind the iris of a person's eye. "I think the next big frontier to conquer will be stem cell therapy for macular degeneration, there are several companies that are currently working on that technology where stem cells can be implanted directly into that blind spot in your eye to restore vision," Paul said.

13 The Economic Goal Is To Support Dr. Paul Dr. Paul is a serial entrepreneur He creates wealth over and over again. When a serial entrepreneur creates a new product, local capital can be targeted to help that company be a success. We hope to have Dr. Paul on the program in August to describe his work.

14 Segment Three: Business and Economic Trends and Projections An Alarming Trend In North Carolina Income FRED 50,000 49,000 48,000 47,000 46,000 45,000 44,000 43,000 42,000 41,000 (2012 CPI-U-RS Adjusted Dollars) Real Median Household Income in North Carolina Source: U.S. Department of Commerce: Census Bureau Shaded areas indicate US recessions

15 The Economic Goal Is To Have Cape Fear Technology Firms Manufacture More Products an.. IV L) 1 LP Ft I hi " FON FIT GLOVE S Os cay....Y. Sm. s....Vrammy_ ST,. SSTS msc rasa., sass ler Sr mums.. C.C.S.SC..00 Gras, ssles Yrassme1.. Affwir EON IlliLJE PATCHES 1114C/41711f I 41‘ % a. ass SYSSam MS41. ES, SSICS a era..d rag SYS. S., maSS eras, "Magee _, ramsMsyn 0, MS MSS smonMs Vram- rassIsSm, wor soy pmmi rase ms a Ir>e4 our R SsrMS SS:SS SS, V., M Man a "wan., ComOruk - me see sek as As by MSS vases. sal sem SOS, ie. SYS MS w - awcan..dowar.s.a a joa errearne age* smo..-pSras, ayes c. aee pr... sass -ES a SMs sraSn moraYlra eras., es sees slims iss 30. V So S and rams swims s She parer. are* vR7eas4 r. easrarde Csaraplosy FIEIFUI.= cam sr...ram ZIPPER" IWACIOCIKM saae.cra V SMS. bse_ _ as is m- rms. SS,.ode Ss sr sly sash" SOS as a sips mramsraf metre. Pis S. Ima Wc... V. REDO m - 1, ennaaber Sma Er MappO,MM SY ass I., it r ass morassbn. SS SOD MS cStraSsr ors ass.. Symmm - SS... *SS OSMIsn ages mraS SS. SS Oms._Sras lesSsram solar sag wv`L la..A Owe.masalap swore as waffam mmmem Wm. assigps, Ss.m. ie. SFS. 11POISMIGT ESJCII. VIRSram Srara, '=.".= soy. AS 'SS Sys. lass SS..rawrrasimiss. SYS...1W*.CMJ, O. worm.. Smsracv s.JC aft Ssess srass=lgr. srararas ms.... Samay sass As. SS. mosey SO "MS.. St Ism..MwS. MsS SMra

16 Segment Three: More Business Networking Events 13th Annual North Carolina Defense and Economic Development Trade Show Our Guest Mickey Finn NC MBC

17 Segment Four North Carolina Defense Business Association - Phil Williams Chairman Science & Technology Committee

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