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Hanover Dynasty Dynasty of Windsor 20th century

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1 Hanover Dynasty Dynasty of Windsor 20th century
VY_32_INOVACE_14-20 BRITISH HISTORY III Hanover Dynasty Dynasty of Windsor 20th century

2 Hanover Dynasty GEORGE I (1714-1727) GEORGE II (1727-1760)
18th century, dynasty of German line of Georges (I-IV), William IV, Victoria GEORGE I ( ) modern government PM position established growing power of Britain, trading post in India, colonies in Africa Gibraltar and Minorca – war with Spain  GEORGE II ( ) Seven Year`s War 1756  with France for India received Canada, Florida, Dominica, Grenada + settlements in Africa Parliament divided: Whigs – liberals Torries – conservatives

3 George III GEORGE III (1760- 1803)
Industrial Revolution: change from agricultural to industrial country end 18th cent. GB= the richest country French revol , US independence    Napoleonic wars 19th cent. Admiral Nelson 1798 on Nile destroyed French fleet 1805 – Trafalgar – Nelson dies Waterloo – gen. Wellington 1833 – slavery abolished Metropolitan Police established GB = Workshop of the world

4 Victoria * , monarch of the UK and Ireland, Empress of India throne: 1837 – 1901 the longest reign, growth of British empire, stability of way of life changes: agriculture  industry, culture, politics, science, army power from aristocracy  middle class Irish problems reforms: education – schools, compulsory sch. attendance health work – working hours, child labour Buckingham Palace, married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, 9 children, attempts to assassinate her Boer War, last monarch of Hannover Dynasty  Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Dyn.

5 Autor: Neznámý, Název: Queen-Victoria.png

6 20th century Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Edward VII
WWI…renamed: Windsor Dynasty: George V Edward VIII George VI Elizabeth II 1921 – Irish independance, 1926 – The British Commonwealth of Nations colonies  independent (India, Pakistan,…) WWII Winston Churchill Battle of Britain – 1940 Allied Forces – ‘D-day’ lost a position of a superpower 1952 – Elizabeth II on throne

7 Autor: Associated Press, Název: Queen Elizabeth II - 1953-Dress.JPG
Elizabeth II in 1953 Autor: Associated Press, Název: Queen Elizabeth II Dress.JPG Zdroj:

8 After WWII Elizabeth II: throne: 1952 - ….
married: Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 4 children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward NATO, EU PMs: Margaret Thatcher John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron

9 Autor: Clawson, Název: Dodthatcher.JPG
Margaret Thatcher Autor: Clawson, Název: Dodthatcher.JPG Zdroj:

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