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2 Name: Stephen Jonathan Geist Rank/Branch: E4/US Army Unit: Detachment A-334, 5th Special Forces Date of Birth: 12 April 1946 (Philadelphia PA) Home City of Record: Silver Springs MD. Loss Date: 26 September 1967 Country of Loss: South Vietnam Loss Coordinates: N E (XT633739) Status (in 1973): Missing In Action Category: 4Acft/Vehicle/Ground: O1DRefno: 0841Other Personnel In Incident: Lynn R. Huddleston (missing) Source: Compiled from one or more of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, information from sister-in-law, Susan Ragan, May 22, 2000 and Nov 15, 2002. CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES

3 After six months of heavy combat, Geist was pulled back to a supporting filed unit of the Special Forces. There, SSG Geist was assigned as a Heavy Weapons Specialist, Detachment A-332, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), III Corps, War Zone C, Republic of Vietnam. As a member of this 12 man team, SSG Geist was responsible for the training of indigenous SVN troops in the operation of heavy weapons, Machine guns, mortars, recoilless rifle, infantry tactics and training, and camp defenses. He also accompanied troops on combat patrols. CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES On 25 September 1967, SSG Geist was the observer aboard an O1D aircraft of the 74th Aviation Company piloted by Lt. Lynn R. Huddleston on a visual reconnaissance mission north of Minh Thanh, Binh Long Province, 4 miles from the Cambodian border.

4 A radio call was received by Detachment A-332 at 0930 hours from Lt
A radio call was received by Detachment A-332 at 0930 hours from Lt.Huddleston. No coordinates were given. Again at 1030 hours, a call from Lt. Huddleston was monitored by Hon Quan Radar, and Huddleston gave his position as the vicinity of grid coordinates XT633739, or a few miles from the border of Cambodia just north of Minh Thanh. This was the last radio communication with the personnel aboard the O1D. The plane never reached its destination. Search and rescue was initiated at 1310 hours, but was terminated 3 days later without any sightings of either the aircraft or its crew. No trace has ever been found. CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES

5 The strategic location of the Special Forces Detachment A-332 camp at My Thach was a thorn in the side of the VC and NVA. The Minh Thanh A Team camp was located off Route 14 in Binh Long Province about 22 miles south of the Cambodian border and 35 miles east of Tay Ninh (near by is Nui Ba Dinh mountain). This area was heavily occupied by both local VC battalions and NVA troops, who, at the time were entrenched in the heavily fortified strongholds north of the Iron Triangle and close to the Fishhook area of Cambodia and South Vietnam. This area was the site of Operation Junction City 1, Febraury to May Additionally, at this same period of time, many enemy troops were pushing down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, infiltrating and preparing for the Tet Offensive of 1968. It is highly likely that SSG Geist and Lt. Huddleston overflew a concentration of enemy positions that the enemy did not want identified. CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES 5


7 In 1988 recovery done just over the border but was not Stephen or Lynn
In 1988 recovery done just over the border but was not Stephen or Lynn. There is also another addition stating (can't remember the date) from a villager an 0D-1 went down in that area on the same day. When the villagers arrived at the crash sight one was dead and the one with the gun was executed. No grave site was located. This shows that Stephen's search may now be expanded into Cambodia. Stephen's memorial marker is placed in Andersonville, GA the old Civil War POW Camp and the National X-POW Museum. BINH LONG Province Vietnam 1967 5TH SF A-334 & A-332 CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES

8 CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES In 1999 Stephen received a second PH, this one for giving his life for his country. The Medal presentation was performed with General (4 star) Thomas Schwartz, Commander of Army's Forces Command Fort McPherson. General Schwartz wears Stephen's bracelet. A grateful nation, at last, has given Stephen the honor he well deserves. The first PH with V was awarded Stephen for wounds he received during the battle of Tong Le Chon a remote Fire Base that was astride the Saigon River close to Cambodia on the border of Bin Long and Tay Ninh Provinces. A major NVA infiltrated the route. The camp was commanded by the Loc Lam Da Biet (LLDB) Vietnamese Special Forces Team, SF counter parts. The desertion rate amongst the CIDG was high owing to corruption within the LLDB. On Aug 7, 1967 the camp was attacked by the 165 NVA Regiment.

9 CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES Stephen's battle position was on the SE corner of an inner defense laterite berm. He manned a machine gun. The attack started with a rocket and motor attack destroying the POL dump. When Puff and Spooky arrived on station, the area was illuminated and gattling guns from a CH47 ringed the Camp with metal rain holding the NVA at bay until dawn. At dawn the NA Thrang Mike force arrived along with a Brigade from the 1st ID driving off the NVA.During the day Stephen helped the Medical NCO conduct sick calls for the soldiers and their families. He also carried out Civil Affairs projects touching the lives of many civilians which included helping distribute the weekly class A rations received via C-123 or C-7A aircraft from the Chinese food contractor and paying soldiers 9

10 As a fellow Vietnam Vet. I ask you to do a few simple things.
Its been 43 yrs since 1967, and Steve, Sister is still doing her best to get her brothers remains returned home.     As a fellow Vietnam Vet. I ask you to do a few simple things. 1st pass this on to all the VNV that you know.You just might pass it on to someone who knew Steve in Vietnam who may have some pictures of him. 2nd if you do or did know Steve, It would be nice of you to send her any information you might have. 3rd Lets all say a prayer for Susie that Steve is found this year and sent home. CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES

11 Susie Stephens-Harvey
Here is Susie Point of Contact Information DYING FOR FREEDOM ISN'T THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN....BEING FORGOTTEN IS ! Susie Stephens-Harvey President, Georgia Committee for POW/MIA Inc. State and Region 1 Coordinator National League of Families for POW/MIA's In Southeast Asia 5673 Columbia Pike, Suite 100 Falls Church, VA 22041 CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES

12 You can also help by login onto
Let us all stand together and try and help Susie CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDES You can also help by login onto

13 Stephen Jonathan Geist

14 The End

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