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Presented by Grand Junction High School Counseling Department Staff.

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1 Presented by Grand Junction High School Counseling Department Staff

2 Who is on Your Team? Administrators Jon BilboPrincipal Jami MooreAssistant Principal A-Gj Carol CoburnAssistant Principal Gk-N Jason EidingerAssistant Principal O-Z Counselors Serenity SantistevanA-Gj Ann KuhlmanGk-N Lori PlantikoO-Z Dustin GiesenhagenFreshmen A-K Tayler MerrihewFreshmen L-Z Jane NelmsFutures Center/ School-to-Career Lori StrattonCounseling Center Secretary Sara DreilingRecords Secretary Robbie OwensProgress Monitor 10 th -12 th Tayler MerrihewProgress Monitor 9 th Dustin GiesenhagenProgress Monitor 9 th

3  We hope this evening’s information, and other presentations to come, will give you and your student a plan for this year and next.  Our purpose is to help give the kids the “kick in the pants” they may need, and to give parents relief in knowing there actually is a plan!!

4 Graduation Requirements  25 Credits  2.0 GPA for Conventional Diploma  3.5 GPA “with Distinction” Diploma  Financial Literacy class – Life Management, Personal Finance or Economics  Proficiency in CSAP or an ACT with a 17 cumulative score  Progress Monitors  Robbie Owens  Service Learning Requirement – 30 hours plus paper  Advisors collect information  Millennium Club (100 + year of graduation)

5 Credit Summary- Dist 51 High School Subject AreaReq. CompDef CM Communications0.500.50 CL Computer Literacy0.500.500.50 E1 9th Comp/Lit A & B1.001.00 E2 10th Comp/Lit A&B1.001.00 E3 11th Lit/Comp0.500.000.50 E4 12th Lit/Comp0.500.000.50 EN English Elective0.500.000.50 FA Fine Arts0.500.50 FE Personal Finance0.500.000.50 MA Math3.002.500.50 PE Physical Education0.501.00 PF Personal Fitness & Wellness0.500.000.50 S1 Science-Earth1.001.00 S2 Science-Life1.000.500.50 S3 Science-Physical1.000.001.00 SG World Geography1.001.00 SH US History1.000.001.00 SS Soc Studies Elective0.500.50 SV American Government0.500.000.50 ZE Elective9.502.507.50 ------Total Credits----25.00012.50 13.50

6  English4.0 credits  Math4.0 credits (Alg. I, Geometry, Alg. II, and higher or Math I, II, III, and higher)  Natural/Physical Science3.0 credits (Two must have a lab)  Social Sciences3.0 credits  World Language1.0 credit (Some colleges require more than one)  Academic Electives2.0 credits

7 The majority of GJHS academic classes fulfill the HEAR requirements. The following currently DO NOT :  Business Math, Accounting, Personal Finance, Numeracy, Tech Math, Crosswalk Math  Food Science, Physical Science  Theater Art classes, Journalism classes, Business Communication  Law Related Education, Teen Court, Ethnic Studies, Mexican-American Studies  Check with the college or university if you want to know for sure!! You can call their admissions office or check the college’s website.

8  CCHE College Fair (FMHS) Oct. 6 8:30-10:30am  RMASS SAT/PSAT Prep Sept. 24 9am-3pm  Colorado Western Slope College Fair Oct. 9 11 am–2pm  Senior Pictures & Parent Dedications due Sept. 30th  Senior Class Meeting (Jostens) Oct. 24 th  ASVAB Oct. 27 12-4pm  Financial Aid NightsJan.-March  FAFSA deadline for SeniorsFebruary  Two-Year Colleges, Technical School ExpoTBA  State ACT (all Juniors) April 24th  Baccalaureate May 13th  Graduation May 15th

9  NAVIANCE-Futures planning web-based program  Junior/Senior updates  ACT and SAT testing dates    College Visits – college representatives visit GJHS  Scholarship search  HEAR information – Colorado Public 4yr College entrance requirements  Opportunities for students

10  Check Transcripts for Graduation Requirements  Meet With Your Counselor For Senior Interview – starting Oct. 10th  Retake the ACT, if necessary  Sign up for COF (College Opportunity Fund  NCAA transcript evaluation  Attend College Fairs  Check Naviance for Campus Visit Days and College Rep Visits to GJHS  Career exploration: What skills will you need?  Work Keys test for employment resume  Scholarship Search Begins  Order Graduation Items  Finalize Educational and/or Employment Resume  Letters of Recommendation (allow at least 2 weeks)  Begin Writing Personal Essay  Make a Final List Of College Choices  Make an email address to use for all your educational/employment emails

11  Continue Rigorous Coursework  AP Classes  Concurrent CMU Classes  WCCC  Business Work Experience (BWE)  Career Internships

12  Sign up for the PSAT – Wed., Oct. 12 (Nat’l Merit) (Pay $14 in the main office/limited number of tests)  Join School Clubs, Community Activities, Sports  Attend College Fairs  Research, Research, Research-Naviance can help!  Explore Summer Enrichment Programs  Continue to Develop Good Study Habits  Create your Employment and/or Educational Resume  College Visits-There is no substitute for being on a college campus  Maintain Good Grades  Rigor – keep pushing yourself

13  Tech School?  Military?  The World of Work?  Two-Year College?  Four-Year College or University? If you are not sure, watch for information about the Two-Year/Technical Expo!

14  Family Conversation about college and $$$  Request Letters of Recommendation from teachers, coaches, counselors, etc.  Write your College Application Essay  Fill-out your Applications  Retake ACT/SAT if needed  Continue College Research  Campus Visits  Scholarship Search  Notify College of Acceptance – May 1st

15 Get help with FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  December and February  Personal advisement and FAFSA assistance will be available Read your school newsletter and Naviance updates to stay tuned for exact dates and times.

16 Tonight: Colorado Mesa University – Available in the lobby Upcoming in October: Select colleges and universities from around the state

17  Division I & II Colleges/Universities  Register by the End of Junior Year  Meet Academic Core Course Requirements in High School  Meet with Your Counselor to review Your Transcript in Junior/Senior Year  ACT Code 060-695

18 Thank You For Coming

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