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COWG (Cloud Options Working Group) Survey Report Nov. 12, 2013.

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1 COWG (Cloud Options Working Group) Survey Report Nov. 12, 2013

2 Members 6 institutions joined to the working group. Jerry Perez, Philip Smith, Alan Sill, Texas Tech University Sandra Harper, University of Alabama in Huntsville Sergio Tafur, University of Central Florida Amit H. Kumar, Old Dominion University Archit Kulshrestha, Affiliation not defined Chaowei Yang, George Mason University Byunggu Yu, Dong H Jeong, Nian Zhang, University of the District of Columbia

3 Activities Identifying possible short-term and long-term goals Community Online Survey Email request sent to all SURAgrid member institutions Community Online Survey Result Total # of participants: 9 (from 8 institutions) 7 of 9 participants heard about COWG (Cloud Options Working Group)

4 Activities (cont.) 67% (6) has interests in utilizing both Grid + Cloud computing. Instead of focusing exclusively on either. 56% (5) is focused on research + development only. About 34% (3) would like to focus on education and research + development. Most participants utilize cloud-related technologies. Most participants have interests in Big Data processing. From the question asking about their interest in working groups (Multiple sections). 7 participants - FutureGrid (COWG) project 8 participants - NIST Big Data Working Group 4 participants - NIST SAJACC working group

5 Activities (cont.) Most organizations focus on utilizing HADOOP and OpenStack. Recommended possible directions for COWG a. Application environments (deliverables to the end user) b. Sharing experiences and expertise among SURAgrid members c. Identify possible research questions d. Sharing authentication and authorization e. Focusing on designing an interface to support utilizing both grid and cloud simultaneously.

6 Future Plans Initiatives Scientific research BigData: PaaS extended and SaaS development through Visual Bigdata Science research and applications. Community outreach Build a wiki page to share ideas and information about cloud computing in general and any related events.

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