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Experimental Design Good LuckZoomZoomMac & cheeseLittle BitsOne Cell Two Cell 111111 222222 333333 444444.

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1 Experimental Design Good LuckZoomZoomMac & cheeseLittle BitsOne Cell Two Cell

2 ED1 What is the IV?

3 Phosphate ED 1

4 ED2 Which of these is the control in the experiment?

5 not covered ED 2

6 ED3 Daily Double

7 List all 6 organelles and a function ED 3

8 ED4 A What is the IV? B What is the DV? C What is the control? D Name one constant

9 A. pH B. Number of dead plants C. pH of 7 D. Same type of plants ED 4

10 B 1 How much as CO 2 risen since 1960?

11 5.00 x 10 2 B 1

12 W/pH 2 The ability of the human body to keep bloodsugar levels within a fairly narrow range, despite the intake of meals high in carbohydrates, is an example of

13 homeostasis B 2

14 B - 3 How big is this cell in mm?.200, 1.5,.800, 2.00

15 .800 mm B 3

16 B 4 What is the lowest number of sheep between ? In scientific notation

17 1.50 x 10 6 B 4

18 Carb 1 What is the optimal temperature

19 40 degrees C C 1

20 Carb 2 What happened to the reaction rate for the plant’s enzymes as the pH became more concentrated.

21 Decrease C 2

22 Carb 3 Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starch (amylose). What three things would cause this enzyme to denature?

23 1. pH less than 4 2. pH greater than High Heat C 3

24 Carb 4 A. What product is being produced? B. What is molecule Z?

25 A. Sugar B. enzyme C 4

26 D 1 List the 4 macromolecules and their building blocks M – BB (otherwise it will be wrong)

27 Carbs - Glucose Lipids – fatty acids Proteins – amino acids Nucleic Acids - nucleotides D 1

28 D 2 What building block is being shown in number 4

29 Nucleotide D 2

30 D 3 One category of organic compounds contains molecules composed of long hydrocarbon chains which are hydrophobic. The hydrocarbon chains may be saturated or unsaturated. What macromolecule is this?

31 Lipid D 3

32 D 4 Two types of sugars were tested. A. what molecule is in sample A? B. What molecule is in sample B?

33 A. Starch B. Sugar D 4

34 Nucleic Acids 1 Which cell structure is correctly paired with its primary function? ribosome–protein synthesis mitochondrion–movement vacuole–cell division nucleus–storage of nutrients

35 Ribosomes – protein synthesis E1

36 E2 According the endosymbiotic theory which two organelles are most likely to have evolved from ancient bacteria that were once independent cells? mitochondria and chloroplast chloroplast and nucleus ribosome and nucleus nucleus and mitochondria

37 Mitochondria and chloroplast E 2

38 E3 What organelle fits the key word A Release energy = B Capture energy = C Protein = D Eukaryote =

39 A. Mitochondria B. Chloroplast C. Ribosome D.Nucleus E3

40 E4 For each scenario what organelle would be directly affected? A. prolonged cloud cover B. lack of protein in diet C. toxin that blocks glucose absorption D. being placed in a cellulase rich solution

41 A. Chloroplast B. Ribosome C. Mitochondria D. Cell Wall E4

42 F 1 What cell is this?

43 Plant cell F 1

44 F 2 A. What cell is this? B. How does it move? C. Heterotroph or Autotroph

45 A. Amoeba B. Pseudopodia C. Heterotroph F 2

46 Protein 3 Does not work


48 F 3 Fill in the blanks…

49 Heterotrophic, yes, Multicellular F 3

50 F 4 Daily Double

51 EX – Bacteria – no nucleus, no MBO For each cell type list TWO characteristics that let you know it has to be that organism. EX – Bacteria – no nucleus, no MBO A. Paramecium B. Plant C. Euglena D. Animal F 4

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