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10 th Annual Post Award Workshop March 23, 2011 Sponsored by: Vice President for Research Sponsored Programs Office Sponsored Programs Accounting.

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2 10 th Annual Post Award Workshop March 23, 2011 Sponsored by: Vice President for Research Sponsored Programs Office Sponsored Programs Accounting

3 Workshop Goals/Objectives Overview of Sponsored Programs Office & Sponsored Programs Accounting structure Introduce Sponsored Programs Accounting’s staff Walk-through of SPA’s reference manual Introduction to the Post Award Process Provide tools to help you manage your awards. Describe the new IRAD process Answer specific questions

4 VPR STRUCTURE FOR SPONSORED PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION VPR Vice President for Research Dave Reed SPO Sponsored Programs Office Julie Seppala PRE-AWARD SPO POST AWARD Sponsored Prgms Accounting (SPA) IIE Office of Innovation & Industry Engagement Jim Baker PRE-AWARD IIE

5 SPONSORED PROGRAMS ACCOUNTING Tammy LaBissoniere Associate Director Kelly Kallio Grant Accountant Federal/State Pass Thru & Other Trevor Hodges Assistant Grant Accountant Federal Grants Expenditure Review & Financial Rpts Chris Stancher Assistant Grant Accountant Industry/University Federal Pass Thru/Federal Letter of Credit Billing Richelle Schwaller Federal Pass Thru and State Christine Gruver Billing Coordinator Invoicing & Receivable Collection/Financial Rpts Carol Frendewey Office & Account Assistant Expenditure Review Support Staff Karen Foltz Office & Account Assistant Support Staff


7 POST AWARD REFERENCE MANUAL Easy access from SPA’s webpage (Under Training) / /

8 Sponsored Project Responsibilities General Fiscal Responsibilities Sponsored Programs Accounting Principal Investigator (PI) Department Chair/Director

9 General Fiscal Responsibilities Every university employee Compliance with university policies Compliance with federal and other agencies’ policies Should the expense be paid from public funds? Checks and balances are needed at every level

10 Sponsored Programs Accounting Establish Projects in accounting system Review expenses for compliance Prepare/submit reimbursement requests and financial reports to sponsors Assist PI in the financial close out of projects Collect outstanding receivables from sponsoring agencies Distribute PI, Department, College, and Institute Quarterly IRAD Returns Track Michigan Tech Cost Share

11 Principal Investigator (PI) Management of expenditures Appropriateness and reasonableness of expenditures Initiation of budget and/or other modifications Preparation of technical reports/deliverables Review of monthly accounting statements Review and approval of effort reports for each program

12 Department Chair/Director Approve departmental cost share or matching Monitor faculty and staff effort Approval of substantial modifications to the award Oversight of project administration by the PI


14 How You Receive Your Award & Index Number SPO/IIE (pre-award) receives award notification SPO/IIE reviews the terms & conditions SPO/IIE routes to PI with special terms & conditions noted on the Notification of Award PI reviews the terms & conditions SPO/IIE routes for authorized signatures SPO/IIE routes fully executed award to PI & SPA SPA sets up index number in Banner SPA informs PI & Dept Coord. of the index # –Multiple index numbers may be assigned

15 Index Number Coding Sponsored Programs Accounting E4, E5 & E34 – Sponsored -E4 are sponsor funds & E5 are cost share funds E35 – Institutional Research & Development (IRAD) Accounting Services E0 – Enterprise, Senior Design, Research Related Gifts A1 – General Fund D – Start Up, Unrestricted Gifts, Equipment Use

16 MANAGING YOUR PROJECT Tools/Internal forms to use to when monitoring your expenditures & managing your project Questions to ask before spending- allowable/unallowable costs and budget flexibility

17 Tools/forms to use in managing your projects Budget vs. Actual by Account Code (Account Summary) Detail Transaction/Organization Detail Activity Open Purchase Order/Open Encumbrances by Dept and Financial Manager Labor Distribution/Gross Earnings Payroll Expenses

18 Budget vs. Actual Report

19 Open Encumbrance Report

20 Organization Detail Report AKA: Transaction Detail

21 Gross Earnings Report 


23 Questions to Ask Before Spending Are there enough funds available? Is the expense within the start and end dates? Is the expense allowable?

24 Allowable Costs Unallowable costs Prior approval from the sponsor Budget flexibility

25 Unallowable Costs award-management/allowable-expenditures/ award-management/allowable-expenditures/ General purpose office supplies: –Paper –Printers –Printer cartridges –Copy charges –Telephone charges –Postage General purpose computers Tuition for GRAs is allowable only when the student is receiving stipend from that same award

26 Prior Approval From the Sponsor Equipment purchases require prior approval from the sponsor if the equipment was not originally budgeted or disclosed in the proposal budget or budget justification Other prior approval restrictions will be noted on the notification of award

27 Charging Expenditures to Federal Projects award-management/salary-wages-payroll/ Administrative and Clerical Salaries are normally unallowable Costs are allowable when they are directly attributable to specific work under a sponsored agreement For expenditures that are used to support multiple projects, those projects should normally be charged an appropriate amount based on use to the extent practical

28 Charging Expenditures to Federal Projects (Continued) Reallocation of Expenditures –Reallocations must be made promptly after discovery of the errors. –Any expenditure allocable to a particular sponsored project may not be shifted to other sponsored projects in order to meet deficiencies caused by overruns. –Reallocations should be made within 90 days of the original charge. –Frequent or inadequately documented reallocations raise serious questions about the propriety of the reallocations themselves.

29 Charging Expenditures to Federal Projects (Continued) If your purchases are unusual, Sponsored Programs Accounting will be requesting more information to document our files for auditing purposes. Therefore, you may want to consider providing explanations for the use of the purchase at the time you are processing the paperwork.

30 Budget Flexibility programs/accounting/pdf/Budget_Modification_Matrix.pdf programs/accounting/pdf/Budget_Modification_Matrix.pdf External/Sponsor dictated budget constraints will be noted on the notification of award Internal budget flexibility is normally 25% variance of the budget category Internal budget modification guidelines- Budget Matrix

31 Changes Needed On Your Project Request for Modification Form sored-programs/pdf/req_mod.pdf Request for Advance Form sored-programs/pdf/advance2.pdf

32 Any questions and/or Discussion items?

33 Close Out of Awards management/project-close-out/ management/project-close-out PI is notified by SPA 3 months prior to the end date of the project that the award is expiring. Close out period can be 90, 60, 45 or 30 days after the end date. This translates into 75, 45, 30 and 20 days, respectively. Project deficits need to be cleared timely. Expenditures in excess of the award amount should be reallocated to an unrestricted index. award-management/award-modifications/

34 Institutional Research & Development (IRAD) research-development.html research-development.html Distribution –PI 10% –Dept 10% –College 10% –Institute/Center 20% Deposited in E35 index, quarterly basis Funds to be spent on items that enhance research and graduate studies


36 Thank You for Attending Call 487-2244 if you have any questions Please fill out the evaluation form Refer to our website at: programs/accounting/

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