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Week 3 Thursday. E4. Fig19A E4.2A E4.15Cii E4.26A.

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1 Week 3 Thursday

2 E4. Fig19A E4.2A E4.15Cii E4.26A

3 Characterization Internal development External development Universal theme World connections

4 Readers make connections in order to better understand themselves and the world around them by reading a variety of texts and genres. What is the value of storytellers? Universal theme World connections

5 Gain understanding of the storytelling tradition. Storytelling Quotes (1 per student).




9 Select a novel written by a British author to use during Daily Lessons 4-12 or two short stories, the first for Daily Lessons 4-7, and the second for Daily Lessons 9-12. Share relevant background knowledge about the selected short story or novel. Refer English IV Unit 01 Writing Appetizer.

10 “Why is this important to me?” Every idea is relative in how it relates to the individual in a personal way. Universal theme - transcends social and cultural boundaries and speaks to a common human experience Assesses Performance Indicator: “Record multiple entries that include p thoughts, and responses to literary and informational texts.” Personal and world connections

11 1. Writing Appetizer: 7 min. 2. Tangible memories and reflections are what make up literature. We are able to learn more about ourselves and the world around us through literature. 3.Storytelling Quotes. 4. Read the quotations on the handout and share interpretations and personal relevance of the quotation with other members of the group. Choose one quotation that best represents a connection for most of the members in the group.

12 5. Student groups share their ideas with the class. 6. Discuss the history of storytelling. Explain that stories began as oral traditions and were told with great ceremony and reverence. Share that cultures venerated their stories; storytellers held a position of great honor and esteem. Ask: Why do you think storytellers were valued? What is the significance of a story? 7. Explain that stories express universal themes that resonate over time. Explain that stories can be used as a tool for students to find out more about themselves.

13 8. Record the following in your Reader’s Notebook: Title of a story, book, or film that made an impression on you The universal theme expressed in the narrative Favorite childhood story or fairy tale Similarities between the main character in the story and yourself Similarities between the two stories and their themes, how they relate to you, and what is important to you 9. Share the responses.

14 10.Your favorite story is a metaphorical or symbolic reflection of who they are. 11. You will read fictional texts written by British authors representing major literary periods. How are these texts relevant to us today? Discuss responses.

15 12. Share relevant background information about the author, the year the text was published, the historical context of the text, and other relevant background information. Refer to the major literary time periods of British literature and where the text falls on the timeline. Record this information in their Reader’s Notebooks.

16 13.Refer to the Anchor Chart: What Effective Readers Do. Explain to students that they will make real-world connections to their lives as they read the text. 14.Read Aloud from the novel or short story. After getting into the Flow of the writing, note the syntax, the style of the author, and any information that will help students read the text independently.


18 What do effective readers do?

19 Name List some adjectives Age Speech Formality, Accent, Speed, Tone Emotions and Thoughts What is typical of this character? Effect on Others How do others feel about character? Typical Actions Actions typical of this character Appearan ce Review: Character:

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