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Dr Keith Ellis European Friction Industries

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1 Dr Keith Ellis European Friction Industries
Regulation 90 Dr Keith Ellis European Friction Industries

2 Introduction R90 or Annex 15 to 98/12 R90 Annexes 3 to 7
Testing and COP Packaging Costs Approval routes Mandatory dates and scope Policing

3 R90 or Annex 15 to 98/12 R90 ECE United Nations - not mandatory
Annex 15 of EEC Directive 98/12 - mandatory for under 3.5 tonnes R90/01 accepted for Annex 15 SI 2978 The road vehicles (brake linings safety) regulations 1999

4 R90/01 - Annexes 3 to 7 Annex 3 M1,M2,N1 Motor vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes Annex 4 M3, N2,N3 Motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes Annex 5 O1,O2 Trailers up to 3.5 tonnes Annex 6 O3,O4 Trailers over 3.5 tonnes Annex 7 L1,2,3,4,5 Motorcycles

5 Testing and C.O.P. Annex 3 - vehicle or vehicle and dynamometer
Annexes 4 and 6 - vehicle or dynamometer or rolling road Annex 7 - Vehicle only Tests cover OE approval plus additional comparison tests C.O.P. tests are for friction, shear and compression.

6 Packaging Axle sets, tamper proof
Rivets of suitable size and material for drum linings Package to show E mark, manufacturers mark, make and type of pad/lining, approved vehicles, fitting instruction Pad/lining to show E-mark, batch code, make and type of lining

7 Costs of R90 Annex 3 master £2000 - £4000 Annex 4 master £4000 - £6000
Cost per approval depends on number of references grandfathered per master approval and which approval authority/test authority is used. car references 100+ CV references

8 Approval Routes TUV / KBA - E1 VTAC / VCA - E11 TUV / RDW - E4
SPAIN / RDW - E4 Managed approvals by EFI

9 Dates and scope Annex 3 became mandatory on 1st April 2001 for sale or fitment to all V reg (1st Sept 99) and on vehicles Annexes 4, 6 and 7 recently set aside after industry consultation Possible introduction for CV disc pads only in UK R90/01 mandatory in Spain from Oct 2003 for all vehicles from Oct 2003

10 Policing In UK by Trading Standards By the industry - report to BFMC
OES sales Protecting an investment in excess of £1Million per company

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