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Substandard Performance of Duty Declining Performance Detachment for Cause Removal of Security Clearance when Required by Rating Military or Civilian Conviction or NJP Administrative or Personnel Action for Misconduct such as DUI, DWI, Spouse or Child Abuse In addition to these performance indicators, maximum retention quotas will be developed by rating, paygrade, and years of service.

3 ELIGIBILITY: (Sailors that meet ALL of the criteria below as of 1 October 2011 will be reviewed)
Paygrades E4-E8 At least 7 Years of Active Service Computed from their Active Duty Service Date (ADSD) Less than 15 Years of Active Service End of Active Obligated Service as Extended (SEAOS) of 1 October 2012 or Later Be in One of the following 31 Overmanned Ratings: ABF AWR EO PR AD AWV ET(SURF) PS AE AZ FC(NON-AEGIS) RP AG BU GSE SH AM CE MM(SURF) STG AS CM MN SW AT EA MR UT AWF EM(SURF) OS (The rates highlighted are the rates that will affect our FRCs)

4 ELIGIBILITY EXCEPTIONS: (Personnel are exempt for the following)
Full-Time Support (FTS) Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors in overmanned ratings with a SEAOS of 30 September 2012 and earlier, will be adjudicated by PTS and will not be reviewed by this board. Nuclear Navy Enlisted Classification Code (NEC) – Refer to NAVADMIN 129/11 for list Personnel assigned as Joint Special Operations Command Enablers Personnel with a Rate/NEC eligible to receive a Zone B or C SRB Personnel with orders as of 1 August 2011 to or are attending a school to receive an SRB eligible NEC, but who have not yet graduated Personnel enrolled in the Safe Harbor Program E6-E8 Personnel selected by the FY-12 MCPO, SCPO, or CPO enlisted selection boards, Command Master Chief-Senior Chief board, or LDO-CWO board Personnel selected for CPO through the Sailor of the Year (SOY) program and the Enlisted Recruiter of the Year (EROY) program in FY-11

5 ELIGIBILITY EXCEPTIONS (cont): (Personnel are exempt for the following)
E4-E6 Personnel advanced from the September 2010 Navy-Wide Advancement Exam (NWAE), or selected for advancement from the March 2011 NWAE Personnel advanced to E4-E6 via the Combat Meritorious Advancement Program (CMAP) Personnel selected for conversion to one of the undermanned ratings listed in NAVADMIN 129/11 prior to 16 July 2011 Personnel not selected for retention on Active Duty who are subsequently selected for advancement through the September 2011 E4-E6 NWAE will advance to the next higher pay grade during advancement cycle 212 (January-June 2012) and their ERB results will be vacated. These Sailors will retained on Active Duty.

6 CONVERSION OPTIONS: Sailors selected for conversion into an undermanned rating will receive PCS orders to transfer to A-School or to fill a vacancy in their new rating by the end of FY-12. Personnel must satisfy eligibility requirements for ratings into which they wish to apply The following rating eligibility requirements are waived, based on needs of the Navy, to allow ERB eligible Sailors the maximum opportunity to convert: Personnel with greater than 12 years of service will be considered All personnel regardless of paygrade will be considered Personnel with more than 12 months to PRD will be considered Minimum Activity Tour requirements are waived Personnel in receipt of PCS orders will be considered OBLISERV requirements incurred as a result of reenlistment, training, or other programs are waived

The following ratings will accept applications for conversion: CS (SUB) CTR FT MM-WEPS CTI CTT HM NC (COUNSELOR) CTM ET-NAV ITS YN (SUB) CTN ET-RADIO LS (SUB) A future NAVADMIN will address rating application requirements, timeline, and process

8 TIMELINE OF EVENTS: 02 MAY 2011: COMNAVPERSCOM submits eligibility list of candidates to NETPDTC 16 MAY 2011: Initial rating retention quotas will be available for Sailors’ review 16 MAY 2011: NETPDTC will publish the names of candidates by posting them to the NEAS website (also on BOL) 15 JUNE 2011: Last day conversion request packages will be accepted by BUPERS-32 NLT 30 JUNE 2011: Utilizing NEAS or BOL, commands review for accuracy their FY-12 ERB eligibility listing and re-verify weekly thereafter until 1 August 2011 NLT 15 JULY 2011: Sailors who requested lateral conversion will be notified of their conversion request decision

1 AUGUST 2011: Last day for commands to resolve eligibility issues 1 AUGUST 2011: Letters to the board for Phase I E4-E5 eligible candidates must be received at NPC 22 AUGUST 2011: ERB Phase I E4-E5 convenes 6 SEPTEMBER 2011: Letters to the board for Phase II E6-E8 eligible candidates must be received at NPC 26 SEPTEMBER 2011: ERB Phase II E6-E8 convenes NOVEMBER 2011: Commanding Officers will be notified via NAVADMIN once the names of Sailors not selected for retention have been posted on BOL 13 JANUARY 2012: Last day for commands to submit operational waiver requests 30 JUNE 2012: Last authorized date to separate unless operationally waived 30 SEPTEMBER 2012: Last authorized date to separate for all Sailors not selected for retention


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