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Army Pay & Allowances How much will you make?.

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1 Army Pay & Allowances How much will you make?

2 Types of Pay & Allowances
Basic (Base) Pay = Salary (monthly); depends upon Pay Grade (Rank) & Years of Service. Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) = Additional pay for food/rations, etc. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH); formerly BAQuarters Only those who live Off-Post (not in government housing or BOQ). Based upon rates with and with-out dependents. Includes deviations based upon cost of living (Variable Housing Allowance). Non-Taxable. Special Duty/Skills & Incentive Pay: Flight Pay (on “Flight Status”) = $125 - $840 per month. Jump Pay (on “Jump Status”) = $150 per month Hostile Fire Pay/Imminent Danger Pay (Combat Pay) = $225 per month. Demolition Pay & Dive Pay (must be in duty position). Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) = Pay adjustment for living overseas in a high-cost area (includes Hawaii).

3 BASIC ENTRY: Officer (2LT/O1 vs. PVT/E2)
2LT (less than 2 years) = $ per month = $34, / year PV2 (less than 2 years) = $ per month = $20, / year

4 AFTER 3 YEARS: Officer (1LT/O2 vs. SPC/E4)
1LT/O2 (Over 3 years) = $ per month = $52,164 / year SPC/E4 (Over 3 years) = $ per month = $26, / year

5 (only if you live OFF-POST)
BAS BAH (only if you live OFF-POST)


7 39-days of Drill per year (24+15)
SMP in ROTC = E-5 pay ! Typically, one drill weekend includes four (4) drill (UTA) periods $ / weekend drill (< 4 months) $ / weekend drill (< 4 months)

8 Drill (UTA & MUTA) UTA: A UTA is an evening drill (ie. Friday night) or a half-day drill that lasts 2-4 hours. MUTA: A MUTA refers to two (2) or more UTAs that take place during one (1) day or over the course of two (2) or more days. No more than two (2) training assemblies may be performed in one (1) calendar day, meaning that a single-day MUTA will last a maximum of eight (8) hours. DRILL Weekend: Frequently, National Guard & Reserve members are required to drill for an entire weekend. Drilling that takes place for 8 hours on both Saturday & Sunday (4 consecutive UTAs of 4 hours each) is known as MUTA-4. If the weekend includes a Friday evening, it is termed a MUTA-5 because it includes 5 consecutive UTAs over 3 days.

9 Types of Deductions (Pay)
Federal Income Taxes (based upon W-2 Form). FICA - Social Security Taxes. FICA – Medicare. OPTIONAL Deductions: Serviceman Group Life Insurance (SGLI) premium ($17.25/mo for $250,000 worth). Family SGLI premium ($2.50/month for $50,000). Any previous overpayment or debt owed to the Army/Government.

10 Types of Allotments (Pay)
U.S. Savings Bonds ($25 = $50). Investments (Mutual Funds). Life Insurance (additional Commercial life insurance). Army Emergency Relief (AER); helps Soldiers in your unit. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC); charitable contributions. Alimony/Child Support.

11 Additional “INCOME” NO Medical or Dental expenses while on Active Duty (you). - Pay minimal amount for spouse & children coverage. MOVING Expenses (FREE military moves – don’t have to pay movers): - Per Diem (daily rate for meals & incidentals). - Temporary Lodging Expenses (off-set having to use a hotel/motel). - Mileage Reimbursement (per mile). - Dislocation Allowance (money to defer costs of moving). - Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move (make $$ by saving the government $$). TAX Savings (not included in taxable income): - BAH & BAS is NON-taxable! - Other special income is typically NON-taxable - Only Base Pay is taxable. “Business Trips” (TDY) – is paid for (lodging, meals, incidentals, & transportation) Tuition Assistance (TA) for Education.

12 Additional Benefits 30 days of LEAVE (vacation) per year 2.5 days/month). - can accumulate up to 60 days. Federal Holidays OFF (often a 4-day weekend). Liberal PASS policy (time-off) for good conduct or special considerations. RECREATION: Gyms, pools, recreation facilities, ball-fields, bowling alley’s, auto-craft shops, wood-working shops, arts & crafts shops, golf courses, shooting ranges, horse stables, fishing ponds/lakes, movie theaters…. SCHOOLS: Elementary & Middle Schools for children. CHURCHES on-post. PX & COMMISSARY.

+1.5 Days x per Month PAID 2 x per MONTH !

14 Direct Deposit You will be required to establish a Direct Deposit account (checking or savings) for ALL your Military pay to be deposited into. You may elect to keep that account throughout your career (I did) or move it as you move from location to location (PCS). Recommend that you also open a “local” account (checking and/or savings/ATM) when you PCS to a new duty station (if you keep your DD somewhere else). Recommend elect to receive a Mid-Month Pay & and End-of-Month Pay option. Even TDY/travel, and other payments will be DD. My Example: $125 into Savings every pay / rest into Checking.

15 Leadership Responsibilities
Review the LES of your Soldiers: Check & verify the number of LEAVE days (“Use/Lose” or “In-the-Hole”). Check & verify the Mid-Month & End-of-Month Pay (“No Pay Due”). Unit Commander’s Finance Report (UCFR). Save your LES’s

16 Comparative Salaries JOB TITLE SALARY EDUCATION Bricklayer $37,000
need to find a company or school that sets up apprenticeships Elementary Teacher $32,500 (starting) Bachelor’s Degree & Elementary Teaching Certification Nurse (LPN) $32,00 - $42,000 Vocational Degree in Licensed Practical Nursing Truck Driver $30,000 certain tests and examinations HVAC Mechanic $28,500 An Associate’s degree or equivalent formal training in HVAC repair & maintenance Dental Assistant $26,000 (starting) Associate Degree or Certificate as a Dental Assistant Retail Sales Clerk $15,500 in order to move beyond this position into managerial roles, you will want to gain a degree in Business Management Hair Stylist $15,000 (starting) Associate or Vocational Degree in Barbering or Hairstyling Bartender $11,000 formal bar tending & serving courses from a local education center.

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