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HP AlphaServer TM Strategy and Directions June 2002.

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1 HP AlphaServer TM Strategy and Directions June 2002

2 © 2002 looking forward Portfolio Simplification Market Leadership AlphaServer systems at work today Customer Focus Streamlined organization Focused product strategy and development based on customer needs new hp overview – business critical systems agenda

3 © 2002 enterprise system group (ESG) helps you be successful enabling you to deploy solutions for competitive advantage through: reduced costs simplified operations reduced risk faster reaction to business opportunities

4 © 2002 better solutions for your business FinanceManufacturingTelecom Healthcare Transportation Hospitality Retaile-Government Industry Business Solutions Cross-industry Business Solutions Mail / MessagingCRMBtoEZLETechnical Computing Infrastructure Solutions Business Continuity IT Resource Virtualization ManageabilityIT Consolidation Web Services Storage Solutions Leadership Products Storage Software Mobility Customers ISSBCS Servers

5 meeting your needs for: pervasive management –industry leading multi-OS system management continuous and secure operation –industry leading solutions from HA to NonStop servers maximum resource utilization –scale out with industry leading clusters –scale up with best workload management and partitioning lasting value –market-leading Intel ® Itanium ™ architecture product roadmap –One Server family, supporting UNIX ®, OpenVMS, Windows ® /64, Linux ® = customer flexibility & investment protection –lowest TCO and maximum ROI business critical systems supporting your most demanding business-critical requirements

6 best servers for the commercial and HPTC market PA-RISC Itanium ™ processor family Alpha MIPS ® processor technology server platform operating system HP Servers HP NonStop Servers HP e3000 Servers HP AlphaServer Systems HP Blade Server HP-UX HP Tru64 UNIX ® HP MPE/ix Linux ® HP NonStop Kernel HP OpenVMS business critical systems product portfolio

7 Alpha systems delivering a solid foundation for this decade extending customer value: building upon unparalleled performance, high availability, and “bullet-proof” operations leadership clustering technology – the gold standard vast experience in 10-year chip lifecycle transitions “virtually unprecedented” levels of guarantees to our customers with AlphaServer customer assurance program leadership in key market segments such as high performance technical computing and healthcare

8 © 2002 Delivering technology that enhances business value the path forward confirmed… PRE-MERGER PLANS: Sell and support AlphaServer systems at least until 2006 and 2011 respectively A multi-year plan to transition AlphaServer Systems to the Intel® Itanium® processor family Port OpenVMS to Itanium® platform Port HP-UX to Itanium® platform Port Tru64 UNIX® to Itanium® platform Deliver the best UNIX® on Itanium®-based systems POST-MERGER: Same – Sell and support AlphaServer systems at least until 2006 and 2011 respectively Same – aggressive roadmaps for hp AlphaServer systems and hp Itanium® based servers Same – hp OpenVMS for Itanium®, production release planned for early 2004 Done – first UNIX® operating system for the Intel® Itanium® processor family Changed Enhance HP-UX with ‘best’ of hp Tru64 UNIX®!

9 © 2002 looking forward Portfolio Simplification Market Leadership AlphaServer systems at work today Customer Focus Streamlined organization Focused product strategy and development based on customer needs new company overview – business critical systems agenda

10 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center “There is no precedent for this kind of a system at this size.” Michael Levine Scientific director PSC “The Terascale system at Pittsburgh presents a major opportunity for going to the next level in scientific and engineering research.” Ralph Roskies Scientific director PSC benefits large-scale computational resources - can perform up to six trillion operations per second enormous bandwidth – vital for scalability offers scientists the potential for breakthroughs in earthquake modeling, storm-scale weather forecasting, global climate change, protein genomics, etc. highly manageable and re-configurable environment solution 3,040-processor AlphaServer SC, Tru64 UNIX®, TruClusters with SC enhancements Compaq’s Custom Systems & Solutions pre- configured systems world’s largest terascale computing system dedicated to open scientific research

11 International Securities Exchange benefits reliability/availability for transaction confidence - market makers and customers depend on exchange always being there transaction speed of <.2 seconds - critical for successful operation scalability - key factor as unpredictable requirements grow cutting edge technology solution Compaq OpenVMS multi-site, clustered AlphaServer systems, Compaq Reliable Transaction Router, StorageWorks, Windows NT ProLiant gateway systems Partner: OM Technology 1 st U.S. all-electronic options exchange “OpenVMS is a rock- solid, proven product. It has been battle tested out in the field.” Danny Friel, CIO International Securities Exchange “We need a technology provider that can adapt with us as we adapt to capacity changes; we need Compaq’s vision for the future.” Gary Katz, COO International Securities Exchange

12 Vodacom benefits reliability/availability - the short message service center is the heart of the messaging system scalability - key factor as unpredictable requirements grow, particularly with exploding mobile messaging growth performance - volumes of messages must be processed and delivered quickly; some operators reporting messages per second solution Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC) Solution based on OpenVMS AlphaServer systems Partner: SchlumbergerSema driving the mobile messaging explosion “Sema, together with Compaq, have allowed us to become very successful in the current SMS arena. We believe that partnering with global expertise we can make our future business even more successful. Currently we do in excess of 300 million messages per month on the Vodacom network. We envisage to double the current monthly totals and exceed those by the end of 2002.” Eric Valentine, Director Value Added Services, Vodacom

13 Acxiom Corporation benefits faster queries of complex requests when intelligently “mining” prospects for clients stay ahead of demand with the processing power of AlphaServers’ linear scalability lowest total cost of ownership given high quality UNIX® environment on a standardized platform solution AlphaServer systems, including GS160, GS320 and ES40 systems Tru64 UNIX® and TruClusters, StorageWorks Partner: Oracle® a global leader in real-time, multi-channel Customer Data Integration and customer recognition infrastructure “Acxiom is growing very fast and we’re implementing new systems all the time. It’s clear to us that Compaq commits to our success, and helps provide a strong technology foundation for our business.” Greg Cherry Technical Systems Leader Acxiom Corporation

14 U.S. Air Force benefits world’s most advanced airborne surveillance and target acquisition system provides real-time, accurate information about vehicles on the ground and slow-moving aircraft commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer technology vs highly specialized, customized systems - maximizes operational availability & mission reliability solution 20 Compaq OpenVMS AlphaServer ES40CV systems per aircraft, plus ground support, Compaq CustomSystems & Solutions Partner: Northrop Grumman Joint STARS - new era in airborne surveillance “By using commercially available computer systems, we are able to provide the customer with increased reliability, advanced technologies and increased processing power, all while achieving the original goal of the program - to provide lower cost per aircraft.” Frank Moore Vice President Northrop Grumman

15 what did these customers have in common? competitive success factors: dependability no time for downtime scale growth without disruption integration confidence that it all works together time information in seconds, not hours trust sharing the vision for success

16 © 2002 extending customer value with HP AlphaServer systems Infrastructure Solutions Leadership Products Cross-Industry Business Solutions Industry Business Solutions

17 © 2002 Leadership Products HP AlphaServer Systems HP OpenVMS HP Tru64 UNIX® storage manageability performance high availability growth Infrastructure Solutions Leadership Products the foundation

18 © 2002 BCS leadership system roadmaps no change to existing server roadmap commitments Itanium TM MIPS ® EV7 EV PA-8800PA-8900 HP Server/PA-RISC HP Server/Itanium ™ -based HP AlphaServer HP NonStop Servers deliver leading PA-RISC servers based on existing roadmaps HP Server/PA-RISC provide compatibility with PA-RISC servers and support HP-UX, Linux ®, Windows ® /64, and OpenVMS HP Server/Itanium ™ -based deliver on published roadmap, planned sales at least until 2006, with support at least until 2011 HP AlphaServer published roadmaps remain unchangedHP NonStop Servers

19 © 2002 HP AlphaServer GS EV68 (1-32p) EV7 (8-64p) HP AlphaServer ES EV68 (1-4p) EV7 (2-8p) HP AlphaServer DS EV68 (1-2p) EV79 HP AlphaServer ongoing sales and support hp AlphaServer roadmap deliver HP AlphaServer systems according to published roadmap, including EV7 and EV79-based systems Sales at least until 2006, with support at least until 2011 protect customer investment through “best-in-class” migration program flexible upgrade paths, allowing customers to move when ready 05

20 © 2002 HP AlphaServer roadmap—committed to excellence easy to use platform management utility partitioning integrated remote console, Smartstart & HP Insight Management manageability comprehensive and easy to use system management across product family hot-pluggable: CPUs, memory, disks, power supplies, fans, PCI options ECC cache, memory, links raid memory automatic server recovery dynamic partitioning pre-failure warning on disks, CPUs, and memory clusters and partitions high availability built-in uptime optimization features performance extremely powerful SMP UNIX ® server 1.2 GHz EV7 CPUs –70 SPECint95, 160 SPECfp95 –22K Uni-processor Memory Latency = 60ns 3.2GB/sec/CPU Peak I/O bandwidth 2P > 8P > 128P EV7 CPUs dynamic partitioning up to 32GB per CPU customer installable CPUs and memory I/O: PCI, PCI-X, AGP 4X, AGP-PRO growth start with what you need and grow...

21 © 2002 previewing the new HP AlphaServer series 2P 16GB 22 I/O slots 2-8P 64GB 72 I/O Slots 8-64+P ½TB/1TB 768 I/O slots family-wide capabilities  partitioning  clustering  dynamic multi- path I/O  integrated server management  “on demand” capabilities  Tru64 UNIX®, OpenVMS and Linux support  RAID memory  limitless I/O  AGP graphics  enterprise RAS program is right on track!

22 © 2002 converging on the Itanium™ processor family 2000 R&D Spending ($B) LeadingEcosystemVendors (Intel-based Solutions) >$19.0B 1 1: 2000 R&D spending for Intel, Microsoft, Compaq, Dell, HP, SGI & IBM; Source: 2000 Annual Reports Sun $1.6B the right choice: Volume Economics More Developers, Apps, Solutions Greater R&D, Investment, Re-Investment Lower TCO… Greater $/Performance Faster Innovation Choice Flexible + customized solutions Confidence Long term computing infrastructure Investment Protection Source: Intel® Corporation

23 © 2002 hp OpenVMS roadmap Itanium ™ -based HP server HP AlphaServer V7.3.1 EV7 support V7.3.x OpenVMS on Itanium™ early developers kit EV79 and Itanium ™ -based full support Continued functional releases on Itanium ™ -based servers no change to AlphaServer existing plan of record continued enhancement, full support for EV7 and EV79 systems sales at least until 2006, with support at least until 2011 OpenVMS for Itanium ™ -based servers initial developers’ kit V7.3.x in 1H 2003 full support in in 1H 2004 full set of OpenVMS layered products will be ported migration tools and services full set of tools/services to support ISVs and customer transition to Intel ® Itanium ™ architecture migration programs for transition to HP-UX on Itanium ™ -based servers investment protection through AlphaServer Customer Assurance Program HP OpenVMS

24 © 2002 HP OpenVMS port to Itanium™ architecture well underway full port of OpenVMS to Itanium™ architecture in process investigation and planning phase complete engineering teams staffed and committed clear path to achieving first boot in H development tools begin rolling out in 2003 excellent progress on migration planning for the OpenVMS application portfolio full suite of hp layered software products that run on OpenVMS V7.2x will be transitioned. Exception: mature products and end of life already announced. proactive engagement with strategic ISVs have resulted in nearly 100 percent agreement to port source compatibility for existing applications binary translation if sources no longer available Partner FastTrack Program early characterization of ISVs’ and customers’ porting efforts by hp experts

25 © 2002 HP-UX (with Tru64 enhancements) industry’s best enterprise UNIX ® building on a strong foundation HP-UX 11 – #1 rated UNIX  platform per Gartner’s Application Server Evaluation Model – #1 rated UNIX  in Gartner’s High- Availability Systems Model (SAP) – Innovative virtual partitioning capability – HP shines in UNIX  resource management—DH Brown Tru64 UNIX® – #1 in clustering capability – #1 in file and storage management – #1 in high availability/RAS – #1 in high-performance computing market DH Brown, IDC

26 © 2002 UNIX ® operating system roadmap (HP - UX and HP Tru64 UNIX®) Wildcat Scalability System Mgmt 11i RAS Internet Web Directory/Security Scalability Manageability HP-UX HP Tru64 UNIX® HP-UX with Tru64 UNIX® features Self tuning, self adapting vertically and horizontally customer value—investment protection and a better HP-UX Vail Common System Mgmt Utah * * Sales thru at least 2006, support thru at least McKinley Begin the migration 11.23T Scalability/Mgmt TruCluster AdvFS (16 TB) Migration tools Phase II Common System Mgmt Migration tools Phase I Common System Mgmt

27 © “Wildcat” HP-UX HP Tru64 UNIX ® HP-UX with Tru64 UNIX ® features V5.“Vail”“Utah” T * * Sales thru at least 2006, support thru at least 2011 HP Tru64 UNIX ® product migration tools roadmap migration tools and support initial HP-UX migration tools: architectural workshops whitepapers porting guide updated porting assistant tool for C, C++, Fortran™ API Extensions & Compiler Compatibility Analysis tools HP OpenView agent compiler dialect compatibility for Tru64 UNIX ® mixed environment system management support (CIM) HP Restricted 11i

28 © 2002 Most Tru64 UNIX® applications already available on HP-UX today Specific Tru64 UNIX® only applications mainly in HPTC and Telecom markets Many ISVs already committed to ongoing support of hp AlphaServer Tru64 UNIX® and/or OpenVMS platforms and a transition to Itanium®-based systems Actual company and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners. hp Tru64 UNIX® Applications HP-UX PA-RISC Applications

29 © 2002 Industry Business Solutions Finance Healthcare E-Government Telecom Infrastructure Solutions Finance: capital markets; retail banking; wholesale banking; finance applications in non-financial accounts Healthcare: enterprise information management; clinical systems; financial & operational management systems; decision support systems E-government: US federal government; military agencies; automated lotteries Telecom: business support systems; network elements & platforms; messaging & payment; mobility; operations support services Infrastructure Solutions Leadership Products Cross Industry Business Solutions Industry Business Solutions focused solutions

30 © 2002 looking forward Portfolio Simplification Market Leadership AlphaServer systems at work today Customer Focus Streamlined organization Focused product strategy and development based on customer needs new company overview – business critical systems agenda

31 © 2002 BCS portfolio simplification summary todayfuture processor technology PA-RISC Itanium ™ processor family Alpha MIPS ® Itanium ™ processor family server platform HP Servers HP NonStop Servers HP e3000 Servers HP AlphaServer Systems HP Blade Server HP Servers HP NonStop Servers HP Blade Server operating system HP-UX HP Tru64 UNIX ® HP MPE/ix Linux ® HP NonStop Kernel HP OpenVMS HP-UX (with Tru64 features) Linux ® HP NonStop Kernel HP OpenVMS Windows ® /64

32 © 2002 hp server migration roadmap at a glance business and infrastructure solutions pre-merger fault tolerant IA-32 servers ProLiant DL, ML, BL platforms NetServer IA-32 HP Blade servers Compaq NonStop servers RISC HP PA-RISC servers Compaq AlphaServer Systems Itanium ™ -based servers HP Server rx4610/rx9610 ProLiant DL/64 servers HP NonStop servers HP NonStop Itanium ™ -based servers the new hp extend leadership in ProLiant DL, ML, and BL platforms HP Blade server line for opportunities in telecom deployments invest in HP PA-RISC Servers to win new business and provide customers with an in-the-box upgrade to Itanium ™ processor invest in HP Alpha Server Systems to complete the roadmap for current and new customers and provide a smooth migration to Itanium ™ single Itanium ™ -based server family roadmap delivered jointly by ISS and BCS

33 © 2002 HP AlphaServer customer assurance program— for a smooth transition money back customer satisfaction guarantee on Itanium-based systems financial assistance and protection with attractive leasing guaranteed trade-ins for hardware and software transition support with Itanium-based systems purchases workshops, white papers, toolsets, technical resources, Worldwide Expertise Centers guarantee available for customers who purchase new AlphaServer systems expecting to transition to Itanium™-based systems

34  continued pressure to do more with less  balancing IT spending with even higher user performance / service delivery expectations  better alignment of business and IT  continued pressure to reduce debt, get more out of IT investments / installations  prioritizing IT projects to include moving from high to continuous availability Business Challenges  standards-based architectures  web services (J2EE and.Net)  virtualization of computing resources  collaborative architectures enabling B2B  more users doing more with mobile and wireless applications Industry Trends keeping a pulse on…

35 © 2002 sharing your vision for success today and in the future imagine how HP can help you invent new solutions in the future for: todayin the future interactive patient carepaperless hospital short messages serviceintegrated mobile content (web access, music, office apps) electronic exchangesexpansion and integration with mobile services Defense surveillanceextending this technology to private sector (facial recognition, monitoring devices, etc) unprecedented patient care – paperless hospitals mobile devices providing rich content data – for web access, music etc. – anytime, anywhere a more secure world – state of the art surveillance and tracking

36 © 2002

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