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Stuart Maxwell, Business Development Manager, ABC ELECTRONIC Making the most from online recruitment.

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1 Stuart Maxwell, Business Development Manager, ABC ELECTRONIC Making the most from online recruitment

2 Audit Bureau Of Circulations UK & Ireland - 76 years ABC ELECTRONIC - 10 years Who we are International Federation of ABCs - 36 years

3 About ABC ELECTRONIC Industry-owned Not-for-profit Impartial and independent Part of the UK ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) –3500 magazines and newspapers –Trading some £5bn annually in print Delivering website traffic audits for over 150 companies and certifying over 1400 domains (and growing …) in a market now worth over £2bn pa Building confidence, delivering trust

4 ABC ELECTRONIC Recruitment Clients



7 65% of UK population is now connected* 23 hours a week on average spent online** 10% of retail sales*** £2billion UK ad market* 11% of all UK media spend* Online is growing fast * IAB/PwC ** YouGov ***IMRG/Hitwise

8 Web 2.0 Fragmentation Convergence Technology Audiences Industry Developments

9 Web 2.0 UGC Social Networks Folksonomies Mash-ups Podcasting Blogging Wikis = Increased user engagement

10 Technology - there’s no single “Internet” any more… Interactive broadcasting –PVRs, Interactive TV, Digital Radio… –Mobile TV, Kiosks, On Screen Retail Media –Behavioural Ads (that follow the user)… Trends in web content –User Generated –Blogs –Mobile Device Content Online gaming –MMORPGs User-gathered content –RSS –Downloads –Podcasts … all sorts of media delivery.

11 But, an audience is still an audience… Where are they? Who are they? What are they doing? How many are there? What’s the value???

12 And so… allNeed to measure it all Key metrics remain –Reach –Reach: who? share of voice –Volume –Volume: how many? opportunities to see –Frequency –Frequency: how often? interaction with media as media becomes more interactive

13 And deliver… Trust and Confidence –Clarity –Transparency –Integrity –Certainty

14 Common standards and currency Common measurement standards create the vital currency for trade Owned and agreed by all the media industry –Media owners –Media buyers –Advertisers compliant with these standardsConfidence delivered by certification (through independent audit) that measures are compliant with these standards

15 JICWEBS – setting the standards Comprises the key UK media industry bodies: Bring commercial perspective Review technical proposals (from ITG) Adopt industry-agreed metrics for census-based measurement Adopt standards to increase online success

16 What does ABC ELECTRONIC do? Develops & delivers industry-agreed standards to JICWEBS Help organisations manage their data reporting Delivers independent certification of electronic media usage Bring comparability, trust & confidence to counted data

17 Importance of key web site traffic measures OwnersBuyers Unique Users98%88% Page Impressions 44%18% Frequency34%35% Ad Impressions11%18% Ad Clicks11%22% Search9%22% Base: % saying 1 st & 2 nd most important measure Source: Benchmark Research 2006

18 JICWEBS definitions are globally approved by the IFABC Unique Users (how many – reach) Visits (how often – frequency) Page impressions (how busy – volume) excluding robots – a classic case, up to 60% Plus many more, including: Streams, Searches, Clicks, Referrals… NOT hits (meaningless, except for server load) … Basic currency for sites

19 Rotten Tomatoes

20 Users’ Browsers Internet Web Server serving content Server Log How do we measure online media? Counting Research HOMEHOME WORKWORK

21 Research & Counting ResearchCounting Numbers Demographics Source Agreed standards Yes – sampleYes - total Yes – skew?Not normally User data – pop-ups, questionnaires, surveys Server data – Multi-source & platform No – JICIMS developing Yes - JICWEBS

22 research counting 2 complimentary tools Research & Counting e.g. NORAS

23 What is NORAS? UK’s leading source of job board audience data Enhance Media in partnership with ABC ELECTRONIC 2002 – 7,680 online job seekers across 8 job boards 2007 – 37,617 online job seekers across 27 job boards

24 What is NORAS? Recruitment advertisers use NORAS to –Understand online recruitment –Understand online job seekers –Compare and choose job boards

25 What does NORAS include? NORAS combines two pieces of data 1.Demographic audience profile = the quality of a site’s audience 2.Audited Unique User numbers = the quantity of a site’s audience

26 NORAS - 27 job boards AccountancyAgeJobsBrand Republic JobsBlue Line Careers exec-appointments.comfish4jobsGAAPweb GrocerjobsGuardian JobsInPharm Jobs The LawyerTimes Online – JobsTipTopJob

27 The average online jobseeker: Is aged 34 years Lives in the southeast (41%) Female (53%) Uses the internet every day (62%) Currently working full time (42%) Actively looking for a new job (58%) Earns £31,600 Visits 5 sites when looking for a job Looking for full time permanent positions (62%) NORAS 2007 For more details and reports on each participating site visit Online jobseeker demographics – across NORAS

28 Emailing CV most popular

29 Success levels increasing 72% have applied for a job found online 65% of these got an interview 56% of these got a job

30 Average salaries £18K - £78K

31 Chief Execs to Temps

32 Online usage: Job seeking, 7 th most popular activity Source: BMRM Internet Monitor, Q3 2005

33 Over 30m people now online Used in last 12 months Source: NOP World, 2006 Millions of people 65% Have you used the Internet in the last 12 months? 3.6 4.6 6.2 7.2 8.7 10.7 12.7 14.2 17.5 19.1 21.1 22.0 23.6 24.0 24.6 25.1 27.2 28.1 29.3 29.8 Jun 1996 Jun 1997 Jun 1998 Jun 1999 Jun 2000 Jun 2001 Jun 2002 Jun 2003 Jun 2004 Jun 2005 Jun- 06 30.9

34 10m households with Broadband in Britain

35 Average 23 hours a week online

36 £2,015.8m market in 2006 An increase of £649m year-on-year

37 Market share over 11% Full year 2006 Internet 11.4% Total advertising market £17.6bn Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Advertising Association / Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC / Radio Advertising Bureau. Directories are estimated.

38 Online drives the whole market Year on year growth for 2006 Total advertising market growth = 1.1% Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Internet Advertising Bureau, The Advertising Association / Radio Advertising Bureau/ WARC

39 Market Share Online’s share growth accelerates Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Advertising Association / Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC

40 Online in context Full Year 2007 £2,015m Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Advertising Association / Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC / Radio Advertising Bureau. Directories are estimated.

41 Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Internet Advertising Bureau / WARC Recruitment sector continues to lead the market in 2 nd half of 2006 IAB estimates for industry sector shares are based on samples of categorised net revenue from key IAB members provided by PwC. Data excludes unclassified figures and covers 43% of online revenues in H2 2006.

42 What’s it worth? £215m 18% increase year on year Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers / Internet Advertising Bureau, The Advertising Association / WARC

43 How is recruitment advertising changing - print? Continued move of advertising to online Print advertising becoming more generic and brand centric Recruiters engaging more directly through their own careers websites



46 How is recruitment advertising market changing - online? Increased choice & ability for candidates to find new opportunities whether active or not Enhanced matching & filtering services Better added services – eg career advice, corporate profiles etc Rise in branding & interaction vs ‘listing’ Consistency with advertiser’s own careers site



49 Summary Online advertising becoming integral for recruitment Recruiters want to engage candidates on their own careers sites Recruiters becoming more sophisticated in attracting and retaining best candidates through online Successful media owners becoming more sophisticated to deliver candidates to recruiters Online can provide real and meaningful information & results to recruiters to best select recruitment sites Online recruitment sites should know and be able to prove their performance to recruiters to attract continued growth in ad spend

50 4 issues to think about… Brand position –Key differentiator in recruitment market –Communities, fragmentation & convergence Knowing users –Digital immigrants & digital natives –How many, where are they, who & what do they want? Service innovation –Embracing new channels & platforms Technical innovation –Delivering effectively

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