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Stirling Dish Solar Concentrator Power System

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1 Stirling Dish Solar Concentrator Power System
Huayi Condisys Solar Technology, Inc. July 2010

2 A. Stirling dish concentrator solar energy generation technology (Solar Dish/Stirling)
Mature technology, high photoelectric conversion efficiency– more than 30%(Up to 29.4% in 1984, up to 31.25% in 2007); Installation flexibility, zero release, no pollution, no water / oil, adopt mixed design to achieve all- weather power; Solar power mill fully automatic operation, easy maintenance, low cost; Worldwide countries suitable for installation, with Solar radiation more than 6kWh / m² / day;

3 B. Dish thermal power generation (Dish/Stirling Technology)
Solar dish type power generation system 发动机光热电转换模块(PCU-Power Conversion Unit) 抛物面聚光镜组件 (Parabolic Concentrating Collector) 吸热器 (Heat Receiver) 双轴跟踪系统 (2-Axel Tracking System) 发电机 (Alternator) 系统支架 (Supporting System) 控制软件 (Control Management Software)

4 C. Stirling Solar Power Generation System (Stirling Technology)
Working principle Networking running on site

5 D. Huayi CondiSys R & D projects and technological innovation
CondiSys CSDS system independent innovation Optimal design to improve power conversion efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs (patent) Adopt new materials to improve the stability of concentrator solar dish surface (Carbon fiber panel) (patent) GPS tracking feedback, improve the precision of condenser (patent) CondiSys process innovation SkyFuel CSP high-precision reflective film;Plasma vacuum coating process(Sputtering) Carbon fiber reinforced design, reduce weight, reduce costs Calibration of the laser image analysis to improve the integration accuracy International technical cooperation, self-patented technology CSDS 25kW system for powe grid system in 2011.

6 D. Huayi CondiSys R & D projects and technological innovation
Huayi CondiSys CSDS main technical parameters CSDS-3 CSDS-10 CSDS-25 CSDS-46 Output Power(kW) 3 10 25 46 Output Voltage (V) ~220(Single- phase) ~380(Three- phase) Working medium H2/He Photoelectric conversion efficiency (%) >31% Dish diameter(m) 3.4 8.7 11.87 Paraboloid focal length(m) 2.1 4.5 6.8 Photic area(m2) 9 45 87.8 Minimum duration of sunshine(h/day) ≥4.5

7 E. Dish/Stirling The development of dish power reojects in China
The first sterling solar condensation power generation commercial system 25kW large-scale grid system 1~ 3kW independent power, heating supply system Develop a number of solar condensation power (CSP) patented technology Parabolic reflector solar concentrator (already approved) Double dish surface system design (already approved) Optical Close Loop accurate tracking (pending) Import the international CSP leading technology VOSHT – Optical reflection test SolTrace – Solar radiation condensation distribution statistics SAM – Solar concentrator power generation economic model Promote the development of new green industry Develop core technology, form R&D center, releasing a new generation system. Establish manufacturing base for integration and key components. Build project design and services 3kW system 7kW system

8 F. Huayi Condisys CSDS solar concentrator power systems market prospects
(1) The international market, a large number of systems and components for export Ripasso Energy AB – 25kW Mark 4-95 Engine CleanerGy Industries, Solo v kW Engine MicroGen Engine Company, 3kW Engine (2) Small-scale (non-grid) power projects in remote areas, water desalination, wireless communications, border posts 1kW ~ 3kW Micro condenser power generation system Italy Innova Corporation 500 sets in 2010, 4000 sets in 2011 Small quantity manufacture in 2011:4000 Sets 25 kW system

9 F. Market prospects of Huayi Condisys CSDS solar condensation power generating systems
(3) The promotion of dish type thermal power industry in China,large green combined to the grid Ningxia Dalisi Power Company, 50MW (2000 sets of 25kW systems), in 2011 In 2011~2012, 50MW Yunnan Huadian: 30MW in 2011 In 2011~2012, 30MW 2012~ MW: Ningxia Shizuishan. (4) Leading science and technology, international cooperation platform America National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL 3M,SkyFuel (USA) Siemens; TGB Spain (Spain) Degussa; WGAssociates (USA) China Jiliang University Mechanical Department East China University of Science and Technology / China Jiliang University Institute of Electronic and Control of Kunming University of Science and Technology 25 kW system model

10 G. Organization Chart of Huayi CondiSys Solar Technology, Inc.
Board of Directors General Manager(CEO) PCU Project Manager Concentrating Collector R & D Control Module R & D Structure module R & D Assembly integration Div. Standards & Certification Div. Finance Vice General Manager Craft manufacturing Div. Administrative Public Relations Technical exchange/training

11 H. CSDS project implementation plan for 2010 to 2011
Huayi CandiSys Human Resources Huayi CandiSys Solar Energy Technology Inc. was established in April 2009. There are 8 technicians (include experts). U.S. Dr 3; Master 2; Bachelor 3 R & D Center:USA, San Francisco: China, Hangzhou Financer / Officer: 2 persons CSDS R & D program In July 2010, 3kW prototype is completed; in October, 25kW prototype was completed and it passed functional testing. In 2010, prepared for small amount production according to Q4 plan. In 4th quarter of 2010, 3kW system was trial-produced. 25kW system was installed and tested on site. 300 sets of 3kW power generation systems – The first quarter of 2011:establish the demonstration power plant and achieve export. 100 sets of 25kW power systems– The second quarter of 2011: establish the first commercial power plant of China. In 2011, R & D the second system (46kW)

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