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Øystein Stjern I IKM Elektro AS 3rd September 2013

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1 Øystein Stjern I IKM Elektro AS 3rd September 2013

2 HSE policy Zero injuries is our overall objective
We shall instill trust and confidence among our customers and employees We shall follow acts and regulations, including ethic code of conduct HSE is the most important internal work area No operation has priority over safety HSE is a line responsibility in the entire organisation Everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others We shall prevent pollution and reduce negative environmental impact We shall reduce the amount of waste and optimise the use of resources We will achieve this through continuous improvement of all processes and systems established in each organisation. Together with our clients and suppliers we shall follow statutory regulations and continually improve our procedures and routines in environmental management. We believe that social commitment will result in savings for our clients, and new business possibilities for the IKM Group. Each IKM company shall establish its own objectives in order to live up to the IKM Group’s overall policy.

3 History 1989 Foundation: Instrumentering Kalibrering & Måleteknisk Laboratorium AS (originally Hydrotech Laboratorium AS), renamed to IKM Laboratorium AS 1992 Established: IKM Testing AS 1994 Established: IKM Engineering and Kompetansesenter AS, IKM Mekaniske AS and IKM Kristiansund AS 1995 Acquisitions: Scana Hydrotech AS and Alfred Paulsen Contracting AS 1996 Acquisitions: IKM Engineering AS (Idavoll AS) Established: Dept. in Bergen for IKM Testing AS and IKM Laboratorium AS 1997 Acquisitions: Gjerseth Elektro Contracting AS, Alltex AS (service dept) and Semco Industri AS. Established: IKM Stillas AS 1998 Acquisitions: Kystbasen Vedlikeholds Senter AS and Subsea Design AS Established: IKM Testing UK Ltd and IKM Testing Asia Pte. Ltd (Singapore) 1999 Acquisitions: Visman AS and IKM Offshore Development AS (Offshore Development AS) IKM Mekaniske AS invests in new workshop in Jåttåvågen 2000 Established: IKM Testing Canada Ltd. and Wellcon AS (34%) 2001 Established: IKM Kran & Løfteteknikk AS

4 History 2002 Acquisitions: Everclean International AS, Odim Hitecs dept. for Industrial-automation, Hitec Instrument (80%) and ACGS Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Established: IKM Testing Spain SL Share purchase: 34% of Midt-Norsk Stillas AS 2003 Established: IKM Service AS and Merlin Subsea AS Merger: IKM Stillas AS and IKM Visman AS merge with Kaefer Maritim AS. Change of name: Kaefer IKM AS Share purchase: 23,29% of Rosenberg Verft AS 2004 Acquisitions: IKM Larsen & Mortensen AS (Steinsvik Maskin-industri, dept. Stavanger), OIS Inspection AS, IKM Ocean Design AS 51% (former JP Kenny Norge AS) and Textrain (UK) Ltd 2005 Acquisitions: IKM Mekaniske Kristiansund AS (Noomas Offshore AS) Established: IKM Valves AS Demerger: IKM Elektro AS demerges from IKM Gjerseth Elektro AS, which in turn changes name to IKM Automasjon AS 2006 Acquisitions: IKM Instrutek AS (Instrutek AS) and IKM Morgenstierne AS (Morgenstierne Tekniske AS) Established: IKM Testing Australia Pty. Ltd 2007 Acquisitions: Subsea Management Systems merged with IKM Consultants AS (Offshore Development AS), IKM Testing dept. Harstad (Altinex Services AS), IKM Årdal Mekaniske AS (Årdal Mekaniske Verksted AS) and IKM Production Technology AS (Altinex Reservoir Technology AS). Established: IKM Production Technology Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia) Sale: IKM Automasjon AS and IKM Mekaniske AS (fabrication dept.)

5 History 2008 Acquisition: DSC Engineering AS. Arne Bø Pedersen AS (dept. for bolt working) and Jacobsen Services AS merged with IKM Testing AS Established: IKM Testing Kazakhstan LLP Sale: KAEFER IKM AS and Rosenberg Verft AS (28.4%) 2009 Acquisition: Moland Mekaniske AS Established: IKM Subsea AS, IKM Operations AS, IKM Maskinering AS (merger of IKM Larsen & Mortensen AS, IKM Årdal Mekaniske AS and Moland Mekaniske AS), IKM Testing Brasil LTDA and IKM Testing Thailand Co. Ltd 2010 Acquisition: Project Partner AS, IKM Technique AS (Technique AS), IKM Miljøteknikk AS (Miljøteknikk AS), IKM Haaland Group AS (Haaland AS, Industrigravøren AS and Haaland Elektronikk AS) and Chem Tech Services Ltd Established: IKM Ocean Design Australia Pty Ltd 2011 Acquisition: Cleandrill AS, Ceragon Networks AS (instrument- and calibration dept.), Electro Partner AS, Røntgenkontrollen AS and Norweld Control Services AS Merger: Electro dept. in ElectroPartner AS merges with IKM Elektro AS, Marine dept. in ElectroPartner AS merges with IKM Instrutek AS, IKM Miljøteknikk AS merges with IKM Laboratorium, IKM Haaland Group AS merges with IKM Gruppen AS and Project Partner AS merges with IKM Consultants AS Established: IKM Subsea Singapore Pte Ltd, IKM Subsea Malaysia, IKM Testing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and IKM Testing Poland Sp. Z o.o. Sale: Haaland Elektronikk AS 2012 Acquisition: Minic AS (51%), HVACsolutions AS, Fevik NDT AS, R13, Norwegian Technology Solutions AS, Stål & Fasade AS, Uniteam Vest AS Established: IKM Mooring Services AS

6 The IKM Group IKM Invest IKM Elektro AS IKM Instrutek AS
ELECTRICAL/INSTR./PROCESS SUBSEA/COMPLETION/COMMISION ENGINEERING/ OPERATIONS FABRICATION/INSPECTION IKM Elektro AS (Sola) IKM Instrutek AS (Larvik), Dept. Sola IKM Laboratorium AS (Tananger) Dept. Bergen, Oslo, Sotra IKM Measurement Services Ltd. (Aberdeen) IKM Measurement Services Australia Pte. Ltd. (Perth) IKM Norwegian Technology Solutions AS (Stavanger) (67%) IKM Production Technology AS IKM Production Technology Sdn. Bhd (Kuala Lumpur) IKM Uniteam Offshore AS (Sandnes) (51%) IKM Valves AS (Stavanger) (67%), Dept. Bergen IKM Testing AS (Sola), Dept. Bergen, Kristiansund, Hammerfest IKM Testing Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) IKM Testing Australia Pty. Ltd. (Perth) IKM Testing Brasil LTDA (Rio de Janeiro), Dept. Macaé IKM Testing Canada Ltd. (St. Johns), Dept. Halifax, Alberta IKM Testing Kazakhstan LLP (Atyrau) IKM Testing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (Kuala Lumpur) IKM Testing Poland Sp. z o.o. (Gdansk) IKM Testing Spain SL (Cadiz) IKM Testing Thailand Co. Ltd. (Rayong) IKM Testing UK Ltd. (Newcastle), Dept. Aberdeen PT IKM Indonesia (Batam) IKM Cleandrill AS (Straume) (51%) IKM Mooring Services AS (Sola) IKM Subsea AS (Bryne) IKM Subsea Malaysia Sdn. Bhd IKM Subsea Singapore Pte. Ltd. IKM Consultants AS (Sola), Dept. Bergen, Horten, Tranby IKM DSC Engineering AS (Tranby) IKM Kran og Løfteteknikk AS (Tananger) IKM Ocean Design AS (Stavanger) (88%), Dept. Trondheim IKM Ocean Design Australia Pty. Ltd (Perth) (88%) IKM Operations AS (Sola) IKM Service AS IKM Haaland AS (Vigrestad) IKM HVAC AS (Stavanger) (51%) IKM Industrigravøren AS IKM Inspection AS (Stavern), Dept. Arendal, Stavanger, Bergen IKM Røntgenkontrollen AS (Rolvsøy) (67 %) IKM Minic AS (Sandnessjøen) IKM Maskinering AS (Tau), Dept. Sola, Fyresdal IKM Mekaniske AS (Stavanger), Dept. Nærbø IKM Mekaniske Kristiansund AS (Kristiansund) IKM Stål & Fasade AS (Stavanger), Dept. Haugesund IKM Technique AS (Sandnes) (68%) IKM Invest IKM EIENDOM AS IKM INDUSTRI-INVEST AS Company investments Noreco ASA (9,75%) North Energy ASA (3%) Inwind AS (38%) Ingenium AS (34%) Smaken av Grimstad AS (67%) Scanfarm AS (68%) Agasti Holding ASA (3,1%) Funds Energy Ventures III Energy Ventures IV Commercial property Leased areal ( sp.m) Development projects Commercial real estate ( sq.m) Recreation residentials (40 units) Apartment/housing 9 rental units Selvaag Bolig ASA (3,8%)

7 Revenue 2012 B2013 Electro / Instrument/ Process 782 795
5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 B2013 Kaefer IKM Electro / Instrument/ Process Subsea / Completion / Commissioning Engineering / Operations Fabrication / Inspection IKM Invest B2013

8 Offices located in 14 countries

9 55 offices in Norway Located in Rogaland Located in Norway SOLA
IKM Gruppen AS (Corporate) IKM Consultants IKM Elektro IKM Instrutek IKM Maskinering IKM Mooring Services IKM Operations IKM Production Technology IKM Testing IKM Services TANANGER IKM Laboratorium IKM Kran og Løfteteknikk SANDNES IKM Uniteam Offshore IKM Technique BRYNE IKM Subsea NÆRBØ IKM Mekaniske VIGRESTAD IKM Haaland IKM Industrigravøren STAVANGER IKM HVAC IKM Inspection IKM Mekaniske IKM Norwegian Technology Solutions IKM Ocean Design IKM Stål & Fasade IKM Valves TAU IKM Maskinering HAUGESUND IKM Stål & Fasade Located in Norway HAMMERFEST IKM Testing SANDNESSJØEN IKM Minic TRONDHEIM IKM Ocean Design KRISTIANSUND IKM Mekaniske FLORØ IKM Operations BERGEN IKM Laboratorium IKM Instrutek IKM Inspection IKM Consultants IKM Testing AS IKM Valves SOTRA IKM Laboratorium STRAUME IKM Cleandrill FYRESDAL IKM Maskinering TRANBY IKM DSC Engineering IKM Consultants OSLO ROLVSØY Røntgenkontrollen AS HORTEN IKM Consultants LARVIK IKM Instrutek STAVERN IKM Inspection BREVIK GRIMSTAD ARENDAL

10 Electrical / Instrument / Process
Product sale • Supply house • Instrumentation/electro/electronics/ automation • Subsea/topside valves • Flow/level instruments • Measurement/testing equipment • Electrical motors/transformers • Thermography equipment • Transformer surveillance • Calibration/environmental instruments • Navigation/communication Self-production • System integration • Electrical motors/transformers/ generators • Electrical subsea motors/transformers • Pressurised containers • Control/enclosure panels • Valve parts/valve repair • High pressure sample bottles • Subsea HPU’s • Subsea el. actuators • Electrical/hydraulic control systems Service, installation and calibration • Pressure, temp, flow, electrical, mechanical and gas density • Electrical parameters • Valve Site Service (VSS) • Pressure safety valves (PSV) • Navigation/maritime communication (maritime equipment) • Projecting (new build) • Field instrumentation • Emission measurements (NOX) Process and well technology • Data sampling (pressure, temp, flow, chemical analysis) • On-site PVT • Well integrity (monitoring/analysis) • Process surveillance Rental • Equipment, personnel/container solutions Training courses IKM PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY AS IKM PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD IKM UNITEAM OFFSHORE AS IKM VALVES AS IKM ELEKTRO AS IKM INSTRUTEK AS IKM LABORATORIUM AS IKM MEASUREMENT SERVICES LTD IKM MEASUREMENT SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTE LTD IKM NORWEGIAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS AS Companies in the division

11 Subsea / Completion / Commissioning
Topside • Pressure and vacuum testing • Chemical cleaning • Oil flushing / oil cleaning • Nitrogen services • Video inspection • Bolting work services • Hydrojetting • Air treatment • Flow coding / labelling / tagging • Certification of accumulators • Maintenance of heat exchangers • HVAC cleaning • Pipe freezing • Vacuum cleaning of vessels /tanks • Preservation • Cold Cutting • Flange facing • Hot- / cold tapping • Tank cleaning • Decommissioning • LRA/NORM handling • Cleaning in place (CIP) Subsea • Pigging / pipeline services / RFO / PCO • Umbilical services • Subsea spools services • Subsea template/manifolds services Drilling services • Cuttings transport System (CTS) • Mud recovery without riser (MRR) • Nitrogen well displacement • Scale squeeze inhibition pumping • Acid simulation services • Offshore waste handling Training courses • Bolt tensioning • Fittings and small bore systems • Valves • Compact flanges • Pressure testing • Hot oil flushing • Hydrojetting Rental • Pumps and tanks • Inspection equipment • Bolt working equipment • Drying and filter units • Flanges and plugs • Air compressors • Testing equipment • Hydraulic hose reels • Hot water cleaners ROV services • ROV operations • Sale of ROV‘s • Trencher operations • Sale of Trencher’s • Survey and inspection services • Manufacture of subsea equipment Mooring services • Mooring services for semi-subs. IKM TESTING AS IKM TESTING ASIA PTE. LTD IKM TESTING AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD IKM TESTING BRASIL LTDA IKM TESTING CANADA LTD IKM TESTING KAZAKHSTAN LLP IKM TESTING MALAYSIA Sdn .Bhd IKM TESTING POLAND SP. z o.o. IKM TESTING SPAIN SL IKM TESTING THAILAND CO. LTD IKM TESTING UK LTD PT IKM INDONESIA IKM CLEANDRILL AS IKM MOORING SERVICES AS IKM SUBSEA AS IKM SUBSEA MALAYSIA IKM SUBSEA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD Companies in the division

12 Engineering / Operations
Consultancy services • Multidiscipline engineering services • Project management/project control • Procurement/contract services • Logistics and MA services • Subsea/marine, drilling and well Operation/service personnel • Crane operators • Mechanics • Flag men • Heliguards Marine pipeline engineering • Subsea and pipelines: - Field development - Engineering/design of marine pipelines - Flexible/rigid risers - Installation engineering - Subsea production systems • Design and construction of: - Subsea structures - Tie-in modules/systems - Subsea manifold systems Operation and maintenance services • Operation / maintenance personnel / engineers • Studies and operations engineering • Early phase planning and prepare for operations • All type of manpower for execution and maintenance • Implementing of maintenance management in Client’s system • Maintenance concepts • Planning and execution of corrective and required maintenance, campaign maintenance, shut down activities • Maintenance management / Inspection programs • Life-time studies • Risk Studies. Topside engineering • Structure design • Piping Crane and lifting services • Maintenance, modifications and certification of: - Offshore/ship cranes, lifting equipment - Lifeboats/mob-boats/ lifesaving equipment • Certification/maintenance/ supply of lifting equipment • Rental equipment • Delivery of related engineering, mechanical work/fabrication Fire/blast protection and winterization systems • External fire and blast walls • Internal fire walls • Explosion relief panels • Heat shields and wind shields • Louvre systems • Escape tunnels • Glazed partitions and internal partitions • Winterization walls and doors IKM CONSULTANTS AS IKM OCEAN DESIGN AS IKM OCEAN DESIGN AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD IKM DSC ENGINEERING AS IKM KRAN OG LØFTETEKNIKK AS IKM OPERATIONS AS IKM SERVICE AS Companies in the division

13 Fabrication / Inspection
CNC-machining • CNC thin plate machining • 3D measuring • Milling HVAC and mechanical industry • Maintenance and modifications • Sheet metal/welding and machining • Water jetting • Fabrication and installation • Mechanical design / 3D modelling / 3D scanning • Fabrication of stainless steel products • Contracting personnel • Material handling and lifting equipment • Retail engineering • System engineering • Commissioning • Service • Offshore survey and rapport Inspection • NDT/Material inspection • Third party verification • Inspection services Subsea • ROV-tooling • Construction of subsea equipment Surface finishing • Pre-treatment • Powder coating • Laser engraving Construction contracts IKM HAALAND AS IKM HVAC AS IKM INDUSTRIGRAVØREN AS IKM INSPECTION AS IKM MASKINERING AS IKM MEKANISKE AS IKM MEKANISKE KRISTIANSUND AS IKM MINIC AS IKM RØNTGENKONTROLLEN AS IKM STÅL & FASADE AS IKM TECHNIQUE AS Companies in the division

14 IKM Elektro AS Go Electric Electrical Services – subsea and topside

15 IKM Elektro AS Go Electric IKM Elektro AS have about 100 years of experience within winding, automation and power electrical installations. Our business has developed and grown over the years and today we see ourselves as a total service provider for our customers in the oil and gas industry. IKM Elektro’s core business areas are; Delivery of electrical subsea technology and electrical topside applications, stand alone or as complete systems. Service and service personnel for automation, electrical and instrument disciplines. Condition monitoring and motor sales, and delivery of motor winding and overhaul services. Metering equipment sales Electrical Services – subsea and topside

16 IKM Elektro AS Customer R&D
Go Electric Our vision is to satisfy our customers needs through quality system designs and deliveries. R&D • Subsea Electrical Motors, Transformers and HPU’s • Downhole Electrical Motors • Subsea Inductive Coupler • Topside Ex Motor applications Manufacturing • Electrical motors/transformers/ generators Projects • Metering equipment, sales and projects • Power Control Containers (Ex and non Ex) • Temporary Electrical Equipment (Ex / Z-015) • Condition Monitoring Projects Commissioning • Personnel (Service Engineers and Operators) • Commissioning Projects Service • Personnel (Automatician, Electrician, Instrument) • Onshore/Offshore Service Assignments • Condition Monitoring • Winding/Overhaul Motors Customer R&D Manufacturing Projects Commissioning Service Electrical Services – subsea and topside

17 IKM Elektro AS Customer Interface Solved R&D
Go Electric Developed electrical subsea motors and other subsea applications is in need of topside power. IKM Elektro can supply the whole chain in order to make interface risks lower for our customers. R&D • Subsea Electrical Motors, Transformers and HPU’s • Downhole Electrical Motors • Subsea Inductive Coupler • Topside Motor applications (Ex) Manufacturing • Subsea electrical motors/transformers/ generators • Earthing cabinets Projects • Metering equipment, sales and projects (Ex) • Power Control Containers (Ex) (Z-015) • Temporary Electrical Equipment (Ex) (Z-015) • Condition Monitoring Projects Commissioning • Personnel (Service Engineers and Operators) • Commissioning Projects Service • Personnel (Automatician, Electrician, Instrument) • Onshore/Offshore Service Assignments (Ex) (Z-015) • Condition Monitoring • Winding/Overhaul Motors (Subsea and topside) (Ex) Customer Interface Solved Electrical Services – subsea and topside

18 IKM Elektro AS Go Electric Vision; IKM Elektro wants to satisfy our customers needs through quality system designs and deliveries. Our customers should perceive us as; Flexible To ensure that we do our outmost to meet our customers needs. Competent Is important for us, as we find our ability to learn and develop both our employees and our organization as a key success factor for a well run business. Courageous Our employees shall never compromise with safety, neither internally our at customers facility. We shall be brave enough to trust our strategies. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

19 IKM Elektro AS Location: Skvadronveien 24 4050 Sola Employees:
Go Electric Location: Skvadronveien 24 4050 Sola Employees: 7 Administration 20 Engineering/Project 25 Workshop 50 Service/Offshore Key Numbers 2012: Revenue: 115 mNOK Sickness Leave: 3,51% H1 (LTIF): 0 H2 (TRIF): 0 Electrical Services – subsea and topside

20 Doc and Purchase Responsible
IKM Elektro AS Go Electric Managing Director Øystein Stjern Adm/Economics Hilde Log Marketing Manager Sales Christian Hafsahl Hans Woldmo Operation Manager Service Stian Haugestad Service Manager Onshore/Offshore Tone Medhaug Lars Ole Austrått Motor /Cond Mon. Asbjørn Helgeland Project Carl J. Almestad Engineering Manager Stig Rune Myhre Doc and Purchase Responsible Knut A. Enoksen R&D Manager Vidar Løtveit Leader Group Electrical Services – subsea and topside

21 IKM Elektro AS Facilities: 1000 m2 Workshop area Automation Mechanical
Go Electric Facilities: 1000 m2 Workshop area Automation Mechanical Winding/Overhaul Electrical Test Lab (3000V) Cranes; 25 ton & 2x10 ton 1000 m2 Office area 1000 m2 Yard area Certifications/Accreditations: NS-EN ISO 9001 OHSAS – 18001 Achilles, ID 23138 NEMKO authorization (Ex equipment) Electrical Services – subsea and topside

22 IKM Elektro AS Basic functions: IKM Elektro
Go Electric Basic functions: IKM Elektro IKM Elektro have dedicated Project Managers who handles all of our projects. We seek to be up to date on all new regulations and have annual courses for both engineering personnel and operators. An own developed PEM is a valued tool when executing projects. Focus on risk elements, delivery and engineering process. Documentation is also an essential part of all projects. IKM Elektro can supply simple Z-015 documentation or deliver according to i.e. Statoil TR spec. PEM hyperlink Electrical Services – subsea and topside

23 IKM Elektro AS Subsea Technology: Overview
Go Electric Subsea Technology: Overview IKM Elektro AS has developed a broad expertise within the area of subsea design and applications. Our main subsea products are motors, transformers and HPUs, respectively. The subsea motors have now been in operation for over 10 years. We have developed both asynchronous and permanent magnet based motors for subsea application. Similarly, IKM Elektro also supply motor drives (Frequency Inverters) in addition to associated control systems for these applications. The newest product released by IKM Elektro is a fully electric actuator for subsea application. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

24 IKM Elektro AS Subsea Technology: Products
Go Electric Subsea Technology: Products Designed and manufactured at IKM Elektro. Subsea Electric Motors 3300 V at 3000 m Permanent magnet technology Use in ROV thrusters, Dredging Modules Electrical HPUs, Subsea Pump Modules Subsea Electric Actuators ___Nm at 3000 m Use in Valve Actuators, Cutter feeding application, Tie-in tools, Precision rigging Subsea Transformers 4500 V at 3000 m Subsea HPUs 50 x 50 x 92 cm, 200 Kg 345 bar, 5 lpm, 3000 m HW 443 qualified Electrical Services – subsea and topside

25 IKM Elektro AS Topside Applications: Overview
Go Electric Topside Applications: Overview IKM Elektro have delivered a wide range of topside applications for the offshore market. Our experience with automation, electrical installation and electrical power distribution have given us a good base knowledge that helps us deliver optimal designs for our customers. We will always seek to find and electrical solution; –Go Electric IKM Elektro designs, assemble and delivers systems for both temporary and fixed installations. We are certified to produce ATEX approved equipment and can deliver applications for Zone1/2. We manufacture our own products as SEC and InvertExTM . And we have good knowledge and long experience with Frequency Controlled Systems deliveries. IKM Elektro are also certified to work with High Voltage Equipment. We can offer electrical installations up to 6kV. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

26 IKM Elektro AS Topside Applications: Power Control Containers
Go Electric Topside Applications: Power Control Containers Designed and manufactured at IKM Elektro. High Voltage and Low Voltage Frequency Converter Technology Transformer Technology Compact and Solid Constructions NORSOK and ATEX compatible Zone 1/2 Temporary (Z-015) and fixed installations Designed for applications like; ROV Dredging Mud Recovery General Power Controll Electrical Services – subsea and topside

27 IKM Elektro AS Topside Applications: Temporary Equipment (Z-015)
Go Electric Topside Applications: Temporary Equipment (Z-015) Designed and manufactured at IKM Elektro. Control Containers Office Containers NORSOK and ATEX Zone 1/2 IKM Elektro has over the years built a wide range of products also including hydraulic pump solutions. Our experience is that there often is an electrical solution for process applications. Based on our knowledge of frequency converted pump/motor applications we can offer; Skid production (Electrohydraulic or all Electric) Pump and Flush skids Test skids BOP Control Skids Electrical Services – subsea and topside

28 IKM Elektro AS Topside Applications: Electrical Installations
Go Electric Topside Applications: Electrical Installations Designed and manufactured at IKM Elektro. Cabinets General El/Aut Installations Safe Earting (SEC) PDUs Enclosures (ATEX Zone 1/2) Spesial applications InvertExTM Zone 1 Transformer Designed for applications like; HV Earthing Frequency Converted operations in Zone 1/2 General Automation Operations Power Distribution Electrical Services – subsea and topside

29 IKM Elektro AS Subsea and Topside Combined: Overview
Go Electric Subsea and Topside Combined: Overview IKM Elektro have over the last couple of years delivered several Subsea and Topside combined systems for ROV, Dredging and Mud Recovery applications. All which are examples of successful combined deliveries. They have in common the Subsea Electrical Motor and the control of this by a Frequency Converter installed in a Power Control Container. All of this are IKM Elektro expertise areas. Our concept; Design includes a fully manufactured subsea product. Design includes power controll of the subsea product. Design is all electric. Take care of customer interface risks, by offering a total delivery. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

30 IKM Elektro AS Subsea and Topside Combined: Project, MRR
Go Electric Subsea and Topside Combined: Project, MRR Mud Recovery Without Riser; Developed for IKM Cleandrill Consists of Power Control Container, Launch and Recovery Skid, Subsea Pump Skid and Wellhead Interface Module. IKM Elektro part of project; Project Management and System Responsible Product on SPS; Subsea Electric Motor (Main Component for MRR operation) PCC (Full power control of SPS) Customer advantage; Customer can supply power to PCC an trust the Subsea Pump to run. Animation Electrical Services – subsea and topside

31 IKM Elektro AS Service: Overview
Go Electric Service: Overview Our service department has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. From approx 2-4 men in 2011 to about 50 men (and women) in 2013. We are set up to do large projects with many people for a short period of time or assignments for 2-4 offshore rotations. We value competence and all of our personnel have up to date courses and documented work experience. To ensure proper follow up towards our clients we have established single point of contacts (service managers) for the service assignments. All of our service managers have more than 15 years experience each from handling service missions on the Norwegian shelf. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

32 IKM Elektro AS Service: Personnel
Go Electric Service: Personnel IKM Elektro have skilled staff within the following areas; Electro (High voltage and Low voltage) Automation Instrument Mechanical All personell are trained to work with equipment for use in ATEX Zone 1 IKM Elektro have a 24/7 duty agreement available for all of our customers. Flexibility is our number one advantage. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

33 IKM Elektro AS Service: Z-015
Go Electric Service: Z-015 IKM Elektro performes Z-015 checkouts and are able to all parts of the job. Electrical Mechanical Lifting equipment Our personnel are equiped to perform modifications at sight in order to get the equipment approved for offshore shipment. IKM Elektro can give acces to all certificates through a web based solution in order to meet customer demands for quick access. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

34 IKM Elektro AS Service: Projects
Go Electric Service: Projects IKM Elektro can supply a large amount of personnel with different skills for large projects. We use the software Onix to handle and supervise planned resource/personnel, competence matrix and course certificates. Together with our single point service managers, it will give the customer a reliable solution for their offshore projects. Our service managers handles resources and projects up to 50 workers at the same time. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

35 IKM Elektro AS Motor: Overview IKM Elektros motor services includes;
Go Electric Motor: Overview IKM Elektros motor services includes; Design (subsea motors) Sales (Ex motors and industrial motors) Winding/Overhaul (Ex motors) Winding/Overhaul (Transformers) With 90 years experience within motor services and motor control technology, our staff are able to perform the job with quality and precision. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

36 IKM Elektro AS Motor: Sales
Go Electric Motor: Sales IKM Elektro AS imports and distributes Bartec Varnost Ex-motors. We have motors up to 55 kW in stock, all fitted with heater, thermistor and IP 56 classification. 2 or 4 Pole. Flange and or feet. Solutions with encoder and brakes are also available. We can also provide motors from other suppliers i.e. ABB, Siemens and so on. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

37 IKM Elektro AS Motor: Winding/Overhaul
Go Electric Motor: Winding/Overhaul IKM Elektro AS has 90 years of experience with winding and overhauling electrical motors. This includes asynchronous motors and synchronous motors/generators including permanent magnet motors and DC motors and transformers. IKM Elektro AS uses a computer based analysis tool for determining the condition of any motor. Possible breakdown will then be determined before the breakdown occurs. The test station in our workshop has a capacity of up to 4200V with, variable frequency (Hz) and we execute jobs up to 2 MW. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

38 IKM Elektro AS Condition Monitoring: Overview
Go Electric Condition Monitoring: Overview Together with IKM Instrutek, IKM Elektro are proud to present a Total Condition Monitoring Concept. While IKM Instrutek supply services for surveillance and monitoring, IKM Elektro can perform maintenance and repairs both offshore and onshore. Our workshop are equipped for motor overhauls up to 8 ton motors and we have state of the art balancing equipment . IKM Instrutek are in addition DNV approved for CM services and have both online and offline surveillance. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

39 IKM Elektro AS Motor/ Generator
Go Electric Condition Monitoring: Total Condition Monitoring Concept Net Quality Measuring Online Surveillance Thermograph Solutions Vibration Analysis Laser Corrections Balancing CAT IKM Instrutek Motor/ Generator Surveillance Maintenance Repairs New Equipment Electrical Installation Performing Maintenance Balancing Winding Electrical & Mechanical Repairs Motor Overhaul Ex Motors IKM Elektro Electrical Services – subsea and topside

40 IKM Elektro AS Metering: Instruments
Go Electric Metering: Instruments The metering department at IKM Elektro AS is a major supplier of metering instruments, representing world leading manufacturers. As a part of the IKM Group, the our department is more than capable to design, fabricate and commission complete metering systems. Through our cooperation with SGC metering our value chain is now completed and we can deliver smaller metering packages including system integration. Sick – Ultrasonic Gas Flow metering McCrometer – V-Cone Dp metering Faure Herman – Turbine meters Honeywell - Volume Provers Katronic – Ultrasonic Clamp-On meters Electrical Services – subsea and topside

41 IKM Elektro AS Metering: Sick
Go Electric Metering: Sick With diverse gas flow measuring devices SICK provides solutions for a wide variety of measuring tasks - from calculating volume flows in processes, custody transfer applications in natural gas industry, environmental monitoring of plants, on test stands in automotive industry and many others. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

42 IKM Elektro AS Metering: McCrometer
Go Electric Metering: McCrometer The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important. With its DP built-in flow conditioning design, the V-Cone Flow Meter is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations in which the long runs of straight pipe required by Orifice Plates, Venturi Tubes, and other technologies are either impractical or unavailable. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

43 IKM Elektro AS Metering: Faure Herman
Go Electric Metering: Faure Herman The Dedicated Turbine Flowmeter for Custody Transfer Measurement: Oil Production Allocation FSO, FPSO Metering Tanker Loading / Offloading Storage Management Pipeline measurement Electrical Services – subsea and topside

44 IKM Elektro AS Metering: Honeywell
Go Electric Metering: Honeywell The Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Prover (HESVP) meets the most stringent accuracy requirements for meter proving. Recent updates including re-designed drive systems, seal material upgrades, and a new Small Volume Prover Controller for unrivalled control, making our provers world leaders in supplying you the most accurate, reliable measurement verification for every environment. Electrical Services – subsea and topside

45 IKM Elektro AS Go Electric Electrical Services – subsea and topside
Sales/Market; Øystein Stjern, Managing Director / Marketing Manager , , Christian Hafsahl, Sales , , Hans Woldmo, Sales , , Topside/Subsea Projects and Metering; Carl Johan Almestad, Operation Manager , , Stig Rune Myhre, Engineering Manager , , Knut Anders Enoksen, Purchase and Doc. Responsible , ________, Ole Kristian Våga, Metering Responsible ________, , Service/Motor/Cond.Mon.; Stian Haugestad, Operation Manager , , Lars Ole Austrått, Service Manager, Onshore/Offshore , , Tone Medhaug, Service Manager, Onshore/Offshore , , Asbjørn Helgeland, Service Manager, Motor/Cond. Mon , , Rune Inge Olsen, Orders, Motor/Cond. Mon. Subsea Products; Vidar Løtveit, R&D Manager , , Financial; Hilde Log, Financial Manager , , Electrical Services – subsea and topside

46 IKM Elektro AS References: Summary
Go Electric References: Summary LOGOER MÅ INN HER TILPASSET HVEM DU HOLDER PRESENTASJON FOR!! Electrical Services – subsea and topside

47 Our focus is growth!

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