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1 EUfolio Review of Project Activities Project Kick-off Meeting 9-10 May 2013, Dublin

2 WP 1: Project Management Aim: Ensure successful implementation of the project (financial, administrative and technical management of the project). Time frame: May 2013 – April 2015 Duration: 24 months Leader: H2, Ireland

3 WP 1: Project Management Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.1Progress ReportEN31/05/2014 D.2Final ReportEN30/06/2015 D.3Partner MeetingsEN05/ / / / / /2015 D.4Online Collaboration PlatformEN30/06/2013

4 Main Activities: Partner face to face Meetings Partner virtual meetings Set up an online collaboration platform (H2) 6-month progress and expenditure reports to DES & H2 (All Partners) Progress and Final reports to EACEA (DES) Develop Gantt Chart and Project Action Plan (H2) WP 1: Project Management

5 WP 2: QA and Evaluation Aim: Monitoring and evaluation of project processes, outcomes and impact. Time frame: May 2013 – April 2015 Duration: 24 months Leader: Education Research Institute, Slovenia

6 WP 2: QA and Evaluation Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.5 Quality Plan including risk management strategy EN31/08/2013 D.6 Interim Project Evaluation Report EN31/05/2014 D.7 Final Project Evaluation Report EN30/04/2015

7 WP 2: QA and Evaluation Activities Agree evaluation terms of reference Draft Quality Plan including risk management strategy for the project Project organisation and execution Project planning and goal setting Project final achievements Prepare Interim Project Evaluation Report Prepare Final Project Evaluation Report

8 WP 3: Policy and Practice Review Aim: Review of existing policy and operations in the area of ePorfolios across and outside the EU Time frame: May 2013 – March 2014 Duration: 11 months Leader: Centre of Information Technologies in Education, Lithuania

9 WP 3: Policy and Practice Review Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.8 EUfolio Review of existing ePortfolio Policies and Practices (Report) EN (Full Text) BG, DE, GR, ES, SI, LT (Summary) 31/08/2013 D.9 Thematic policy review presentations for the six scheduled partner meetings (Policy Analysis) EN05/ / / / / /2015

10 WP 3: Policy and Practice Review Activities: Compile a toolkit of ePortfolio case studies Identify key implementation activities Compile a report “EUfolio Review of existing ePortfolio Policies and Practices” Translate report summary to Bulgarian, German, Greek, Spanish, Slovenian, Lithuanian Deepen the review with the Peer-to-Peer Networking for Valorisation methodology (policy visits and presentations)

11 WP 4: Pilot Design Aim: Agree Process Specification and Identification of ePortfolio Platform Requirements Time frame: May 2013 – November 2013 Duration: 7 months Leader: Danube University Krems, Austria

12 WP 4: Pilot Design Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.10EUfolio Process SpecificationEN, GR, LT, SI30/11/2013 D.11Generic functional specifications (systemic models covering business processes and high-level technology requirements) EN30/11/2013 D.12Quality Assurance Plan for assessment operations and guidance material for participants EN30/11/2013

13 WP 4: Pilot Design Activities Determine the curriculum and assessment objectives along with the teaching, learning and assessment processes to be facilitated by the ePortfolio pilot. Develop generic specifications for the main functional elements of an ePortfolio deployment in schools with different levels of capacity, alongside a "business process model" covering the range of issues which need to be addressed for successfully implementing ePortfolios on a large scale;

14 WP 4: Pilot Design Activities Design sample pilot models, using proprietary and open- source technology approaches/platforms for ePortfolio management, in classrooms across four countries (Ireland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Cyprus). Design an interface for formal transmission of assessments for external sample-based moderation in the national exams system (Ireland only). Develop guidance materials for schools and stakeholders, Procurement and Deployment Plan which will inform the EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual (WP7)

15 WP 5: Platform Development Aim: Development, testing and implementation of two ePortfolio platforms. Time frame: November 2013 – March 2014 Duration: 5 months Leader: H2, Ireland

16 WP 5: Platform Development Deliverables No Description of deliverable LanguageDeadline D.13Open Source ePortfolio PlatformEN, GR, LT, SI31/03/2014 D.14Microsoft Based ePortfolio PlatformEN, GR, LT, SI31/03/2014 D.15SEC Assessment InterfaceEN31/03/2014

17 WP 5: Platform Development Activities: Design and development based on the Generic Functional Specifications (WP4): browser based, available in four pilot country languages, utilise cloud based services and allow for scalability beyond the pilot group Modular Testing Integration/configuration Installation Final Testing

18 WP 6: Pilot Implementation Aim: Pilot the national ePortfolio test models in classrooms across four countries (Ireland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Cyprus). Time frame: December 2013 – January 2015 Duration: 14 months Leader: Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus

19 WP 6: Pilot Implementation Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.16 Teacher CPD Resources EN, GR, LT, SI30/11/2013 D.17 Pilot Evaluation Report EN, GR, LT, SI30/01/2015 D.18 School Case Studies EN, GR, LT, SI, BG, ES, DE 30/01/2015 D.19 Exemplar ePortfolios EN, GR, LT, SI30/01/2015 D.20 Trans-national peer-to-peer online network of pilot schools and teachers 30/01/2015

20 WP 6: Pilot Implementation Activities Development of teacher CPD resources, tutorials and guidelines for teachers on the integrated use of ePortfolios in the classroom Implementation of the Train the Trainer Programme (one face-to-face seminar and a series of self-directed online activities - blended learning approach) ePorfolio implementation in a representative sample of schools (20 in Ireland, 10 in Slovenia, 8-10 in Lithuania and 6-8 in Cyprus) Evaluation activities of the pilot with research design, evaluation tools, data analysis and drafting the Pilot Evaluation Development of multimedia presentation of the experiences of the pilot implementation in selected schools (Case Studies in All Partner Languages) Selection of the exemplar ePortfolios Provision of teacher support through an online CoP

21 WP 7: EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual Aim: Develop a tried and tested blueprint for the specification, development, introduction and implementation of ePortfolios in teaching, learning and assessment at national level. Time frame: September – December 2014 Duration: 4 months Leader: Centre for Control and Assessment of the Quality in School Education, Bulgaria

22 WP 7: EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.21 EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual EN, GR, LT, SI, BG, ES, DE 30/11/2014

23 WP 7: EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual Activities Analyse the feedback from the pilot phase and incorporate modifications in a holistic “systems” model which suggests a range of good practice for large-scale deployment of ePortfolios Finalise modifications and translations to the ePorfolio exemplars and teachers CPD toolkit Develop the EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual

24 WP 8: Dissemination Aim: To inform relevant target groups and general public about the project, its aims, objectives and results. Time frame: May 2013 – April 2015 Duration: 24 months Leader: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Slovenia

25 WP 8: Dissemination Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.22 Dissemination Plan EN31/08/2013 D.23 Dissemination Events (conferences, seminars, workshops) EN, GR, LT, SI, BG, ES, DE 30/04/2015 D.24 Promo materials (leaflet/brochure, pull-up banner, etc.) EN, GR, LT, SI, BG, ES, DE 30/09/2013 D.25 Eufolio Project Website & Community of Practice 31/08/2013

26 WP 8: Dissemination Activities Develop and update a Dissemination Plan for the project Develop dissemination tools ( project website, leaflet/brochure, pull-up banner, e-newsletter, web 2.0 tools, etc.) Present the project at key national and European conferences Associate Partners will support this project activity

27 WP 9: Exploitation Aim: Ensure sustainability, mainstreaming and multiplication of the project results. Time frame: November 2014 – April 2015 Duration: 6 months Leader: Department of Education and Skills, Ireland

28 WP 9: Exploitation Deliverables NoDescription of deliverableLanguageDeadline D.28Exploitation PlanEN31/12/2014 D.29EUfolio ConferenceEN30/04/2015

29 WP 9: Exploitation Activities Engage with relevant stakeholders in Partner countries and at European level Communicate conclusions from the pilots and lessons learnt to responsible policy makers and practitioners to prompt them to introduce changes in the education system/curricula and foster large-scale implementation Share project results through national and European web portals and fora Transfer the best practices and recommendations to other countries, contexts and education levels.

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