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Getting to SINAPSE (NUS)

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1 Getting to SINAPSE (NUS)
National University of Singapore Centre for Life Sciences (CeLS) Building 28 Medical Drive Singapore 117456 Lost? For help getting to SINAPSE, call Venkatesh at

2 By private transport or taxi
Take a taxi or private vehicle to the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). Turn off at the South Buona Vista/NUH (National University Hospital) exit. Head towards NUH (don't turn into NUH) and go straight until you see Medical Drive. Turn left into Medical Drive and stop outside the Centre for Life Sciences (CeLS) building.

3 Pictorial walking guide
By public transport Pictorial walking guide

4 Take the MRT to Kent Ridge station

5 Dry weather route to CeLS
Volunteers will be stationed along the route to provide directions.

6 Kent ridge MRT, exit A

7 Turn Left

8 Walk towards NUH

9 Proceed along perimeter of building

10 Proceed as shown

11 Proceed as shown

12 Cross the zebra crossing

13 Walk along the porch

14 Continue walking

15 Continue walking

16 Turn left at the next zebra crossing

17 And you will see this. Proceed up the slope

18 Proceed up the slope

19 Proceed up the slope

20 Continue alone pavement (the sign is for cars)

21 Take the stairs

22 Continue straight

23 Up the stairs

24 You have arrived at CeLS lobby

25 Wet weather route to CeLS
Volunteers will be stationed at Kent Ridge station to guide attendees to bus stop 3

26 Kent Ridge MRT, exit A

27 Turn right at junction (towards bus stop 3)

28 Proceed to bus stop 3

29 Proceed up ramp to bus stop 3

30 Take either bus A1 or D2

31 Prepare to get off when you Dentistry building

32 Alight here

33 Self-guide from ‘Science’ bus stop to CeLS (wet weather)

34 Proceed down the shelter

35 Turn right

36 Proceed towards the stairs

37 Proceed up the stairs

38 Proceed up the stairs

39 Proceed up the stairs…

40 Turn left at Subway’s

41 Proceed along shelter

42 Turn right at end of shelter

43 Proceed towards MD3

44 Turn left into alley-way

45 Turn right at alley-way

46 Proceed across shelter

47 Turn left at end of shelter

48 Proceed along perimeter

49 Continue along corridor

50 Continue along corridor

51 Proceed up stairs at end of corridor

52 All the way until you reach the carpark

53 Walk across the carpark

54 Towards main lobby

55 Up the final flight of stairs

56 Welcome to SINAPSE (CeLS building)

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