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3 rd Grade Unit 5 Week 1, Day 2. Theme Title: Heroes Across Time.

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1 3 rd Grade Unit 5 Week 1, Day 2

2 Theme Title: Heroes Across Time

3 What about these pictures shows that these people are heroic? Try using the words tough, terrible, and challenge in our discussion.

4 A hero is a person of great courage or ability who is admired for his or her bravery and good qualities. Many stories involve heroes as main or supporting characters. Share what you have read about heroes in other stories. Share examples of heroes you have read about. Discuss how you could tell that the people you were reading about were heroes. Can you identify the qualities that these heroes have in common?

5 Reinforce Theme Vocabulary Tough = Strong Terrible = Very Bad Challenge = A difficult job or test

6 Let’s create a story map about a hero who encounters an obstacle. We’ll complete the story map together by brainstorming the elements of our story. Use the theme vocabulary words in the map and explain why you included each word. How are the vocabulary words relevent to the story’s plot?

7 Example

8 Determine Important Information Remember-It’s a good strategy to figure out what the most important ideas are in your reading. These are the ideas the author wants you to know.

9 Let’s look at pp. 264-65 and create a T-Chart.


11 The author compares Lincoln’s height to his important place in history. I know that being tall does not necessarily make a person heroic. Even so, I can find the things Lincoln did that make him well remembered. When he was a leader, enslaved people were freed. I know this is important information because what Lincoln did changed people’s lives. Important Not Important

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