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1 24 April 2009 SMWG SMWG Closing Report Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 24 April 2009.

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1 1 24 April 2009 SMWG SMWG Closing Report Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 24 April 2009

2 2 Contents A.Prototype Interoperations Results B.Concept (Green) Book Status C.Recommendation (Red Book) Status D.SEA DDOR WG Joint Meeting E.SM Refactoring F.Work Plan for next 6 months

3 3 24 April 2009 Prototype Interoperations Findings #IssueTest Reference Issue Type 01 Issue of semantics on user names as being across multiple service agreements (book does not really support this) -- Need to look at updating the book; See Step 26 of 4.3.2Book 02Missing formal diagnostic for ASLEP operation See Step 11 of section 5.3.2Book 03 Note: no specific test for a message set with multiple invocations was formally address in the test spec, but in fact this was testedSee section 6.1.3Test Plan 04Large trajectory dataSee section 6.1.3.Book; Blue-2 05schema error detected; disallowal of zero (0) stateStartTimeWindowLagSee section 7.1.3Schema 06Can not leave annetna reference out when deferring selection to CMSee section 7.2Schema 07CSSXP does not implement respecification RetrievalTsProfile See section 7.3.2, step 10 Implementation (CSSXP) 08trajectory result did not conform to schema See section 7.4.1, Step 5 Implementation (CSSXP) (re-test) 09Need message 6 in logSee section 7.6.3 Implementation (UMPA) 10Ineffective check for max retrieval service packages per unit timeSee section 7.8.3 Implementation (CSSXP) 11Not all operations yet addressed (SAS operation not in test plan)SASTest Plan (re-test) 12CSSXP does not use UTC on timestamps(Many) Implementation (CSSXP) 13Lacking some diagnostics need for event sequencesN/A Book, Test Plan (re- test)

4 4 24 April 2009 Prototype Interoperations Conclusions Specification verified to be in good shape Minor retesting required Test report production needs to fold in earlier rounds of prototyping results from JAXA/JPL interoperations/shadow tracks

5 5 24 April 2009 Green Book Status Updates needed Event sequences Trajectory Prediction handling (re ETP operation) Mapping from UML  XML Schema (per Red-3 RID resolutions, etc)

6 6 24 April 2009 Red Book Status Red Book in very good shape as candidate Blue Book All book issues from prototype interaction findings addressed Ready for submission to Secretariat’s office Schema updates (virtual annex to book) almost complete No impact on Service Specification in relation to service instance identifiers Management of CSTS Service Instance Identifiers may have to be considered in re-factored Blue-2 approach

7 7 24 April 2009 Joint DDOR/SMWG Meeting Preliminary review of DDOR magenta book performed in joint meeting with DDOR WG Key initial findings General concept of managed information applicable at service agreement level versus configuration level versus service package appears to be present in DDOR book Significant differences from current "enterprise view" with regard to service management emerge as DDOR service involves, potentially, three or four different agencies + introduction of a quasar catalog (reference thereof) - Coordinated observing antennas from different agencies - Multiple spacecraft in DDOR scan pattern (QSQ, vs. QSQS, etc) Appears that “simpler” two agency use case addresses approximately 90 to 95% of anticipated envisioned usage of inter-agency DDOR operations

8 8 24 April 2009 SM Refactoring Appears that viable approach is emerging that Retains the current general definition of the normal four management services identified in Blue-1 - Service Agreement M.S. - Configuration Profile M.S. - Trajectory Prediction M.S. - Service Package M.S. Focuses on definition of information "plug-in" points for service agreement and configuration profile parameters Will likely preserve interoperations between Blue-1 vs. Blue-2 XML instance messages/documents CSS-SM Core 401 TM Service 401 TC Service 401 Ranging Service …

9 9 24 April 2009 Work Plan Work ItemProjected Completion Date Prototype Interop (Re-tests, test report productions) 1 st Week of June Candidate Blue Book Updates1 st Week of May Green Book Updates4 th Week of June Draft Detailed Re-factored Core Book Outline August Trial re-factored SchemaAugust Draft charter for new WGSeptember

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